Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 54

The Worst Confession Ever

The entertainment begins.

On a simple stage, a pair of high school boys were doing some sort of comedy act.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell if it was funny or not.

I don’t have any sense of comedy, so I can’t judge what’s funny and what’s not.


It’s the nature of a sad mob character.

Because they have no hobbies or obsessions, they are incapable of having a personality.


They don’t even have principles, they just go with the flow.

Even now, at this very moment, I have been unable to do anything about it.


(Ryuzaki’s confession is unstoppable ……)


A few minutes ago, the protagonist declared war on me.

I’m sure he’s waiting for the right moment.


“If you confess your love at a campfire, you will succeed.”


Such a jinx is said to exist in this overnight learning program.

This is the reason why Ryuzaki is trying to use it to confess his feelings.




As the entertainment was taking place on stage, I was watching it in a daze.


It is not compulsory to participate in the entertainment, but only those who wish to do so.

Those who don’t want to participate can sleep in their rooms, so there are many people who don’t attend. There were also some people who didn’t observe the entertainment but instead chatted with their friends or flirted with their loved ones.


…… Indeed, this atmosphere is perfect for a confession.


The main light source was the flames of the campfire, and other lighting was minimal and a bit dim……. Because it was hard to see, the distance between people naturally narrowed. The unusual space gives courage to men and women in love. The unrealistic space may also make the confessor more excited than usual.


Analyzing the situation, it seems that the probability of success is higher than confessing on an ordinary day when nothing is going on.

It was a situation that convinced me that a jinx had been created.


(Maybe Ryuzaki will call Shimotsuki when he confesses…… But first, I have to find her.)


I want to stay close to Shimotsuki for now.

I didn’t know what to do, but as long as I could be there, I could always help.


If I could do everything in my power to somehow get through Ryuzaki’s confession, that was fine.

However, my biggest concern was that the protagonist’s opportunism would be triggered and Shimotsuki would be driven into a corner.


I have no idea what kind of convenience will come into play, though.


Anyway, I’m afraid that the situation will turn out to be convenient for Ryuzaki. If something happens that twists …… Shimotsuki’s will, which is unlikely, Ryuzaki’s confession might be successful.


This is an unrealistic assumption, but since Ryuzaki is the protagonist, I knew that anything could happen.


So anyway, I hurried to meet up with Shimotsuki, but even after looking around the square, I couldn’t find her….


(There are quite a lot of blind spots that I can’t see…….)


The visibility is worse than I thought. It is also awkward because there are couples making out everywhere.


Her silvery-white hair stands out, so if she were here, I’m sure I’d be able to spot her right away……. Maybe she’s already asleep?


If so, that would have been a relief……, but it seems I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


(Oh, there she is!)


I found Shimotsuki just as the entertainment was about to end.

I think it was about an hour or so. When the students had finished their performance, I spotted the silver hair in front of the stage.


Apparently, Shimotsuki had also come. I wondered if it was a bad time, or if she had just arrived……. Well, if I could join her, that would be fine.


That’s what I thought, and I started walking towards her.

But there were so many people in front of the stage that I couldn’t make my way to the front. It took me a while.


Meanwhile, she was looking around as if she was looking for someone.

And as soon as her eyes met mine, her face lit up and she tried to run over to me……. Just then, I saw.


“It’s time for the annual “Confession Time”! It seems to have produced many couples so far, so if you are a boy or a girl in love, this is the time to show your courage! Is there anyone out there?”


Immediately after the host said that.

The person who suddenly came on stage was the protagonist.


“I’m Ryoma Ryuzaki, class 1, year 2. There’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was a child. Today, let me confess my love to that person.”


With a microphone in his hand, Ryuzaki spoke up proudly, a look of determination on his face.




Suddenly, there was silence.

The moment he stepped out onto the stage, I felt the place suddenly quieten down.


Everyone’s attention was on Ryuzaki.

He was quite a celebrity. He is so popular that he is recognized not only by jealous boys, but even by girls who have little to do with him.


However, although he is such a guy, he has never fallen in love with anyone in particular. That’s why the people around him were wondering, “Who is he going to date?”. I guess they were wondering what was going on……. The mystery was finally being solved now.


It’s no wonder everyone is paying attention.

And that “attention” was the …… concept she was least comfortable with.


“Shiho! I have something to tell you……. Please, will you listen to me?”


The one who was called out by name was of course Shiho Shimotsuki, Ryuzaki’s childhood friend.

Ryuzaki is staring at her in front of the stage. The people around her are all looking at her at the same time.


A lot of eyes, and the consciousness of others, were focused on the little girl, Shiho Shimotsuki.




Even from a distance, I could tell.

Shimotsuki’s expression was tense and strained.

I’m sure he doesn’t notice the change in Shimotsuki because she is always expressionless in front of Ryuzaki. He is reaching out gently …… and I am sure he does not know what he has done.


As usual, the protagonist only thinks about himself.

They don’t seem to understand that Shimotsuki is now so uncomfortable that she can’t speak.


(No way, this is how you’re going to confess…….)


I clenched my fists at the unexpected situation.

See, it happened after all. A convenient scene for the protagonist has arrived.


If you think about it, surely …… this situation is the only option for Shimotsuki’s confession to end in a good outcome. The opportunism is firmly in effect.


Shiho Shimotsuki is not very good with Ryuzaki as she should be, so the chances of a successful confession are close to zero.


But with so many people watching, can Shimotsuki really speak up?

No, she can’t. She was shy and sensitive to the presence of others, but there was no way she could express herself in this situation with so many people watching her.




I bite my lip at the worst confession I’ve ever heard.

I can’t meet up with Shimotsuki anymore.


The story is now entering its peak.

There’s no way for a mob character to intervene in this confession.


That’s why all I could do was look at the protagonist as usual–