Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 34

The Life of a Mob Character begins to fade

A week has passed since the day we switched seats.

Ever since the lottery, I feel like Ryuzaki’s gaze has increased.


“Hello, Nakayama. Good morning.”


“…… Ah, yes. Good morning.”


When I came to school in the morning, he started to talk to me.

But that doesn’t mean that Ryuzaki and I have become friends. If anything, Ryuzaki seems to be wary of me.


That’s it. It’s like a security guard who dares to greet a suspicious person.


“I’m always watching you.”


I felt as if I was being told that, and I was sick of it.


Well, fortunately, I think he still recognizes me as a ‘mob character’ for now, so there is no danger.


It’s also unfortunate that Shimotsuki is shy and keeps quiet in the classroom. Our interactions are basically in the diary, and we don’t have any open conversations at all.


I’m sure she’d like to talk a lot, but if she does, Ryuzaki will witness it and will probably become very conscious of me.


If he becomes even more hostile than he already is, I won’t be able to remain a mob character. I’ll become a character that opposes the main character, and that guy might try to fight me.


If that happens, the main heroine, Shimotsuki, will be in trouble. It’s not what I want.


…… I wonder if I should keep my distance a bit.

I think I’ve become too friendly with Shimotsuki. This made Ryuzaki wary of her, and it didn’t seem like a good idea.


I don’t want Shimotsuki to feel sad because of me.

That’s why it’s important for me to remove my presence as a mob character. It was a natural thing to do since it was a minor role that did not affect the progress of the story.


That’s what I’ve been thinking.

But she still would not allow me to do so.



“Hey, hey, Nakayama-kun. Do you think studying will be useful in the future? No, I’m sure it won’t be useful. There’s no such thing as equations, and thinking about numbers in terms of a, b, x, y, variables? It’s absolutely ridiculous to think of numbers in terms of a, b, x, y, and henceforth.”


It was after school.

The midterm exams are coming up soon, and even the study-phobic Shimotsuki seems to have finally gotten in the mood to buckle down. It was already a little late since it was three days before the exam, but she was studying.


The place was my house.

No, …… I know it’s not good. I’ve become too intimate with her and I suggested that we study at my house for the exam. But Shimotsuki didn’t want that.


“I don’t study at home. But my mom will scold me if I’m too silly, so I want to study. …… My dad doesn’t scold me, but I still want him to praise me. So, please, …… study with me.”


She’s the type of person who can’t concentrate when she’s alone.

She said that there were too many temptations in her room.


“Also, it would be nice if you could …… teach me. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I’m in the bottom half of the class and I’m so dumb that even I’m surprised, so please take care of me!”


I’m not that smart either, my grades are a little below average.

But compared to me, Shimotsuki’s grades are totally low.


She is quite a clumsy girl.

She looks perfect, and her tone and gestures are elegant, giving off the vibe that she’s intelligent, but what’s inside …… is quite interesting.


She is a heroine in her own right, with her own unique character. When she asked me to do something for her, there was no way I could say no as I was only a mob character.


That’s why Shimotsuki was at my house for the entire exam period.

…… I still feel like we’re getting too close.


After school, Ryuzaki doesn’t interfere with Shimotsuki, so so far the secret meeting between her and I hasn’t been exposed.

But I was scared that he might find out by chance.


This makes him seem like an interloper.

I think I am a little too obvious for a mob character.


I hope nothing happens …

My life as a mob character is slowly starting to fall apart.


When the midterm exams are over, our school starts an overnight training program.

It is an important event in the school romantic comedy.


This is the time when the protagonist plays the most active role and the story starts to move rapidly.

To be honest, I was worried about whether I would be able to remain a mob character at that time…….