Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 78

A Disturbing Shadow

In no time at all, mealtime was over.

Time at the Shimotsuki household was very warm and kind.

I felt as if I had not felt a “family gathering” in a long time.

My parents are workaholics, so they are not as interested in raising children as the Shimotsukis are. They are currently on a business trip overseas, leaving me and Azusa behind.

They do the bare minimum for us, and we have never had any financial difficulties, so I am grateful to them. But I would be lying if I said I don’t feel lonely sometimes.

(Maybe I should bring Azusa with me next time.)

I would love for her to come. I am sure Itsuki and Satsuki would accept Azusa kindly.

–I was thinking about that as I headed back home.

After saying goodbye to Shiho and her parents, I was walking alone in the night.

The time was 8:30 p.m. Since it was a little late, Satsuki offered to drive me home, but I declined.

I felt like walking.


I take a breath and inhale the slightly cooler air. I cooled my burning body and caught my breath.

September. It is almost the time for autumn to arrive. It used to be hot even at this time of the day not long ago, but recently it has become more comfortable.

The temperature is just right for relaxing without thinking about anything.

So I walked around in a daze. Well, it’s not a big distance since I only have to walk to the bus stop. I soon arrived at the nearest bus stop and sat down on a bench to wait.

–And just then, I saw something.


A black limousine, looking very expensive, slowly passed in front of me.

The car looked out of place in the quiet residential area. I had only seen them on TV, so I was looking at it, thinking how amazing it was. ……About ten meters ahead, the limousine stopped.

Then a man in a suit comes out of the driver’s seat. He was a classy-looking old man who opened the back passenger door with a relaxed gesture.

And out of it came a beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl.


I was struck by the Western-style beauty, with her well-built body and striking aura of cleverness.

There is no doubt about it. She was Mary, the new heroine.

I never expected to meet her.

“Hello♪… What a coincidence on a night like this, right?”

And she was talking to me.

“Eh? Ummm…..”

The unexpected event makes me falter in my response.

Because I have no contact with her. We have never exchanged a single word at school, but she suddenly spoke to me….. It is natural to be surprised.

Seeing me like that, Mary laughed.’

“Oh, no? Is it that surprising that I spoke to you? Or are you surprised because you didn’t think …… I recognized your existence? But we’re classmates, so isn’t it obvious that I should at least remember your name and face?”

Mary, who shrugged her shoulders, looked a little different than she did when she was in front of …… Ryuzaki.

She looks a lot more innocent when she’s in contact with that guy. She exudes a “foreign girl’s” air of generosity and innocence, but she didn’t look so much like that now.

“And …… I’ve been wondering about you. ……. Hey, Kotaro?”

Name, called.

The new heroine, who had quickly appeared as the new heroine and is currently the closest to the protagonist, recognizes my presence.

That was very eerie.

“I’m just saying, since we’re here, why don’t I give you a ride? I’ll drop you off?”

–I knew that Ryuzaki’s story would not leave me alone.

The new heroine’s forceful appearance and her implied lines made me sigh.

I really don’t want to be with her, but I’m sure ……the story won’t let me.

I’ve been the villain for Ryoma Ryuzaki ever since the overnight learning program incident.