Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 65

Story Crusher

Mary Parker.

She told us her name was Mary Parker, and she had come from the U.S. to study abroad.

She seemed to like Japanese culture and explained that she had often traveled to Japan since she was a child.

Therefore, she is fluent in Japanese. She seems to have mastered it perfectly by watching anime when she was a child.

Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and slightly curly hair make her a Western-style beauty, and her cheerful personality is also unique and not found in Japanese people.

The girl who clearly radiates an unusual atmosphere would not fit into the framework of a mob character or sub-character, no matter how you look at her.

She may be a leveraged main character.

My prediction was right on target.

“Hmmm, your name is Ryoma, isn’t it? Thank you for this morning…you saved me from losing my family♪. Well, he’s a dog, but he’s with me all the time, so he’s like family!”

This was shortly after she had finished introducing herself in the morning.

Mary’s seat would normally have been the last one available, but to my surprise she eagerly requested to be next to Ryuzaki.

Ryuzaki’s seat is in the center of the classroom, surrounded by harem members.

Suzuki sensei gave priority to Mary, who had just transferred to the school, and asked her to occupy the seat of one of the harem members.

Of course, none of the harem members were willing to move out of the way, …… but the one who got the short end of the stick was that girl with the same hair color as Mary.

“What shall we do? Oh, yeah! Hey, blonde girl, give me your seat, will you? I think you might be a bit of a distraction because of your personality.”

“… Huh?”

Dyeing her hair blonde is Kirari Asakura. A former best friend of mine, she looked dissatisfied with Mary’s words.

“Why me?”

“Because Ryoma’s eyes would glaze over! Besides, dark hair is the best for a Japanese person, but you are forced to dye your hair, so blonde hair doesn’t suit you.”

“Huh!? Why should I be told such a thing by you, whom I have never met before?”

Kirari’s words are also correct.

However, Mary probably had no bad intentions at all. She was laughing and berating Kiraly with a cheerful smile.

“Nihihihi. Did I make you angry? Well, well, calm down, that you should~.”

Perhaps because it is just after the appearance ……, the tone is not stable. Although her character is somewhat unstable, she has a role as a new heroine and tends to be favored by the protagonist.

“Kirari, calm down. She just transferred to a new school and I’m sure Mary is anxious about it. …… Sorry, but can you give it up here, please?”

He demonstrates the “kindness” that is unique to the protagonist and that does not separate anyone.

But that is also a cruel thought, not giving preferential treatment to the girl who has been by his side all this time.

Kirari looked shocked.

“That …… is okay with you, Ryu-kun? You mean you don’t want me, you want this woman? Well, okay then…….I don’t even know Ryu-kun anymore.”

Kirari turns away in a huff and gets up from her seat. With a rough gesture, she took her bags and headed for the seat where Mary was originally supposed to sit.

…… Apparently, the pecking order of the harem heroines had changed a bit.

“Thank you, pouty girl ♪, but if you’re too angry, you’ll ruin your pretty face!”

I don’t know who they think they offended.

What a …… girl with a strong character, I thought.

I feel a free and radical thought that she is willing to do anything to get closer to Ryuzaki.

New characters like this are always disruptive to the story.

If it were a classic story, she would show her ability as a villain without regret.

However, Ryuzaki’s current romantic comedy is moving in an outside-the-box direction.

That is why I felt that the tricky Mary was given such a role that she dared to …… return the path back to the classic.

As proof, Ryuzaki’s expression, which had been dark all along, brightened a bit.

“Mary, sorry. Kirari looks kind like that, so I’m sure you’ll get to know her a little better in a little while.”

He despises the sub heroine and is crazy about the new heroine.

“I’ll be in touch with you, okay? If you need any help, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m here to help Mary.”

Ryuzaki smiles briskly and holds out his hand.

Mary gave him a big smile and then …… unexpectedly hugged him with all her might.

“Hey, Mary!?”

Ryuzaki was surprised, but as if to say it doesn’t matter, she kisses that guy on the cheek this time!

Then, a little red-faced, she giggled again.

“Nihihihi~. This is the Western way of greeting. The Japanese style is good, but I like this one!”

….. Wow, this is strong.

I almost can’t stop thinking about her.

That new character is swinging in a very strong direction.

Or, I felt such a strong personality that she could take the main heroine’s place …… in an instant.

Because of Mary, the story of Ryoma Ryuzaki is about to be set in motion once again.

Huh, I wish …… I had a break.