Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 35

Turning point

I have some concerns about the overnight training, but first let me congratulate Shimotsuki for avoiding red marks.


“Nakayama-kun, look! I got a 32 on my math test. …… I’m so happy I’m going to cry. My mom and dad were so happy, and they praised me so much! Yesterday, they made my favorite hamburger steak. I was so happy. …… This is all thanks to you, Nakayama-kun. Thank you!”


After school, Shimotsuki came to my house and smiled with tears in her eyes.

It seems that she was very happy to have avoided a red mark.


She was so happy that she grabbed my hand and started shaking it around. It may have been a handshake, but …… please don’t do skinship unexpectedly. I’m so nervous, it’s bad for my heart.


“You’re a great friend, Nakayama-kun. …… Thank you so much for helping me with my brain, which is not absorbing like a torn up sponge. I’m sorry I don’t remember things well, okay?”


“No …. It’s just that Shimotsuki worked so hard, and your efforts properly showed in the results. Congratulations.”


My help was really minimal.

It seems that Shimotsuki is a proper “can do anything” girl. You can say that it is natural that the efforts are reflected in the results, since she is the main heroine.


I’m a little jealous of that, because I’m a mob character whose efforts don’t lead to results.


…… There was a time when I studied hard to catch up with my smart childhood friend Yuzuki, even if only a little. At that time, I thought I was the protagonist, and if I studied hard, I was sure I could catch up.


 But the results were not so good. In hindsight, I can’t blame myself for that since I was a mob character. It is because the value of the character remains the same no matter how you do it that the character is cast as a mob.


“I’m so glad that I’m finally free from my studies. That’s very good, but …… we have to have an overnight program this time, don’t we? Ugh, I don’t want to stay in a place other than my home and Nakayama’s home…….”


Shimotsuki, who is an indoor person, seems to be dreading the existence of the overnight program.

For her, it would be one disaster after another.


“Ugh, ……, this is going to remind me of something bad. I’ve always been in the same group with him. When I was in junior high school, I had a fever because I hated the school trip so much. If it weren’t for Nakayama-kun, I’m sure I would catch a cold this time too.”


I wonder if colds can be manipulated at will.

Well, no. I think she meant that she would take a normal day off.


It seems that she and Ryuzaki have always been connected through their rotten relationship.

But this time, she’s not going to take a day off.


The reason is.


“If Nakayama-kun were present, I might be able to enjoy the overnight learning program a little more. …… But it doesn’t mean that we will definitely be in the same group. …… Oh, I’m still worried. I think I’m going to be very bored without you.”


Because I’m there.

It’s still strange that Shimotsuki trusts me so much.

But if she was relying on me, I wanted to help her as much as I could.


“I’ll try my best to be in the group with you.”


Maybe Ryuzaki will try to bring Shimotsuki into the group. And since I’m a hindrance to him, he probably won’t let me join the group.


If that happens, we’ll be separated.

I hoped, along with Shimotsuki, that we could be in the same group …….


But our fears were unfounded.

The next day, during the class period, we had to decide on the groups for the overnight learning program.


At that moment, to my surprise, Ryuzaki approached me.


“Hey, Nakayama. You haven’t decided on a group, have you? If so, why don’t you join my group?”


–I was taken by surprise.

I hadn’t expected him to invite me.


Maybe this was a turning point in the story.

Is it possible that the most important part of the story, the beginning, middle and end, is about to begin?


If so, it was …… very scary.