Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 62

The cute, silent childhood friend of the irresistible harem protagonist, the one you love so much, becomes talkative only in front of the mob character (like me).

–A week has passed since the overnight learning program.

The relationship has changed a lot, however, there was no visible change in my and Shiho’s daily life.


She is at school and is as silent as ever.

She is shy and withdrawn, so outside she is quiet like a borrowed cat.

She looks like she can do anything, but surprisingly she can’t do anything, which is a strange part of her.

She gets a 3 on her math quizzes, cheats in gym class because she doesn’t want to run the marathon, and falls asleep during physics class.

Watching over her is one of my recent pleasures.

Her every gesture is so cute that I can’t help but fall in love with her.

When she realizes I’m watching her, she smiles and waves at me, which is also the cutest thing.

Come to think of it, this kind of thing could be called ‘change’.

Shiho laughs a lot more at school.

Before, because of Ryuzaki’s following her around, she used to have an expressionless, no-nonsense look on her face, …… but perhaps it’s thanks to the fact that she no longer has that look on her face.

Oh yeah, Ryuzaki has been acting a little strange since then.

It might be more appropriate to say that he is getting more …… lazy.

Conversations with harem members are somewhat awkward, and a dark cloud hangs over that guy’s romantic comedy.

Maybe that guy has disqualified himself from being the protagonist.

…… Well, to be honest, I’m not interested in Ryoma Ryuzaki’s sequel……

Whatever kind of romantic comedy he wants to do is his business. I’m not sure how much I would have liked it if Shiho hadn’t been involved in it.

But, well, …… Ryoma Ryuzaki, the protagonist, …… may have fallen down.

However, the love of the sub-heroines is genuine. The girls who are trying to support Ryoma Ryuzaki are starting to make their mark.

Among them, my former childhood friend Yuzuki and my former best friend Kirari are trying their best to cheer Ryuzaki up. Or maybe it’s one of them who will be the next true heroine, I wonder.

But Azusa is no longer there.

She has been out of the harem ever since Ryuzaki rejected her.

She is now absent from school and dawdling around the house.

As a brother, I am worried about her, but she is getting a little better these days and her appetite is returning. Perhaps she will be able to return to school soon.

It may be hard for her now, but she will be able to laugh again someday. Until then, I wanted to take my time and wait for her.

–such is the way it is, though there are a few changes.

But my days are very full.

Because that girl who is quiet in front of everyone becomes very talkative only in front of …… me, and she expresses her love to me in an explicit way.

“Hey, Kotaro-kun. Let me make you an ‘ahhh’? Oh, you’re embarrassed? No. Do you think it’s okay if I sulk? If I sulk, I get angry with my cheeks flattened like a squirrel, you know? I wonder if it’s okay to be a little ugly. Don’t you want me to be a very ‘cute’ Shiho-chan at all times?”

At lunchtime, while eating lunch together, she talks one way or the other.

I felt that she talked more often than before, probably due to her increased love for me.

But of course, it’s not that I don’t like it.

In fact, I wanted to talk more and more.

“Shiho is always cute, it’s okay.”

And I, too, have been all about listening, but lately I’ve been trying to get the words out myself.

I try to express what I am thinking and feeling.

When I do this, Shiho is very happy.

“Cute? Oh my gosh, ughhhh …… What, Kotaro-kun, you are becoming very good at talking. Do you think that praising me like that is going to improve my mood? It’s totally …… right, so you’re not wrong, but it’s kind of annoying because it’s like you think I’m a bit of a snob..”

Shiho is the type of person who gets embarrassed when you compliment her.

She is an easy girl to understand because her attitude is obvious that she is pleased, although her words give off an air of slight reluctance.

(What fun…….)

Looking at her, my cheeks naturally relax.

Thanks to Shiho, my once gray days have turned colorful.

Shiho is very talkative, which is a big plus for me, since I used to be a mob character.

That really made me happy.

…… Now, the romantic comedy between me and Shiho starts here.

It will probably be a bad one, not very good as a finished product.

There are no peaks and valleys in this story, only parallel lines of “happiness”.

But I think that’s fine.

I don’t want to see Shiho crying anymore.

Because Shiho is the cutest when she is smiling.

(Part 1, Complete)