Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 73

What’s Serious? I like cereal, don’t you?

Thus, one girl left the harem members.

Will this be the first retiree in Ryoma Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy?




Azusa is sitting at the very back by the window – the so-called protagonist’s seat – and looks downcast and depressed.

She was trying her best to talk back to Kirari earlier, but she must be tired now.


Good job …… Azusa did a great job.

I agree wholeheartedly. If I could, I would call out to him and help him. But if I talk to Azusa here, she will be conscious of Ryuzaki.


Since the incident at the overnight learning program, he never speaks to me, but he has become blatantly conscious of me. When I suddenly notice him, he is staring at me, and to be honest, it is uncomfortable.


Right now, the person Azusa most does not want to be seen by me is probably Ryuzaki himself.

So all I could do was watch from a little distance.


“Hey, Kirari ……, what were you talking with Azusa about…?”


“It’s nothing. It’s none of Ryu-kun’s business.”


“Oh my, …… I would have loved to play more with Kokeshi-chan.”


“What? You’re not satisfied with me?”


…… Well, Ryuzaki’s group is a little rough around the edges, so Azusa will probably be fine.

With that in mind, I returned to my seat.


But I still couldn’t help but be concerned about the depressed Azusa.

Just then, it was time.


“Oh, good morning.”


Suddenly, I received a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was Shiho, who had arrived at school just in time to be late.


She was probably worried about the way her classmates were looking at her, since it had been a long time since she had been to school……. She is acting suspiciously and is not speaking properly.


She was still the same shy, pompous girl.

She was in such a good mood at my house, but it is a huge gap.


“Sleepy, sleepy, quiet.”


Hmmm…I see.


[“I didn’t oversleep, isn’t that great?”]


Translated, it would probably be something like this.


“…… How did you manage to get up? Shiho is so awesome.”


She seemed to want praise, so I sent her a word of praise, and immediately she was in a good mood.


“Ufufu ♪”


Putting her hand over her mouth and smiling elegantly, she sat down.

The corner on the corridor side is already becoming her permanent position.


It seems that Suzuki-sensei had appreciated Shiho’s work in creating the raffle for the seat change, and she continues to do so now. Since then, she has been cheating all around. The fact that we have been in the same seat since June, next to each other, and separated from Ryuzaki is the result of Shiho’s deviousness, not luck.

This deviousness is also her charm. Shiho is as cute as ever.




She talked to me for a bit and …… no, I didn’t talk to her, but apparently Shiho’s awkwardness has eased somewhat because of the communication. She was able to speak properly in my ear.


“I’m a Onee-chan, I’m going to go say hi to my sister.”


After uttering the words with a damp breath, Shiho gets up from her seat and goes to Azusa.





Oh, she fell down. Now she looks at me with tears in her eyes. No, I can’t help it if they see me. …… I wonder if I should do something. I made a clenched fist to encourage her to do her best for now, and Shiho gave a small nod and stood up again. I felt like I was cheering for a toddler walking for the first time.


–Shiho is a special child after all.


I really feel that way when I look at her.

Because, although a serious air was prevailing until a while ago, a comical wind was flowing in after her arrival.


It was as if the dark sky had somehow become brighter.

I feel such a dazzling morning glow from Shiho.


And it seemed to warm even Azusa’s cold heart.


“Wait, what? What a sudden earful. …… What? Good morning? That’s it? Not that there is anything else I want to talk about. …… No, I don’t. It’s not like I want to spoil you or anything! I mean, you’re not a Onee-chan, Shimotsuki-san!”


Azusa, who had been depressed, cheerfully raises her voice.

Her face looked somewhat disgusted, but …… it was so much brighter than the depressed expression she had earlier.


I get it. Azusa must feel very saved by Shiho now.


I used to be depressed all the time. I hated myself as a mob character and kept looking down.


Shiho was there for me at that time. She talked to me a lot and shared her energy with me.


It was a few months ago, but I haven’t forgotten the feelings I had at that time.

Shiho breaks the serious mood. Whenever I talk to her, my mind becomes more positive.


So I am sure Azusa will be fine too.


(Thank you, Shiho ……)


In my heart, I send my thanks.

You cheered up Azusa and made me feel better.


How could she be such a good girl?

There is no way a sane upbringing could have led to such a lovely human being.


Where did Shiho Shimotsuki’s charm come from?

I was a little curious about that, too.