Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 46

The Position of the Main Character That Should Have Been There

After the outdoor cooking, the recreational competition began.

It seems that the classes compete in various events such as tug of war and dodgeball.

Well, these events are no different from work for the mob characters.

They just play and leave without making any notable achievements or mistakes, and without affecting the game.

This time, I was supposed to participate in dodgeball.

I’m neither good at sports nor bad at them, but I’m not extremely good at them, so it’s natural that I don’t stand out.

As usual, the competition ended on a low note.

There was nothing to show for it, the athletic club just threw a ball and it hit the ground, and my recreational event came to an end.

It was such a silly dodgeball tale that I stopped reading halfway through because it was too boring to be a story. I don’t think any of my classmates would remember how I played.

That’s what I thought.

“I can’t. My stomach hurts. Nakayama-kun, didn’t you say, “Guhe.” when you were hit? I was listening to you correctly, you know. I’ve been laughing my a*s off about it for a while now.”

Shimotsuki seemed to have been watching it perfectly.

Something seemed to have hit the nail on the head, and she was laughing hysterically.

It seemed to be very funny to her.

I don’t know what to say. …… This girl really watches me closely.

I think that’s why she can notice the funny parts and laugh heartily at them.

“Oh, I laughed……. It kind of cheered me up.”

In the shade of a tree in the corner of the square, Shimotsuki is leaning against a tree.

It was mid-June, and the rainy season was about to end. The weather was very nice today, so she was trying to avoid getting sunburned. She was wearing a jersey jacket the whole time.

I guess it’s just too hot. Her cheeks were reddening faintly.

“Hmm … I’m going to try my best to play dodgeball, since Nakayama-kun made me laugh a lot. I’m sure you’ll see. I’m going to teach Nakayama-kun, who was terrible at it, how to play dodgeball.”

When the boys finished, it was the turn of the girls’ team, and Shimotsuki stood up with vigor. I’m not sure where this baseless confidence is coming from……, but I’m sure you can guess what she’s capable of.


It was right after the dodgeball game started.

I thought Shimotsuki walked sideways like a crab with a nimble step, but the ball hit her in the face as hard as it could and blew her away.


It was such a catastrophe that Ryuzaki, who was watching, shouted out.

I was watching from the side, and I was puzzled. It’s not a laughing matter……, but I wonder if she’ll be okay.

The shade of the trees in the corner was a little far from the area where the competition was taking place.

As I watched her with narrowed eyes, she came out of the area, half-crying. She seemed to have been knocked out by one ball.

“Well, Shiho? Here, towel ……, are you hurt?

As expected of the protagonist. He quickly rushes to the main heroine’s rescue and tries to help her.

But she walked straight to me first, of course.

It’s as if she didn’t even see Ryuzaki…….

“Wait, Shiho ……?”

Shimotsuki didn’t seem to hear him when he called out to her, crying her eyes out.

It’s not Ryuzaki that she’s looking for now.

“Ugh ……, Nakayama-kun? Where are you? Please answer me. I got hit on the front of my nose, so I can’t see anything through my tears……. So, will you comfort me a lot? If you can, will you also stroke my head and say ‘Pain, pain, go away’ like my dad does to my mom?”

I was the one who asked for it.

And it’s a lot more demanding and a little too hard.

Well, …… you are spoiled to your heart’s content.

Originally, this position would have been held by Ryuzaki.

“…… Damn.”

From a little distance away, he was glaring at me in frustration.

The obvious hostility in his gaze made me feel uncomfortable.