Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 64

Temporary Restoration

–The second semester has begun.

The first semester of my freshman year of high school was long and yet short, and in retrospect, it seems like a lot happened.


At the entrance ceremony, I lost my stepsister, a childhood friend, and a best friend that I thought were special.

But a month later, I became friends with the main heroine named Shiho Shimotsuki.

Then another month passed, and Shiho rejected Ryuzaki’s confession.

Soon after, Shiho and I were able to get to know each other better.


In fact, I would have been happy if we could have become lovers……, but it may take a little more time for our relationship to progress that far.

I am not sure why, because the love I have for Shiho is too strong. It seems that she is no longer satisfied with ordinary “like” so she made a request of me.


“Will you love me more and more?”


Until then, Shiho is willing to wait, apparently.

If I love myself, and then I love Shiho more, …… then I’m sure we can have the kind of relationship we want.


I …… honestly appreciated the suggestion.

After all, as a former self-proclaimed mob character, my self-esteem is inexplicably low. I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to get into a relationship with her.


I wonder if it’s okay for me to love her.

I wonder if we are not in harmony with each other.

Will I not be able to make Shiho happy?


If I’m not careful, I can easily become anxious.

I knew Shiho would not be amused by that.


Therefore, I want to love her with pride and dignity.

In order to do so, I have to gain a firm confidence in myself.


Therefore, I needed time.

Fortunately, Shiho said she would wait patiently for me, so I decided to allow her to enjoy her feelings for now.


During the summer vacation, in a normal romantic comedy, we would have gone to the beach or mountains, camped, stayed at each other’s houses, and many other events, but since Shiho …… is an excessive indoor person and has a curfew of 19:00 in her family circumstances, such big events did not happen.


Basically, she would come to my house around noon, hang out, and leave in the evening. She continued this kind of life for the rest of the summer vacation.


I was happy that we could be together all the time, but since things were going on like that, there was no progress in our relationship.


As I thought, a romantic comedy with me as the main character is a bad idea.

If it were normal, readers would not allow such a dull development.


Well, that’s just how I am, so I don’t have anything to think about now.


–And so, the second semester began.


September. When I arrived at the classroom, I suddenly saw Ryoma Ryuzaki’s back.




Since the overnight learning program, that guy has become very quiet.

He has been silent all the time, lost in thought, as if pondering something.


He is not so much flirting with the members of his harem, which he prides himself on, and he is no longer …… like a protagonist.


Perhaps that guy has really fallen apart?

Has being dumped by Shiho made him apathetic, ignoring the goodwill of other girls?


If so, …… well, that’s one result.

If he is apathetic by stepping on the goodwill of others and pretending to be a miserable protagonist, then he should just keep on doing so.


If Ryuzaki has fallen from his harem protagonist status,…… that’s fine and dandy.


But still, that’s not going to happen.

Because sometimes that guy glares at me. The strong hatred seems to be getting stronger day by day.


If there is a trigger, …… or something will happen again.

That’s what it looks like.


……I don’t want anything to happen if possible.

It’s a pain in the a*s and I don’t want Shiho to get hurt again.

Hopefully, I don’t want another event to happen.

I want Ryoma Ryuzaki to end his school life lonely as a fallen former protagonist.


That’s what I thought, but it seems that Ryoma Ryuzaki’s story is not over yet.


“Yes, yes, yes! Is everyone out of the summer vacation mood? If you haven’t, please do so! Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to a new student ……”


At the same time as Suzuki sensei’s words, which had been high-spirited since this morning, a strange girl student entered the classroom.


“Hello♪ I’m Mary! I’m from United States but I speak Japanese, so please be friends with me!”


A flashy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl enters the classroom.

At the same time, everyone in the classroom must have thought:


Cute – and.


The atmosphere may be similar to Shiho.

Most of the boys are gawking at the girl who has an out-of-the-ordinary appearance.

A girl so cute that even girls are fawning over her has transferred to the school.


And what a girl she is – she fell for that guy as soon as she transferred to the school.




Mary suddenly stares at a certain point.

At the tip of her gaze was …… Ryoma Ryuzaki.


“I met you this morning! You’re the one who saved me, aren’t you!?”


I don’t see any other human being anymore.

When I saw her running up to Ryoma Ryuzaki, …… I had a bad feeling.


(Is this supposed to be a …… leverage?)


Adding a heroine in a sequel to keep the story from getting stuck is a common method of “leveraging”.


It seems that Ryoma Ryuzaki’s story is also going to be “leveraged”.

What this suggests is that Ryoma Ryuzaki will be back on the stage again.


His story is not over yet.


(Haha …… please don’t get me involved in this again.)


I pray in my heart, but that will not be the case.

Because I am the “villain” in Ryoma Ryuzaki’s story.