Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 300

Subheroine vs. Self-proclaimed Creator Rematch

Not long ago, when Kirari was poisoned by Ryoma Ryuzaki, she might not have possibly noticed Mary’s arrival.


When she had blind faith in him to the point that she could only see one man and could think of nothing else, she was a servant who was only conveniently moved by the story.


But now she is different.

After the cultural festival, when she regained herself and began to spend time calmly, Kirari has regained some composure and judgment.


That is why she was able to detect the arrival and anomalies of Mary, who is a self-proclaimed cheat character, but actually has many unexpected gaping holes in her character.


In other words, … she is no longer stupid enough to let herself be tossed around by opportunism.


(What? There are suddenly more people … Isn’t it funny that they are all dressed in black? And they’re all muscular and macho with sunglasses, like bodyguards!)


Kirari’s glasses almost fall off when she sees the men rushing into the restaurant. She was almost upset by the strange turn of events.


(Could they be Mary-san’s bodyguards? She seems rich, so it’s possible, but if it’s that…, why is this happening?)


A series of question marks popped into her head.

At one point, she kept pretending to be reading the light novel, but of course, even now, the contents didn’t enter her mind.


(Don’t do something weird when I’m worried about Ko-kun.)


While inwardly poisoning Mary, she was looking around to see what was going on… When the men in black took their seats all over the restaurant, Mary herself finally walked toward her.


“Oh? Such a coincidence! My classmate Kirari! It’s crowded, so can I sit next to you?”


The first thing that came out of her mouth was a whitewashed remark accompanied by a fake smile, and Kirari couldn’t help but almost laugh.


(No, no, no! It’s too convenient for a coincidence, isn’t it!?)


While she tsked in her mind, she made a smile for the time being.

She still couldn’t read Mary’s intention, so she decided to find out how the other party was going to react.


“Nnya? Ah, it’s Mary.”


She was not sure if she could really call her “san” or not.

They are classmates, and Kirari generally does not call others “san”. She calls others by their nicknames, but since she and Mary had never had a proper conversation, she just called her that for the time being.




“… Huh? When did it get so crowded?”


“I think all the customers came at once since the rain stopped a while ago. Can I sit next to you?”


“Oh, yeah. Please go ahead~”


While having a superficial conversation, she stares at Mary sitting in front of her.


(I have a … bad feeling about this.)


The girl has a Western-style face, blonde hair, and a well-styled body, all of which make her an attractive girl.

However, she was too perfect, but on the contrary, she didn’t feel human in an eerie way.


–I was scared.


A feeling that came to Kirari unexpectedly struck her.

She felt like a small animal encountering a predator.


(Somehow, I have to get through this…!)


Instinctively rejecting Mary, Kiraly looked for a way around the situation.

But she had a feeling that if she ran away, saying she suddenly remembered something she had to do, she would be forced to do this again the next time and they would be alone together.


So she decided to confront Mary instead of running away… But it was unnerving and unsure to deal with Mary by herself.

She wondered if there was anyone who might be able to help her – and when she thought about it, she suddenly remembered him.


(– Yes, that’s right. There’s Ko-kun, isn’t there?)


The existence of Kotaro Nakayama, whom she had just been in contact with, came to mind.


(Ko-kun talked a lot with Mary-san, too… Maybe I should ask him about her?)


It was a sudden thought.

While chatting with Mary, she operated her phone under her desk and typed a sentence.


‘Also out of the blue, … I just ran into Mary. So, is she a safe person? Sorry for the weird question.’


“Hang on a second. I’ll finish reading this in about 10 minutes.”


She sends the text and then says something like that to buy time for a reply.

But this time the reply came back more quickly than she had imagined.


“She’s dangerous.”


(I knew it!!!)


The prediction came true, and Kirari couldn’t help but want to run aw

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