Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 67

Call Me “Onee-chan”?

“I’m home.”

I come home and take off my shoes.

“Welcome home.”

Then Shiho greeted me smiling.

…… Eh? Maybe I came to a wrong house???

“Ummm…. Surprise! I’m a sleepyhead at school, but when I play with Kotaro-kun, I always act five minutes early, which is very healthy. See, Kotaro-kun? You can like me even more.”

“She came …… not five minutes ago, but two hours ago. Onii-chan, she’s in my way. She ate Azusa’s snack without permission.”

…… No, I think about it calmly, this is still my house.

The proof was Azusa. She seems to have a grudge against Shiho and is patting her on the back.

Ah, I see. So that’s how it is.

Shiho gave up going to school because she overslept, but it seems she made it to my house.

And since she arrived early, it seems that Azusa, who had no choice but to stay at home, was taking care of her.

“Azusa-nyan, I, you know, …… thought of you, and I gave you a snack, didn’t I? Because if you eat sweets all the time, you’ll get fat. I had no choice, so I took in the calories for you, but can’t you even say thank you?”

“I don’t care if I get fat. I can’t do without sweets……, stop calling Azusa ‘Azusa-nyan’!”

“I don’t want to. Because it’s the same name as my favorite anime character. That girl was called Azusa too, so why not just call you Azusa-nyan? Why does it make you mad when it’s an honor?”

“Ugh …… Onii-chan, do something about her. She’ s your friend, isn’t she!? Take good care of her.”

….. And yet, the two of them have become good friends.

Shiho was in my house all summer vacation. And since Azusa was also home all the time after the incident with Ryuzaki, they naturally had more opportunities to see each other. As a result, Shiho became less shy and more friendly with Azusa.

Well, Azusa seems to be a little annoying, but it seems that two people of the same age somehow get along quite well. Shiho also seems to be very happy to have her first same-s*x friend and is persistently involved with her.

“I think you should learn to be a little more reserved, Shimotsuki-san. This is not only Onii-chan’s house, but also Azusa’s house, you know. So, show more respect to the homeowner! Pay more attention to Azusa!”

“Azusa-nyan? I already told you not to call me that. I feel so lonely……. Why don’t you feel free to call me ‘Onee-chan’? You might become my sister-in-law, so you need to start practicing now, okay?”

“I can’t call you “Onee-chan” casually. In the first place, we are classmates and Azusa’s birthday is earlier than yours, so if anything, I’m the one who should be called ‘Onee-chan’!”

Sorry to interrupt your friendly chatting, but I think it’s time for me to take off my shoes.

I couldn’t even go inside the house because of the two of them blocking the entrance.

“Ufufu. But Azusa-nyan is your sister role, isn’t she? Then I think I should be the Onee-chan…… Oh, and be careful not to spoil Kotaro-kun too much, okay? He is mine and mine alone, so I forbid even my sister to treat him casually.”

“It’s a pain in the a*s. Onii-chan, she’s very annoying! There’s a hint of yandere, and I feel like I shouldn’t get too friendly with this person!”

…..Sorry, Azusa. It’s too late.

Maybe I can’t stay away from Shiho anymore. Or rather, I feel like Shiho won’t let me go.

Not that we’re dating yet, and so far we’ve settled on being good friends. …… Still, Shiho’s restraint is amazing. I was in such a bad mood just because I accepted some coins from a female clerk at a convenience store.

“Mmmm. It’s not fair of you to immediately rely on Kotaro-kun like that. It’s not fair of you to make the most of your position as a younger sister……, but, well, you’re my younger sister too,……….. Well, I guess I can forgive you for that much, can’ t I?”

“Azusa is not relying on Onii-chan. Even now, I’m just complaining a little, it’s not like we’re close or anything.”

“Tsundere!? Kotaro-kun, I wonder if your sister has the tsundere attribute as well. This is not cute incarnate……. Okay, I get it. I lose. I’ll allow you to spoil Kotaro-kun for a little bit……. How open-minded am I, indeed? Does this make Kotaro-kun more likable again?”

No, it’s too narrow.

Shiho …… your heart is probably narrower than a teacup.

Because even though Azusa and I are siblings, we are reluctant to even have a normal conversation.

This girl is still heavy with love.

But, well, …… I may not be ready for that either, as I find that kind of thing cute…