Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 71

Leaving the Harem

–The next day, Azusa unusually went to school with me.


“Onii-chan, what should I do? …… I’m kind of nervous. I wonder if something is wrong with Azusa. Isn’t there something wrong with my hair?”


“……It looks like a Kokeshi doll, but that’s okay, isn’t it?”


In the end, I could not get rid of the image of being a zashiki child. I did my best to balance her hair, but I was no more skilled than that.


“Ugh …… you’re so bad at this!”


“Then why didn’t you go to a hairdresser? It’s your fault for leaving it up to me.”


“I mean, it was a hassle to go out ……”


It must have been a little over two months.

It seems that Azusa has become a perfect indoor person due to the adverse effects of being a shut-in.


“I’m not ‘Nakayama-kun’ when I’m out here? I thought I was disqualified from being an Onii-chan?”


“I’m sorry about that. I’m really sorry about that. Onii-chan …… whew!”


“Oh, I’m sorry. Don’t cry, I’m just kidding.”


I guess she really regrets it.

Well, at that time, she was forced to play the character of a subheroine that only the protagonist-sama could see. I feel like she’s going crazy, but I don’t blame her.


It’s not that Azusa has suddenly changed. She has always been this kind of sister.

However, I will interpret it in a good way as …… that she had become cold to the people around her …… because of the narrowing of her vision under the influence of the protagonist-sama …….


In fact, after she stopped being involved with Ryuzaki, Azusa’s horizons have broadened as if the poison had been drained out of her.

The fact that she has become friends with Shiho without disrespecting me is also a good thing.


“…… Okay. Onii-chan, thanks for coming to school with me. You gave me the courage to do it! Well, Azusa’s going ahead of you, okay?”


But we walked together only as far as the school gate.

From there, she waved at me and started running.


That part of her seemed to be another growth.

I’m sure she would have really wanted to be with me, and it would have been upsetting not to have a presence by her side to help her if something happened to her.


But instead of relying on me, she started going on her own.

That seems to be a statement of intent, in other words, ‘I can handle my own problems at school’.


As such, what I’m trying to say is that …… we don’t seem to have to worry too much about Ryuzaki’s case.


However, the most important thing to remember is that I should watch over Azusa as I always do.

With this in mind, I headed to the classroom late for Azusa.


And when I entered the classroom – at that time, Azusa was already in the middle of being involved in Ryuzaki’s story.


“Azusa!? I’m so glad you finally came to school……. I’ve been worried about you because you haven’t responded to my calls, okay? And by the way, you suddenly have a different haircut …… what’s going on?”


Ryuzaki welcomed Azusa as soon as she arrived.

Next to him, Mary, a new character, is also there.


“OH! KOKESHI! Cute! Nihihihi, this girl might be good.”


She seemed to like Azusa very much, who now looks just like a kokeshi doll. She hugs her lovingly.

On the other hand, Azusa, who was hugged by a stranger, was a little confused.


“Hi, it’s been a while. I was just resting because I wasn’t feeling well, so I’m fine …… now. Who is it? Huh?”


“I’m Mary♪, a new student who transferred yesterday. Feel free to call me Mary Onee-chan.”


“……Oh, I don’t want a Onee-chan.”


Apparently Shiho has made Azusa allergic to Onee-chan. She blatantly dislikes Mary’s offer.


“Iyan~. Even when she’s tsun-tsun, she’s so cute.”


Such Azusa must have been attractive. Mary-san was melting.


Then, Mary-san’s voluptuous b*****s were crushed against Azusa. Seeing this, Ryuzaki’s nose was stretched out.

It seems that Ryoma Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy has already started.


Ryuzaki had been in low spirits lately, but perhaps due to Mary’s influence, he was returning to his usual self.

The protagonist, who has become a little more active, is also very active with Azusa.


“Are you feeling all right now? Damn, you had me worried there……. Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better! Come over to my house again and let’s have dinner together!”


Soon, Azusa is about to get involved in Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy again.

Although she has been rejected before, …… however, Azusa is in a more advantageous position than the other harem members in that she has confessed her feelings.


Ryuzaki must also like Azusa for confessing to him. As proof of this, Azusa’s seat, which has been dormant for a long time, is still right next to Ryuzaki’s.


Just the other day, when Mary asked to sit next to Ryuzaki, he asked Kirari, not Azusa, to move out of the way. He must have such strong feelings for Azusa.


But …… Azusa is no longer the same Azusa that Ryuzaki knows and loves.


“Oh, by the way, Mary-chan is in this seat. …… Azusa is over here, right? If so, what about Kirari-chan?”


She had a broader perspective on things, after all.

She is firmly aware that Kirari’s seat is not there.


“Oh, about that. Mary just transferred to a new school, so she’s going to need a lot of help, right? I’m supposed to take that role, so I’m sorry Kirari had to switch seats for a bit.”


Of course, Ryuzaki, who sees nothing wrong with that, explains it matter-of-factly.

But for Azusa, who was a subheroine, she must have realized how cruel that was.


“…… Kirari-chan, you look sad.”



Azusa looked at Kirari with a pained expression as she pretended not to hear her from a seat away.


“Eh? Excuse me?”


Well, the deaf and insensitive protagonist did not hear such words.




Azusa also seemed to understand that talking to Ryuzaki was not going to get her anywhere.

She ended the conversation early and headed toward Kirari, who was at a distance.


Then she said something like this


“Let’s trade seats. Azusa is more comfortable in the back, may we?”


The proposal was clearly not in Azusa’s favor.

If the seats are moved away from each other here, the advantage of being in an advantageous position in the Ryuzaki harem will not be demonstrated. Even though the protagonist-sama had gone to the trouble of caring for her, Azusa was about to give up that weapon herself.


“…… Eh?”


Kirari is also taken aback, as if bewildered.

That is understandable. Because what she just said was …… like Azusa was trying to get out of the harem.


(I see. Azusa has already made up her mind……)


I’ve always wondered what she would do, though.

After her failed confession, Azusa seems to have decided …… to stop being a convenient heroine for Ryuzaki.