Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 301

Kirari-chan, the Love Comedy Brain

What scared her the most about Mary was that she didn’t really know what she wanted to do.

“Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve talked to Mea-chan alone like this~. Well, I’ve been curious about you for a while, Mea-chan, you know?”

“HAHAHA! Ask me anything! I have questions for Kirari, too, so we’re both in the same boat!”

“Then feel free to ask … what cup are you, … Mea-chan?”

“Maybe melons or watermelons? HAHAHA! It’s normal in foreign countries.”

“How can it be normal!? Wow, they’re so big! …”

Even after some light chit-chat, the question was still unanswered.

(These people in black are planted by Allie-chan, aren’t they? What does it mean that she went to all the trouble to fill the seats and want to sit with me?)

Being careful not to let people around her see the phone under her desk, Kirari typed more sentences.

“I heard Mary’s b*****s are melon cups. No, maybe they are watermelons.”

“Sorry, I kinda don’t know what you mean.”

It was always difficult for Kotaro to get her jokes.

Come to think of it, even when she was in middle school, she sometimes lost her grip on the conversation when she blurted things out – and it made her feel nostalgic.

(I don’t know, but, well, I can handle it.)

There was no point in worrying about her thoughts, so she calmed down so that she could be natural.

Just then, Mary set her off at just the right time.

“My b*****s… Won’t they get any bigger…?”

Kiraly’s response to the appropriate words was a bit unconnected.

“They don’t have to be big, do they? Because Ryoma said it!”

Suddenly, unnaturally, hearing the word “Ryoma” interjected with forceful power, Kirari suddenly had a hunch.

(Oh, I get it. This person maybe… likes Ryu-kun!?)

Though, it is a little far from the correct answer.

However, the misunderstanding ended up turning out to be a good thing.

‘Hey, Ko-kun. Mary-san, could it be that she has a bad personality?’

‘She has a very bad character. So you shouldn’t take her words too seriously.’

‘Okay. Thanks.’

After the exchange, she asked the following question as a confirmation.

“… Ryu-kun, isn’t that irrelevant?”

It’s a little uncomfortable, okay? She tries to make an expression like that.

When she returned the words with a bushy face, Mary’s cheeks relaxed happily.

“Because both I and Kirari love Ryoma!”

Seeing her reaction, she was convinced.

(I knew it, Mary-san loves … Ryu-kun, so she’s trying to kick down her rival, me!)

Her remark about shaking that person and her happy reaction when she was shaken made Kirari think so.

In reality, Kirari was just happy that Mary was saying what she wanted, but … Kirari’s head is still a flowery romantic comedy brain, so she was totally leaning in the direction of maidenly charm.

(Mary has a bad personality, so she’s disturbed by me, who seems to get along well with Ryu-kun. …Yeah, I understand how you feel! But, jealousy, possessiveness, and other such feelings won’t do much good to Ryu-kun. It’s only going to hurt Mary-san …)

While meddling inwardly, Kirari was feeling sorry for her.

(Has Mary-san been in love with Ryu-kun for quite a while already? Oh, I see! You were good friends before and not so much now, which means you had a falling out, right? That’s how you became estranged from Ryu-kun, and that adversity heated up your love for him again, and you just wanted to get rid of the other girls!)

The fantasies just won’t stop.

And the conclusion Kirari drew was this.

(Poor thing … at least, I should let her dream just for now!)

As Mary had intended, Kirari decided to ‘let herself be eliminated’.

So she decided to give Mary the reply she would have wanted as a gift.

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