Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 36

Done being satisfied with being just a childhood friend

“Nakayama, do you have a minute? I’d like to include you in the group, so let’s talk.”


Ryuzaki, who was sitting in his seat, beckoned me over.

I was surprised because I didn’t expect to be asked to join the group.

To be honest, I wanted to refuse, but if I did, I would be disbelieved.


A mob character should not be able to defy the will of the main character.

As soon as I rebelled, Ryuzaki would become more aware of me……, which was not convenient.

It’s no use, I’ll just do as he says.


“All right.”


I stood up from my seat and headed for the center of the classroom where Ryuzaki’s seat was.


“Muu …”


I can’t help but notice that Shimotsuki looks at me and puffs out her cheeks in frustration. She and I have recently agreed to be in a group together. I want to make her wish come true as much as possible, but I’m not sure how it will turn out.


For the overnight learning program, we were supposed to form groups of four boys and four girls each, for a total of eight people.


I’m a mob character, so I only have Shimotsuki as a friend. So there was no one else who I could form a group with.

That’s why I should have been grateful for Ryuzaki’s invitation.


However, I don’t like this guy.

I don’t want to be in a group with him, but …… I’m not in a position to stand up to the protagonist head on, so it’s hard to answer.


Ideally, Shimotsuki and I would be together and Ryoma Ryuzaki’s group would be somewhere else. …… It seems that Shimotsuki and I didn’t have the human skills to do that.


“It looks like most of the other groups have already decided. You are the only one left, right? Our group needs one more person, so come on.”


That’s what he’s saying on the surface, but I can’t help feeling that there’s more to it.

Otherwise, there is no reason for Ryuzaki to invite me. I’m sure he has some idea of what he’s doing and is trying to get me to join the group.


I don’t want to do what Ryuzaki wants. …… No, no, no. There is no reason to refuse. It seems that you can’t go against the words of the protagonist. …… I guess this is the fate of mob characters.


I’m sorry, Shimotsuki.

It’s going to be difficult to fulfill your ideal.


But there is still a chance to avoid the worst.

At the very least, Shimotsuki should not be in the same group as Ryuzaki.

I don’t care what happens to me as long as that girl doesn’t feel bad. …… Well, what should I do?


“What are you confused about? …… Oh, I see. Do you hate it when Shiho isn’t around?”


I’ve got Ryuzaki mistakenly thinking that ‘I favor Shimotsuki’.

I thought about how I could use that to my advantage and get away with it.


“That’s true. …… But I don’t like the idea of Shimotsuki-san being with you, my rival. Hmm, that’s right! Let’s put Shimotsuki-san in a separate group for equality. This time, why don’t we develop a friendship between men without worrying about the opposite s*x?”


Acting as the same nimble mob character as ever, I tried to keep Shimotsuki out of Ryuzaki’s clutches somehow.

But it was impossible.


“I’m going to invite Shiho to join the group this time. I’ve just asked Azusa and the others to invite her.”


He grinned and gave me a fearless smile.

I turned around in a huff and before I knew it, Azusa and the others were talking to Shimotsuki.


“You can’t blame them for getting along with a guy, right? And since you’re my rival, …… let’s play fair and square, shall we? You’ve been acting suspiciously for a while now. It’s time for me to stop being satisfied with being just a childhood friend.”


That declaration sent a chill down my spine.

No matter what I say, the story won’t stop now. The mob characters don’t have the power to interrupt the story.


So the only hope left was for Shimotsuki to refuse the invitation.


“Ryoma Onii-chan, I got Shimotsuki-san’s consent too~”


I was almost nodding my head when I heard Azusa’s report when she came back.

What a surprise, Shimotsuki seems to have accepted the invitation even though Ryuzaki is there.


I can’t stop it.

The story accelerates.