Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 86

What Main Heroines Have That Sub-Heroines Don’t

“The food was really good. Next time, let’s go with Azusa, too, shall we? Shiho’s parents are nice people, so you don’t have to be too shy.”

“I’m not shy. I’m not Shimotsuki-san!”

She is trying to fight back, but this girl has a tendency to act like a shy cat outside of the house.

Of course, not as shy as Shiho, but I think it would be classified as shy.


What was that?

I think I heard some kind of shutter clicking sound.

“Azusa, what did you do?”

When I asked her out of curiosity, she answered while fiddling with her phone.

“She requested a picture of Onii-chan in return for a picture of her cooking, so I was taking one.”

“…….Have you got my permission?”

“What? You don’t want it?”

No, I wouldn’t have refused if you’d told me, but …… I’m kind of baffled.

“Huh. Onii-chan’s pictures keep piling up in my folder. ……Shimotsuki-san, why do you love Onii-chan so much? She begs me every day, and it’s a little annoying.”

“Well, you took pictures of me every day ……?”

And I was surprised there, too, that they exchanged messages every day.

I knew they were good friends.

“She’s so sulky. If Azusa ignored her messages, she would send me long messages, you know? And she’d say things like, ‘I’m so happy that you’re the first person other than my parents to register my contact information, so don’t ignore me.’ …… Her love is too heavy for Azusa to bear.”

I couldn’t help but loosen my cheeks at their interactions.

The filthy exchange I had just had with Mary-san is being purged away.

Shiho makes me smile even when she is not here.

Maybe that’s what the main heroine has and the subheroine doesn’t.

Whether she is present or not, she has an overwhelming presence.

Even if she does nothing, she influences the hearts of others.

Like Mary, you can’t change others with flimsy words.

But Shiho can.

Because she is ‘special’.

“…… Onii-chan, why don’t you get a smartphone soon? You’re her friend, so she should take good care of you.”

“A smartphone, huh? …… Hmmm, what should I do?”

I didn’t have one because I didn’t have anyone I could contact before.

Shiho also told me to ‘buy it soon,’ so I might as well get it ready.

“You’re going to be using it a lot in the future anyway, so you might as well get it as soon as possible. …… haha. Azusa wonders if Shimotsuki-san will be bothering you for a long time to come.”

And you’re not honest, even though you’re somehow feeling satisfied.

But, well, yeah. I was convinced that I will use it a lot in the future.

Because I’m sure I’ll get to know Shiho better and better in the future.

“Hey, Onii-chan? Is Shimotsuki-san really going to be an Onee-chan? If possible, I’d like a more mature Onee-chan.”

……I’m not sure about that.

I’m not mature enough to think that far into the future yet.

If …… I and Shiho were to be together forever.

Maybe then, she will be the real “Onee-chan” for Azusa…