Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 41

The Position of a Mob Character Becomes Increasingly Unconvincing

–It was 11:00 am in the morning when we arrived at the nature park where we were going to have our overnight learning program.

According to the schedule, we were supposed to have an outdoor cooking session as soon as we put our luggage in the large room where we would sleep.


“Oh, it’s quite spacious!”


The room was spacious enough for the four of us to lay out futons and sleep together. Ryuzaki was excited as he looked around the interior.

It seems that this guy has a personality that enjoys such events.




However, the excitement of the male members, except for Ryuzaki, was low.

That’s understandable. The other three guys were quiet because they were mob characters.


After all, Ryuzaki doesn’t have any male friends.

He’s popular with the opposite s*x like a harem protagonist, but he’s so popular that he’s shunned by the boys.


Because of this, the members of the group were like a collection of leftovers.


“Nakayama, …… and the other two, please take care tonight, okay?”


I’m an exception, but of course Ryuuzaki doesn’t seem to remember the names of the mob characters. The other two are Hanagishi and Ikura. …… Hey, you’re too disinterested in anything but women.


It’s been two and a half months since the entrance ceremony. I think it’s polite to at least remember your classmates’ names.


…… Well, there’s no way the protagonist has such a sensible personality. If he was too normal, he wouldn’t have any character, so it was no use.


“Thank you. Let’s go to the square! I’m so hungry~!”


At any rate, ignoring the protagonist would offend him, so I’ll just go along with the conversation. I said something that was typical of a stupid, looseheaded mob character.


“Yeah, I guess so. The girls are waiting……. They’re going to be pissed if I’m late.”


Ryuzaki grinned and walked out of the room. Hanagishi and Ikura followed behind him with vague expressions.


I made the same vague expression and followed behind Ryuzaki.

In the plaza of the nature park, there is a kitchen and a cooking area. We were going to use them to make curry today.


The ingredients and cooking utensils were already in the kitchen.

After we gathered as a class and took a roll call, we were finally divided into groups and started cooking outdoors.


“So we’re going to start cooking outdoors……. If anyone here has any cooking experience, please raise your hand.”


The person in charge of the cooking was Yuzuki Hojo, my childhood friend.

Her beautiful long black hair was now tied into a single bun. She seemed to have prepared her own apron and headband, so she was all set.


She is a really good cook. She seemed confident and motivated.


“I wanted to ask someone who was used to working with knives to help me. …… Hmmm… I think the only ones with experience are me and Ryoma-san.”


The only one who raised his hand was Ryuzaki. It is a mystery to me why so many protagonists are the type that can cook.


…… Oh, I get it. Many of them are without parents, and they are given the setting of being good cooks to mean that they are independent.


If you think about it, it’s easy. Well, I’m a mob character, so even if I didn’t have parents, I wouldn’t be able to cook.


“I can cook, too, but not as well as Yuzuki, you know. Don’t rely on me too much, okay?”


“… I’m pissed off because you’re better than me while saying that.”


I don’t care about the conversational events that only make the protagonist feel good about being affirmed, so I’ll skip them.


“So let’s divide up the work, shall we? Azusa-san, would you please rinse the rice? Kirari-san, please arrange the plates. Ryoma-san, please work with me on cutting and seasoning the food.”


“Okay, got it. Hmm, what? There’s only one knife. …… I’ll borrow one more from Suzuki-chan.”


After saying that, Ryuzaki once again left the scene.

It seems that he is motivated.


“Then …”


And then, one by one, Yuuzuki gave each of us a role in turn.

When it was my turn, her eyes widened, as if she had noticed my presence for the first time.


“Oh ……, Kotaro-san, you were here as well, weren’t you?”


Yes, I was here.

I’m sure she did’t notice because she was preoccupied with the protagonist, but I was here too.


…… We used to be so close that we were together all the time.

I guess that was a long time ago too. Now she and I were complete strangers.


“Well, Kotaro-san, can you be in charge of …… the fire?”


“Yeah, I understand.”


Well, I don’t feel anything for Yuzuki now either.

Since I had already made up my mind, I was able to finish the conversation without being particularly conscious of it.


“So, all that’s left is …… Shiho-san. Can I ask Shiho-san to peel the vegetables for me?”


As she said this, Yuzuki handed Shimotsuki the peeler.

However, although Shimotsuki is a girl who has the air of being able to do anything, she is surprisingly a clumsy girl who can’t do anything.




She looked at me as if she had never heard of a vegetable having a peel. I don’t think she even knew what a peeler did.


“Yes, peel them, please. Here you go.”


She probably didn’t think that Shimotsuki was clumsy. Yuzuki handed her a carrot.


Shimotsuki took it, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to do it……. She held the peeler in her right hand and the carrot in her left and tilted her head.


Then, I don’t know what she was thinking ……, but suddenly she started to beat the carrot with the peeler. She’s using it like a blunt instrument, what is she doing?


“……Shh, Shiho-san? Um, could it be that you don’t know how to use the …… peeler?”


It seems that Yuzuki has indeed noticed. She looked at Shimotsuki with a puzzled look on her face.


“………… Peeler?”


Her head tilted back. This gesture seems to have made Yuzuki realize …… that she cannot have a conversation with Shimotsuki about food.


“I was surprised. I thought you seemed to be able to do everything……. Well, you’re only human, so you have your weaknesses. Well, then, can I ask you to work with …… Kotaro-san on the fire?”


That’s why Shimotsuki had to work with me.


“………… Yes, I understand. Ufufu ♪”


And Shimotsuki was instantly in a good mood. She handed the peeler and carrot back to Yuzuki and walked over to me with light steps.


“Thank goodness I can be with …… you, Nakayama-kun! I’m glad I can’t cook. You know, our kitchen is reserved for my mom. I’m an eater when it comes to food.”



As she said this, she pinched my jersey.

She was trying to get my attention by tugging on it like a child, like she was playing a prank.


“Nakayama-kun, how do you light a fire? Oh, I get it! You rub a wooden board around with a stick, right? I saw it on a survival show the other day. I’ve always wanted to try that, so I’m looking forward to it.”


“… …. No. I think they provide us with igniters and lighters.”


“What’s that? Hmmm… Pee-rah… and a lot of unfamiliar words in the overnight learning program. I don’t like studying, so I don’t want to use my head too much.”


It was a normal conversation as usual.

But Shimotsuki was clearly closer to me.

We’ve been close for a while, but today we’re so close that we’re almost touching.


I didn’t know what to do as she leaned in closer than usual.


I couldn’t cover it up anymore.

This distance is no longer the distance between the main heroine and a mob character.