Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 61

Kotaro Nakayama’s Love Comedy

“Shimotsuki ……!”


It was the first time I had ever felt that way.

Filled with happiness, I was so moved that I unintentionally hugged Shimotsuki.


“Kya. Hey, you can’t do that out of the blue. …… What if I get too nervous and collapse? Nakayama-kun is a person who can’t help it anymore. ….. uhehe”


Although she denies it in words, Shimotsuki seems happy.

She said no, but on the contrary, she was holding on to me, so I couldn’t get away even if I tried.


“” ………… “”


For a while, we embraced each other in silence.

Then, she was the first to break the silence.


“Nakayama-kun? You know, …… I do like you, Nakayama, after all.”


The words came out of nowhere, and what a “confession” it was.


“Shimotsuki, me too…”


Immediately I tried to respond too.

I tried to tell her how I felt.


But she wouldn’t let me.


“Really? Nakayama-kun, is your answer what you really sincerely think? Hey, Nakayama-kun, …… do you understand what it means to like another person?”


— I was at a loss for words at that statement.

In response to Shimotsuki’s question, I …… thought carefully about myself again.


I like her. That is a feeling that is not false.


But I wonder if what Shimotsuki means by “like” and what I think of as “like” are really the same thing.


“Nakayama-kun, you hate yourself, don’t you? You don’t seem very sure of yourself. So you don’t love yourself. How can you love another person in such a state? Do you …… really, really like me?”


…… Oh, yes.

I certainly hate myself.

I don’t love myself like that.


I wonder if the words “I like you” are really worth it when you say them in such a state.

Do my words have any weight?


“I like you more than you know, okay? I will never be satisfied with a mere ‘I like you’.”


–I see.

Finally, I realized what Shimotsuki was trying to say.


Her thoughts far exceed my imagination.

So, it sounded like Shimotsuki was asking me to be more mindful of ‘my feelings’ and that’s what she was saying.


“I like you because you like me – that’s not enough, it’s like I’ve been compromised. I want you to know me better. I want you to understand my feelings more. And, you know, I want you to like me more …….”


Not a passive ‘like’.

I am looking for a girl named Shiho Shimotsuki for active ‘liking’.


“So I’ll wait for you. Nakayama-kun, I will watch by your side until you come to like yourself …… and learn to like me even more. So, I don’t need your confession yet.”


Then, Shimotsuki stood up tall.

She put her hand around my neck and lightly touched her lips to my cheek this time.


“I’ve never been so in love with someone before. So, if you can, …… Nakayama-kun, I hope you love me as much as I love you.”


–Oh, I see.

Finally, I get it.


I’ve been a mob character until now, and now I’m the protagonist only for…… Shiho Shimotsuki.

In other words, the story had not yet begun.


The story so far was just a prequel.

From here, the romantic comedy between me and Shiho Shimotsuki would finally begin.


“Yes, I do……. I’ll love you more and more. I promise…….  Shimotsuki.”


If that’s the case.

I’m done calling her a stranger.


“–Shiho. I’m going to take care of you from now on.”


For the first time, I call her name and hug her again.

It’s not that this is radical behavior. If you think about it in a normal way, it’s just a light expression of affection…… but even just this made her so happy that she jumped up and down.


“Ufufu … I’m so glad you finally called me …….. I was so stubborn, you know. I was so determined to have you call me by my name someday that I kept calling you ‘Nakayama-kun’ in a lonely way, you know? But you don’t have to put up with me anymore.”


She smiled happily and hugged me again.


“Kotaro! Please take care of me, okay?”


–Thus ended the story of a mob character named Kotaro Nakayama.

And now the “romantic comedy” begins.


The story of Shiho Shimotsuki alone as the main character has begun.