Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 47

How it feels when the girl you like is flirting with a mob character

“Are you okay? Um, do I have to do that …… thing~?”


Could it be that this girl is really in elementary school?

The infantilized Shimotsuki is a handful. I was embarrassed to do that.


“Mmm, Nakayama-kun is such a cheapskate…… You could at least give me a pat on the back. So, will you support me? Will you tell me to do my best?”

“That’s about it. ….. Um, hang in there. Shimotsuki, don’t let the pain get to you.”


What the hell am I being made to do?

I doubted that cheering her up would have any effect, but I was surprised when Shimotsuki stopped crying as soon as I cheered her up.


“Whew, …… I feel calmer now. I was in pain earlier and felt like I was going to die, but Nakayama-kun cheered me on and I was able to endure it. Am I getting stronger again? Oh no, I didn’t want to get any stronger.”


No, Shimotsuki is weak. She’s probably close to the weakest, so don’t worry.

As usual, she is a clunker. I think she caught the ball in her face because she is not good at sports.


Even so, she was blown away a lot. Thanks to this, her jacket was dirty and her face was covered with dust.


“Your face and clothes are dirty. Do you have a change of clothes?”


When I asked her, Shimotsuki smiled and shook her head.


“I don’t have any. So can you lend me a towel and a jersey? I told you before that I’m sensitive to the sun and need to wear long sleeves, didn’t I? If that’s the case, I’m sure my friend Nakayama-kun wouldn’t refuse.”


It seems that she decided to rob me.


“…… What if I told you I was sweating a little and would prefer to decline if possible?”


“No? It’s a refusal to say no.”


It seems she’s already decided to take it from me. She took off her dirty jersey, exposing her pure white arms.


They were really white, probably because they hadn’t been exposed to the sun at all. I couldn’t help but look away from her because she looked so innocent.

Maybe it was because they were usually hidden, but I felt a little nervous.


I felt like it would be a bad idea to leave her exposed.

So, I had no choice but to take off my jersey.


“…… Here you go.”


“Yes, thank you.”


I held it out to her, and she snatched it from me.

Then, with a mischievous smile, she pulled it on and zipped it up tightly.

Since she’s small by nature, my jersey was too big for her. It was as long as a dress. The sleeves were so long that they could be folded over.


I think it would be better to get a jersey that fits a little better.

Maybe the teachers have a spare one, shall I check? I was about to ask ……


“Hehehe~. Nakayama-kun’s clothes smell like …… Nakayama-kun. I think it’s not bad at all, Kun Kun. No, it’s not bad, it’s even better……. My mom also has a smell f****h, and I think I finally understand her feelings.”


But I couldn’t say anything, because Shimotsuki looked so satisfied.

She continues to tickle my fancy.


“Here, can I borrow your towel too? My towel is dirty and needs to be washed……. Yes, if I don’t wrap it around my neck, I’ll get sunburned. But when I’m like this, it’s like I’m being hugged by Nakayama-kun, and it makes me kind of nervous♪”


Now, Shimotsuki’s cheeks are red, is it because of a sunburn?

Or maybe she’s …… embarrassed?




When I see that side of her, I still get nervous.

I really wonder why this girl is so cute.


And …… what is Ryuuzaki thinking as he stares at this scene?


(He’s been staring at me since a while ago……. Give me a break!)


Shimotsuki still didn’t notice, but from my angle, I could see Ryuzaki.

He was looking at me and Shimotsuki from a distance with a face that looked like it was about to cry.


Right in front of him, the girl he likes is flirting with another man……. I’m sure his heart is torn up inside.


It seems that the story is still getting ready to enter its climax.

It seems that Ryuzaki’s suffering will continue for a little while longer.