Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 72

Out of the Story

Azusa is about to give up her seat to Kirari, who has lost her seat to Mary.

A mere seat, you might think – an exaggeration.

But in romantic comedy, a seat is very important. Especially for heroines in harem romantic comedies, it is more advantageous to be as close to the protagonist as possible, so it is only natural that they should be seated next to each other.

After all, the more heroines there are, the fewer appearances they make. In order to make your presence felt, the difference between winning and losing depends on how well you can interact with the protagonist in casual, everyday situations.

So, in a sense, the “seat change” is a battle for the girls.

“Azusa. Did you feel sorry for me? Then don’t do it……. It will make me more miserable than I already am.”

Kirari seems to be so frustrated at being so far from her seat that she can’t honestly accept the suggestion. Clearly, she rejects it.

“………… Ah.”

Azusa, timid at heart, was put off by these strong emotions.

She looks at me as if asking for help.

I can’t help her blatantly at school, though.

But, well…… it would be nice if I could just move around a bit and approach Azusa.

I don’t …… do anything, but I can just be there for her.

With that excuse, I casually approached Azusa and Kirari. Since I was originally a mob character, my presence was quite small. Kirari, Ryuzaki, and Mary didn’t seem to mind my moving around.

That is very convenient.

(Keep up the good work!)

I give a shout out in my heart.

“…… Phew.”

Perhaps she got the message, Azusa glanced at me and relaxed her tense expression.

One deep breath in between. Then she looked at Kirari again and continued her words, defeated.

“It’s not pity. You know that …… Azusa confessed her feelings, right?”

Azusa’s voice is so quiet that only Kirari can hear her.

Thanks to her proximity, I can hear her, but Mary and Ryuzaki, who are a little further away, probably can’t.

“….. I know, in case you’re wondering.”

“Then you know I was dumped, right?”

“Ummm, yeah…… what the hell? What’s your point?”

Azusa is no longer timid.

Rather, Kirari looked more puzzled and strong-willed.

“So it’s a little awkward for me to be in that seat, …… Azusa no longer bothers you ……? We promised to fight fair and square, but …… I can’t do my best anymore.”

Azusa laughs with a powerless smile.

With those words, Kirari finally understood what she was trying to say.

“Wait, that’s …… really okay!? It would be a waste to give up just because of one failed attempt after working so hard until now! Azu-chan, …… can you be satisfied with such an outcome?”

The subheroines have a bond with each other because they have been warriors who have fought each other all their lives.

That is why Kirari looked more frustrated than before. No, she looked angry.

Kirari’s emotional voice, unlike Azusa’s, echoed loudly in the classroom.

“Hey, what’s going on!? Hey, Kirari …… Azusa is sick, so don’t be too hard on her.”

The words sounded as if they were fighting, and Ryuzaki immediately interrupted to intercede.

But even so, Kirari seems to be unable to stop.

“Shut up! Ryu-kun, shut up.”

Kirari is so sad for Azusa that she yells at her beloved Ryuzaki.

“Azu-chan, …… I’m going to ask you one more time, are you sure you want to do this? Does this mean you’re satisfied?”

It’s as if …… Azusa has a future self to lament over.

Kirari looked sad.

But Azusa’s answer did not change.

“Yes. It’s okay …… Kirari-chan, hang in there. I can’t share your feelings anymore, but I’ll be rooting for you.”


Kirari suddenly looks like she is about to cry at the healthy yell.

But it was only for a moment.

“…… Right. Then, I’ll be grateful and ask you to give up your seat. Thank you, Azu-chan, …… I’ll do my best. I’m not going to end up like you.”

This time, in a quiet voice.

After replying in a volume that was just loud enough to reach Ryuzaki, Kirari took her luggage and headed for Azusa’s seat.

“Yeah…… sorry.”

At her back, Azusa was laughing and apologizing with a sad face, but Kirari did not look back anymore.

“Oh, hey! Kirari, what were you talking about? Your voice was so low, I couldn’t really hear you…….”

And the hard-of-hearing protagonist apparently couldn’t hear what was being said, as he should have.

I had to strain my ears …… No, I just had to concentrate a little and I could have heard him, even though his voice was loud enough to be audible.

That’s why you’re no good.

(Damn …… you’re getting on my nerves.)

In my mind, my language spills out.

The arrogant way of easily stepping on the feelings of the girls who so plainly tell you how much they love you is terribly offensive.

Now, the heroine who loved you just got off the stage, you know?

They’ve already given up on being happy in your romantic comedy and walked out of the story.

And yet, to be able to say that he doesn’t notice because he is insensitive is …… really arrogant of you, protagonist-sama…….

I really think so.

I hate this guy after all.