Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 55

I Can’t Stay a Mob Character

The worst possible scenario comes to my mind.

Suppose Ryuzaki were to confess his feelings to Shimotsuki in this situation.


Will she be able to give him an answer?




No, she can’t.

If she was capable of speaking in a public place like this, she wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. I’m sure she would have firmly refused to go on stage.


But she couldn’t say anything, so she went up on stage as she was led by the people around her.


Everyone seemed to be excited about Ryuzaki’s confession.

The whole place was already dominated by Ryoma Ryuzaki.


“Go for it! “Show us who you are!” “Show us your strength! “You can do it, Ryuzaki-kun!”


They were cheering him on as he plucked up the courage to confess his feelings.

That’s why everyone is oblivious.


They don’t understand how frightened Shimotsuki is right now……, how nervous she is, how she’s shaking herself, how she’s about to cry.


Because she is the girl who was confessed to by Ryoma Ryuzaki.

There is no way that the heroine, who was given such good fortune, would not like it.


(This is the worst……)


I clench my fists. My fingernails dig into my skin and it hurts, but it helps me keep my cool.


Think. What can I do …… to save Shimotsuki?

How can I help that nice girl who thinks I’m special……?


(If Ryuzaki confesses his love to her……)


I’m sure Shimotsuki can’t refuse.

No, she should not be able to say anything. The only thing she can do is to keep quiet, kill her emotions, and endure the situation.


If she does, it will eventually be interpreted in a way that is convenient for Ryuzaki.


“Can’t you give me an answer that quickly? If that’s the case, I’ll confess again sometime. But you have to know that I love you. Maybe you don’t like me yet, but I’ll try my best to make you like …… me someday.”


What a way to suggest that the relationship would progress in the sequel.


This is impossible.

I can’t accept this.


Because Shimotsuki is not very good with Ryuzaki.

No matter how hard she tries in the future, she will never be able to like Ryuzaki.

That’s how much she doesn’t even care about that guy.


Well, …… it’s the reason why the story chose this stage.

In order to prevent the protagonist from being rejected, the story is trying to extend itself with the most convenient situation.


If this continues, Shimotsuki will remain the main heroine forever.

I’m still not going to allow Ryuzaki to approach her, make her feel bad, and spend her days in pain. …… I can’t allow that to happen.


–I want to help.

–If I could, I would protect her.


I think strongly in my heart.

Shimotsuki is a benefactor to me.


I had no confidence in myself, I was constantly denying myself, and to top it off, I was so self-loathing that I described myself as a “mob character”.


Thanks to her, I’ve been really enjoying every day recently.

It was a relief to know that there was someone who would accept me like this …….


“Don’t say sad things about mob characters.”


That’s what she once said to me to cheer me up.

I don’t think I can express in words how much those words encouraged me. ……


I’m sure that for Shimotsuki, Kotaro Nakayama is not just a mob character.


As proof of this, …… she is still looking at me with eyes that seem to cling to me.

And then her lips moved as if to appeal for something.






“Nakayama-kun, …… please help me.”






I thought I heard a voice.

No, it was an auditory hallucination. Shimotsuki is in a situation where she cannot say a word……, but just by the movement of her lips, I knew what she was saying.


I’ve been with her for a while now.

I can at least tell what she’s thinking by looking at her face.


“Help me.”


The moment I sensed her intentions, I felt something flare up inside me.


“Yeah, I got it.”


I nodded, and moved my heavy body forcibly.

I’m done with being a mob character …….


I’ll do anything for Shimotsuki.

I can even stand up to the protagonist.


In order to do that, I can’t stay as a mob character.


“You can’t be serious! You think you can get away with this kind of confession ……!?”


I raise my voice loudly and ruin the atmosphere of the place.

Of course, the source of the voice was …… me.


I’m sorry to say that I’m in the middle of a good story, but ……, my protagonist, let me interrupt your story.


Ryuzaki Ryoma. I’m not going to allow you to have a happy ending.

Do you know that there is a bad ending to a story?


Ryuzaki, I won’t let your wish come true.

For that purpose, I’ll block your romantic comedy not as a “mob character” but as a …… “villain”…