Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 295

Other People’s Revenge Tastes Like Honey

The human mind is surprisingly easy to understand.

Just as Shiho has excellent hearing, I have excellent “sensitivity”. Perhaps that is why I can understand the thoughts and actions of others so easily.

I don’t know about logic. I just have an innate sense of what is going on, so perhaps, like Shiho, I do have an abnormally developed sense of any one of the five senses.

I can’t speak with common sense. Perhaps such an ability is called a “sixth sense”.

Now, I apologize if I have irritated anyone with my long explanation.

I mean, I can feel Kirari’s emotions as if I could feel them myself.

“I’ve never talked to Mea-chan alone like this before. I’ve been thinking about you for a while now, Mea-chan, you know?”

“HAHAHA! Ask me anything! I have questions for Kirari, too, so we’re both in the same boat!”

“Then feel free to ask … what cup are you, … Mea-chan?”

“Maybe melons or watermelons? HAHAHA! It’s normal in foreign countries.”

“How can it be normal!? Wow, they’re so big! …”

She is trying to get along with me.

Deep down, she really wanted to know about me.

Truly, she is unsuspecting.

It’s like a piglet on a pig farm that misses you, it makes me smile.

It was heartwarming to see such a … pathetic creature opening up, not knowing that one day it would be butchered and shipped away.

I wish all humans were such easy to handle animals like this.

If that had been the case, I could have enjoyed the pleasure of being a real creator, not a fake one.

–Oops, off topic again.

I’m going to stop talking now. I guess Kirari’s questions are over for now, so let me take my turn next.

“My b*****s… Won’t they get any bigger…?”

“They don’t have to be big, do they? Because Ryoma said it!”

I pretend to get into the conversation so that it doesn’t flow unnaturally.

And yet, I casually applied the word ‘Ryoma’.

At that moment, a slight shadow appeared on Kirari’s calm expression.

“… Ryu-kun, isn’t that irrelevant?”

Her guard that had been loosened instantly tightens.

The attitude shows that she is still trailing him…, and that is very pathetic.

What an obvious girl, isn’t she?

Everything is as it should be.

“Because both I and Kirari love Ryoma!”

Since the reaction was as expected, I continued to play the ‘innocent, no-nonsense girl’ role as planned.

“… I-I was surprised at the suddenness of that. Haha.”

When Kirari realized that I had no ill intentions, she relaxed her guard, albeit slightly.

Her sharp gaze was gone, and now she was shaking her body uncomfortably.

And next, she will probably say, “But I don’t like him.”

“But I don’t like him.”

“Eh!? Then, only I like him, I’m lucky♪”

And Kirari, who overheard my innocent statement, would say, ‘Well, I’m not saying so, but…’

“I-I don’t mean to say that, but…”

The conversation proceeds as plotted.

This would probably work, right?

‘I hate Ryu-kun.’

I’m here now to finally make her say that.

Now, poor subheroine-chan? It’s time to wake up and see the reality.

And show me your determination.

You may be a subheroine, but you’re still a girl, so at least take revenge on the guy who’s been pushing you around so much until now…

And I will say this as I watch the sweet spectacle.

Suck it up –right?

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