Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 40

The Crossing of Thoughts and the Complication of the Story

The protagonist, Ryuzaki, said this.

“It’s time for me to stop being satisfied with our relationship as childhood friends.”

On the other hand, the subheroine Azusa said, “I can’t lose to Shimotsuki-san, so I’m going to confess to Ryoma Onii-chan.”

And then Shimotsuki, the main heroine, said.

“I wish I could make wonderful memories with Nakayama-kun.”

The thoughts of each party intersect.

The story has already begun, which is the “turning point” in the four-part structure of “origins, development, and conclusion,” or the “breaking point” in the three-act structure of “beginning, middle, and end”.

I wonder what kind of ending will be created.

If we think of the story as a template, ……, I think Ryuzaki’s relationship with Shimotsuki takes a step forward here.

A childhood friend, who has always been quiet and never opened up, realizes her feelings for the protagonist during an overnight trip, and reveals the feelings she has kept hidden in her heart since childhood.

“”I’ve always loved you too, Ryuzaki-kun.””

With the confession of the girl in love, Ryuzaki is bound to the main heroine.

I think the catalyst for this is the “confession” of the subheroine, Azusa.

The protagonist, who has been insensitive until now, realizes that the subheroine likes him through the confession. However, the protagonist has someone else in his heart. So he refuses Azusa’s confession, saying that he can’t have a relationship with her.

Then, finally, the insensitive and perceptive protagonist awakens.

He said it was the end of being satisfied with a normal childhood friend. …… If nothing else, I don’t think he’ll ever confess.

Because the harem protagonist is always three things when it comes to love: insensitive, indecisive, and sloppy. He would not have been able to confess or even express his love for her.

However, Azusa’s confession inspires the protagonist to say, “I can’t be a coward.” He must be thinking, “Since I rejected Azusa’s confession, it would be disrespectful to Azusa if I don’t confess to Shiho!”

And yet, the rejected Azusa says, “I’ve only been rejected once. I won’t give up on you until you fall in love with me someday.”, suggesting that there will be a change in their relationship in the future.

This is how the story of Ryoma Ryuzaki ends.

He is finally united with his childhood friend Shimotsuki, and the story has a happy ending.

However, this is only the end of the first volume.

I assumed that there would be a continuation to Ryoma Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy.

Because there are still many foreshadowing lines that have yet to be resolved.

There is still the story of that guy’s harem members.

That’s why in the first volume, the protagonist, who is in love with the pure love of his life, is attracted by the charm of the subheroines, who become more present in the second volume. The main heroine who finished her role in the first volume becomes a convenient yes-man for the protagonist and tolerates other girls from the position of “regular wife” in the second volume onward.

In this way, Ryoma Ryuzaki’s story is finally complete.

With the catharsis of a harem ending, the story concludes with thunderous applause.

–I imagined such a disgusting story.

If it were to follow the template, it would be a story like this.

However, the story of Ryoma Ryuzaki had only one …… element of uncertainty.

That is the main heroine, Shimotsuki.

She is in the position of the main heroine, but she is not even slightly interested in the protagonist.

Because of this, the story is getting complicated.

The story is about to deviate from the standard template, and instead, a bizarre development is about to begin.

In addition to the main characters and sub characters, there was another piece on the board.

That was me, the mob character.

Can a mob character stay a mob character forever?

Even the narrator, me, didn’t know.