Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 68

Shiho-chan Wants to be a Younger Sister

“Umm……, can I go ahead …… now?”


I had a feeling that their fight would never end, so I forcefully broke off the conversation.


“Shiho, you can continue in the living room.”


“Ufufu. I know, my little sister Azusa-nyan is so cute that I teased her… She had a pouty look on her face and her reaction was very weak until a while ago. But I’m glad to see that she seems to be in better spirits since Kotaro-kun’s arrival.”


“No, no …… it’s not like that. Azusa is always like this with Shimotsuki-san.”


“Call me ‘Onee-chan’ instead of ‘Shimotsuki-san’?”


Since the incident with Ryuzaki, Azusa had been very depressed.

Since the incident with Ryuzaki, Azusa had been very depressed. She had no energy and was always in a daze every day, but since Shiho started talking to her, her expression seemed to be getting brighter.


“Ugh …… that’s enough.”


In the end, Azusa couldn’t say anything back and headed for the living room to escape. Phew …… I can finally take off my shoes.


I and Shiho also head to the living room to chase after Azusa.


“Kotaro-kun, thank you for your hard work. I’m so impressed that you could go to school even though it’s the end of the summer vacation♪……. Yeah, great job! I even forgot that we had school, but Kotaro-kun is so determined.”


“…… I think if anything, Shiho is the one being lazy.”


I’m not really normal, but please don’t give me credit for this.

The clumsy girl is always and everywhere clumsy. She says and does things that are elegant and exudes an air of intelligence, so why is she so …… stupid, not? A little bit, right?


But that’s part of the charm of Shiho.

The clumsy part is also a charm – let’s call it that.


“So? Onii-chan, where’s my snack? Did you get it?”


As soon as we arrived at the living room, Azusa, sitting on the sofa, held out one hand and demanded snacks. She has been craving a lot of sweet things lately. I guess it’s a stress reliever, but I think it’s not so good for her umm…… body, so I wanted her to moderate it.


“I did buy some, in case you’re interested …….”


“Wow… ♪ thanks ……… wow… Why is it like surume (dried squid) or vinegared kelp? I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t need these snacks.”


“You’ve eaten too many sweets, as expected ……. If you’re hungry, eat your food properly.”


“Mmm …… can’t argue with that.”


Despite what she was saying, Azusa was chomping down on a small piece of surume. She looked like a small animal nibbling on a nut.


–And, watching the series of exchanges as a brother and sister like that, Shiho suddenly squeezed my hand.

Her cheeks were swollen like a balloon.


“No cheating!”


“…… This is out too?”


We just went shopping and the conversation was normal for siblings, but in Shiho’s perception, it was classified as cheating.


“I mean, I wonder if Azusa-nyan is trying to show me how much of a sister she is by pretending to have the privilege of being a little sister to poke and prod Onii-chan ……. Wow, I could make Kotaro-kun lick my feet if I wanted too!”


“Why are you competing with me? Onii-chan, she’s kind of competing with Azusa!?”


“Look! There, there, there, there! I’ll turn to you again in a minute! That’s not fair……. Well, I can’t lose. Decided, Kotaro-kun? I’m your sister today, too. I’m going to show Azusa-nyan how different we are.”


“Why!? Hey, why is she making an enemy of Azusa!? Onii-chan doesn’t belong to Azusa, nor is he exclusive to her.”


….. Sorry, Azusa. 

Shiho is just a bit, affectionate, so yeah…… probably sees Azusa as a rival.


Well, as you can imagine, even I didn’t expect her to compete with my real sister for sisterhood.


Sorry, but you’re going to have to hang out with me for a bit.

I’m sure Shiho will be satisfied with a little bit of sisterly fun–