Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 77

Why She Doesn’t Know She’s the Main Heroine

-Finally, I learned the reason why Shiho Shimotsuki is “special”.

Her parents were special, and Shiho was greatly influenced by them.

….That reminds me of something Shiho said to me a long time ago.

[“I’m a very boring person in front of Ryuzaki-kun, but I think it’s a little funny of him to talk to me like that. What’s so good about this girl who is so unsociable and doesn’t talk much? Is it her face? Then why didn’t he thank my mom and dad for giving me the genes, instead of me?”]

Looking back, I guess this was the solution.

Shiho’s attractiveness is strongly influenced by her father and mother.

I had always wondered.

Shiho is so cute, but she doesn’t boast about it. No, she understands that she is cute, but I get the feeling that she doesn’t consider it her strong point.

Likewise, she didn’t care about that at all, even though she is a special main heroine.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a ‘given’.

She didn’t get it through hard work. She was just born with it, so she probably wouldn’t be very happy if someone complimented her on it.

No matter how ‘cute’ Ryuzaki thinks she is, it’s because of her father and mother, so it’s not like she’s getting recognition for it.

She doesn’t feel as if she is loved by the protagonist, because she didn’t want to be the main heroine.

If that’s the way I’m thinking – it kind of makes sense that Shiho chose me.

The friend, Kotaro Nakayama, is a ‘friend’ she has acquired with her own hands.

Regardless of factors such as facial attractiveness or the fact that she is the main heroine, I became her friend.

I think that made me “special” to Shiho.

(Shiho must have grown up to be such a nice girl because her wonderful parents gave her lots of love and affection.)

I felt I understood one more thing about Shiho.

Her charm attracted me even more.

[“Do you want to know more about me? You’re going to love me more and more, okay?”]

Once, when I tried to confess my feelings, she told me that she didn’t want to be lighthearted.

I’ve been with Shiho ever since, but as …… she wanted me to, I’ve been loving her more and more.

The story is still monotonous, though.

In a normal romantic comedy, there would have been a clash between Shiho’s parents and me, but Shimotsuki’s parents accepted me kindly.

Thanks to that, my conflicted moments never came at all.

The romantic comedy with Shiho continued to be a happy affair.

“Oh, Kotaro-kun! Sorry I’m late, okay? You know what, I helped with the dishes today, too, right? I asked my mom to help me and I did my best, so eat a lot, okay? Or do you want me to feed you? I’m going to ‘Ahhh’ you just like Mom does to Dad, okay?”

…… See, this is how she still does it now, giving me a nice smile…….

While I was talking with Itsuki-san in the living room, Shiho finally came to me after all the preparations.

“Oh? Were you talking to my dad? Ummm, isn’t my dad wonderful? Oh, did you talk to Mom, too? My mom is a little shy, so she gets nervous when she meets new people. So, please tolerate her, okay?”

…… No, she wasn’t any clunkier than Shiho, though……

I did get the impression that she was fearful when I first met her, but her expression softened a lot after she joined with Itsuki-san. Satsuki is a genuine main heroine, so she will inevitably not be able to be her usual self except in front of her main character, and I don’t blame her.

“Shiho is right that you two are very nice people.”

When I honestly told them this, Shiho’s cheeks immediately relaxed.

With a big smile on her face, she jumped up and down happily.

“Yes! Ehehe~!”

Shiho is as pleased as if it were her own to receive compliments about her parents.

She was still cute, after all–she was such a sweetheart.