Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 296

I’m Only a (Self-proclaimed) Creator After All

[Mary Point of View]


“I hate Ryu-kun.”


It wasn’t too difficult to get Kirari to say that.


“I just happened to hear that … Ryoma seems to know that Kirari and the others were good friends with Kotaro before!”


“You know, Ryoma lost his beloved Shiho to Kotaro, right? That’s why he has this weird rivalry with him, right?”


“When he found out that Kirari, Azusa, and Yuzuki were connected to Kotaro, he said, “I don’t want hand-me-downs!””


“I think that kind of stupidity is cute, but what about Kirari? Can you love that kind of bad part, too?”


Dare to speak quickly.

I spoke so fast that Kirari had no room for words.

As I was speaking one-sidedly, Kirari’s face grew paler and paler.


“What’s that?”


As if in despair.

Or disappointed.


She looked sad and she was downcast, holding her eyes down.

Probably trying to hold back the tears from overflowing.


Oh, it’s so painful.

When I think of her feelings, my heart aches too – well, that’s a lie.


“Oh my? Kirari doesn’t like Ryoma’s no-good parts?”


I followed the plot and typed out the sentences in my head.

I output the line directly from my mouth, and this time, without doing anything, Kirari uttered the line as I had envisioned it.


“I really hate Ryu-kun…!”


All right.

The scenario was now underway without any problems.


Kirari would do her own thing and hunt Ryoma down.

The words of the sub-heroine who once loved him would surely hurt him.


There is no heroine left to heal that wound.

The wounded part will eventually fester, the flesh will rot, and the body will fall apart.


When I fantasized about this, I almost felt my cheeks relax.


“Why are you like this, Ryu-kun? I’m…”


Kirari utters a shaky voice and clenches her fists in frustration.

I can’t see her face because she’s looking down, but I’m sure she’s crying.


Yeah, troublesome.

Crying won’t solve the problem, I don’t see the point in the action.


Crying just to vent your feelings of sadness is beyond foolish.

But characters have to express their emotions in a way that is easy to understand, so in that sense, I guess it is right to cry according to one’s emotions.


Well, I guess that’s the end of my role, then.


“Hey, I didn’t mean to make you cry… Sorry? I have to go home. See you at school.”


I got up from my seat, acting puzzled.

I took the slip and paid the bill without saying a word, not that I was trying to atone for my sins.

It was just a hassle to split the bill since I had so much money to waste.


–I think that I am a qualified creator.

It would be hard to find someone like me who can act based on logic rather than emotion.


Being a creator is fun.

When I move people to do what I want, my desire for control is satisfied.


After graduating from high school, I will be away from Ryoma … and the story will continue in the real world where I will be alone and powerless.


Then again, it might not be a bad idea to manipulate people and create stories as a creator like in the past…






[Third-person Point of View]


–Mary was thinking about that.

But she is still just a “self-proclaimed” creator.


Everything is going well – she just thinks so, but in reality, it is not so.


“…Ha, you’re finally leaving.”


Kirari exhaled in relief.

Then, as soon as Mary arrived, she took out her phone, which she had hidden in her pocket, and held it straight to her ear.


“…So that’s how it is, what do you think I should do?’


She whispers in a small voice so that the people around her can’t hear her.

Yes. The phone in Kirari’s hand was connected to a certain person.


That other person was, of course …, a former mob character who knew exactly what Mary was up to.


“Tell me, Ko-kun.”


Mouthing his name, Kirari waits for a reply.

Then, after a few seconds, she hears the words that come back to her and laughs.


“Hahaha… even I won’t be a ‘subheroine in love’ forever, will I?”


The expression on her face was not the flirtatious smile she used to show when she was a gyaru a little while ago.

It was the same calm smile she used to show in middle school…

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