Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 50

The Fate of Subheroines

Ryuzaki disappeared into the forest at night.

A little further away, preparations for the campfire were steadily underway. It had finally ignited, and there was a cheerful roar of excitement.


Ryuzaki was not in the place where the light was.

The protagonist is still hiding in the shadows.


The one who will give him a helping hand is probably …… her.


“…… I guess Ryoma Onii-chan didn’t know, after all.”


It was my stepsister, Azusa, who popped up from the shadows.

Apparently, she was listening in on the conversation between me and Ryuzaki.


“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop…… But I saw that Ryoma was acting strange, so I kept an eye on him. Then suddenly the two of you started talking……. I ended up listening in.”


She looked apologetic, but this was an unavoidable consequence of the situation.


And …… in the story, Azusa had to know about Ryuzaki’s agony.

This is because the subheroines are the only ones who can save the protagonist.


They are always willing to draw the short straw.

They are always willing to sacrifice themselves to make the people they love happy.


This is the reason why …… Azusa looked so pained when she thought about Ryuzaki.


“Ryoma Onii-chan looked like he was going to cry.”


“…… I know.”


“I’ve never seen a face like that before.”


“…… Yeah.”


“That’s not the face of Ryoma Onii-chan, the man Azusa fell in love with.”


“…… I see.”


“So, Azusa …… cannot leave it alone.”


If that’s the case, just go after him.

Just ignore me as usual and do what you want.


And yet, she’s stomping her feet.

She hesitated and looked at me as if she wanted something from me.


“But Onii-chan, …… I can’t muster up the courage.”


A trembling voice echoed.

Even though she’s a stepsister, the sound of my precious sister’s tears …… still hurts my heart.


“…… It’s only at times like this that you go back to being my sister.”


It’s not fair.

It’s not fair that you cut me off, saying that I’m not the ideal brother, but only when it’s convenient, you ask for help like that.


“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry ……, but this is the last time. Onii-chan, please …… push me forward? Even though I’m such a useless sister……, please give me the courage to get hurt…….”


I knew this girl knew what she was talking about.

Now she understands …… that she will be very hurt.


This is because Azusa, of all people, …… is about to confess her feelings to Ryuzaki right now.


Even if she told him her feelings at this time, it would definitely fail.


This is because Ryuzaki is preoccupied with Shimotsuki and is hurting from the loss of his childhood friend, but Azusa can not tolerate Ryuzaki, who is in pain…


This is why she is trying to heal Ryuzaki with a drug called “confession”.

I’m sure Azusa thinks it’s okay if she gets rejected as a result…….


“………… If that is the path Azusa has chosen.”


As a brother, I want to stop it.

I don’t want my precious little sister to get hurt.

But this is the path that she has chosen.


That’s what it means to fall in love with Ryoma Ryuzaki, the …… harem-minded protagonist.

So there’s only one thing I can do.


“Good luck. Azusa was my cute little sister, so …… it’s okay. If it’s Azusa, maybe Ryuzaki will be okay with it? Because Azusa is cute.”


I gave her the best I could, which was only comforting.

But family is a strange thing. …… Even casual words can make your heart feel lighter than you imagined.


“…… Yes, thank you. You’re right, Azusa is cute. …… I’m sure I’ll be fine.”


Then, Azusa smiled.

It had been a long time since I had seen a friendly smile up close, and it was still cute.


“Yes, ……, well, if you can, please don’t watch Azusa shatter herself, okay? I think it’s better if you don’t see …… I think it’s better if you don’t look at ……. Because Onii-chan is kind …….”


But the smile instantly clouded over, and a dry smile of empty energy stuck to it.

It’s the kind of look I don’t like from Azusa.


“Then, I’m off.”


Then, Azusa followed after Ryuzaki.

The little back was walking slowly, as if it wanted me to follow it, despite the words.


…… Oh, I get it.

Azusa, Onii-chan is watching you.


So, do your best–