Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 60

My protagonist

The entire entertainment program ended amidst an indescribable atmosphere.

In the end, after Ryuzaki’s confession, the atmosphere was so awkward that no one came out to the stage and …… it was free time.

The time is 9:00 p.m.; there is a roll call in each room at 10:00 p.m., so I must be back by then.

The thought of seeing Ryuzaki when I get back to my room depresses me, but anyway, I’ll try not to think about him just now.

The story of Ryoma Ryuzaki is already over.

The days of being pushed around by the harem protagonist have come to an end.

“I’m tired of it all.”

I was now next to Shimotsuki.

As usual, she was good at finding places where there was no sign of people. She asked me to follow her, so I did so, and before I knew it, we were alone.

Perhaps it is a storeroom. There are several prefabricated buildings that look like warehouses set up around it. In such a place, Shimotsuki was quietly breathing.

“I never thought it would come to this. …… I just wanted to chat with Nakayama-kun over the campfire, but how did I get caught up in something so strange?”

In the moonlight, she was covering her face with her hands to hide her reddened face.

“Ugh …… hey, now I’m ugly, aren’t I? I’ve been crying so much that my eyes and nose feel funny. I am so embarrassed that Nakayama-kun can see my face like this. If possible, I would like you to close your eyes.”

“…… It’s not weird. Shimotsuki is always so cute.”

Perhaps because I am distracted, my mouth is quicker than usual.

I end up saying the word ‘cute,’ which I usually try not to say too often.

“Nyu……, no, no, don’t say that. Now my cheeks will turn bright red……. I’m going to be as red as a boiled octopus. Nakayama, are you really so mean?”

She said that, but she didn’t seem to be completely full of it. Her cheeks were loosening happily.

“No, it’s not true. Nakayama-kun is very kind……. It’s impossible for him to be mean. I mean, you saved me. Thank you so much.”

Saying this, Shimotsuki rubs up against me.

She rubbed her body against me as if to pamper me, and I felt closer to her than usual. Our skin is touching, and her slightly hot body heat stimulates my heart. My heart is beating hard, and I’m sure it’s because of her charm.

“My mind was blank at that moment…… and I didn’t know what to do, my body couldn’t move as fast as I wanted it to. I’m not very good at public appearances…… so I was afraid of the way people were looking at me. I had so many different sounds echoing in my head that I felt like I was going to freeze in a panic.”

So Shimotsuki could not say anything.

Even when Ryuzaki confessed his feelings to her, she was unable to convey her intentions clearly.

That is probably how much she was suffering from that situation.

She is much more sensitive to sound than usual, and perhaps she picks up on other people’s sounds easily. That may be why she senses the presence of “others” more strongly than an ordinary person like me.

If so, then at that time when she was in the state of being a freak show, Shimotsuki must have been really suffering.

“But when I heard Nakayama-kun’s voice, I was no longer afraid at all. Because you were next to me ……, the things I was afraid of became less scary. That’s why I owe you, Nakayama-kun. Thank you for helping me.”

A sincere smile is directed at me.

For such a person who was only a mob character, Shimotsuki gives me a special look.

No, this girl does not think of me as a mob character.

“Nakayama-kun is my own personal hero.”

–Once upon a time, there was a boy who was loved by no one and betrayed by everyone.

He lost everything, thought of himself as a mob character, and was a boring person who just went with the flow……. He met a girl and his life changed.

(Is this …… happiness?)

Warm, tender feelings fill my heart.

I was so happy to hear Shimotsuki’s words that I almost cried my eyes out…

Thank you is my line.

Thank you for accepting me.

Thank you for choosing me.

Thank you …… for making me the protagonist …….

Thank you very much….