Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 87

Preferring the Hero’s Colors

And so Mary Parker goes into the dark. Calling herself a creator, she had a lot of things in place to create the story she wanted.


A week has passed since she spoke with me in the limousine.

By this time, she had already firmly earned her position as the heroine closest to Ryuzaki.


“G’morning, Ryoma! I’ll give you a good morning hug!”


“Hey, hey, ……, I guessed …… right.”


“You guessed right!”


In the morning, as soon as she arrived at school, she started flirting with Ryuzaki. She was taking advantage of her own blessed body to sprinkle a bit of romantic appeal on him.


“Uhehe …… well, that’s fine. Oh dear, this is a Western greeting, so I had no choice. Yeah, I’m irresistible, aren’t I!”


“C’mon, Ryoma’s ecchi~!”


She calls herself a great actor, and she’s quite a good one.

She was blatantly pushing her b*****s against the protagonist-sama, making him delirious. It is a common service scene, but when she does it with her fleshy body, it also has a strong effect.


Perhaps, in terms of b****t size, she may be even bigger than Yuzuki. Such is Mary’s s*x appeal, and Ryuzaki was stretching his nose.


What’s so good about that ……?

I don’t really understand it for mob characters. To begin with, I have never lusted after another person, so perhaps I am missing something as a living being?


It makes me somewhat uneasy. In the morning, while idly watching Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy from my seat, I thought about my nature.


I know whether a woman is cute or not, but whether she is …… e****c or not is another matter.


I let my thoughts run through my head.

I’m not excited about Mary’s or Yuzuki’s b*****s. On the other hand, I don’t think much of Azusa’s b*****s, which are relatively small. Then, when I think of Kirari’s b*****s, which are somewhere in the middle, I still don’t think anything of them.


Is it not a matter of size?

For example, how about …… Shiho’s b*****s, then?


“………… Huh~!?”


I try to imagine. But suddenly my head got hot and I couldn’t think of anything else.

Oh, no. I felt like my brain would probably explode if I imagined any more.


Well, I guess this is what it means.

Shiho may be really special to me.


(I see. Ryuzaki can have the same feelings for all girls that I have for Shiho.)


The protagonist seems to be quite greedy.

Well, there is a saying, ‘I prefer a hero’s color’ and in a sense, it may be similar to the fate of the protagonist.


Nevertheless, I would still have to say that Mary is still a masterful actor, having made a rapid approach to Ryuzaki in only a short period of time, just one week.


Because she has surpassed Yuzuki and Kirari, who are in a relatively dominant position among the harem members.


In just one week, she has surpassed the two who met at the entrance ceremony and have been standing next to Ryuzaki ever since. She is now a strong candidate to be a regular heroine.


She is in a position similar to that of Shiho in the previous installment.

I guess we can say that she is right in line with the plot.


“HAHAHA! Ryoma, shall I give you a kiss? It’s just another greeting, so don’t be shy, okay?”


“That’s a little ……, but thank you. I’m very happy that we’re such good friends.”


“… I’m not really in love with Ryoma, you know!”


–I was surprised that Ryuzaki is doing so well.

He had been so depressed since the overnight learning program.


No matter how much Yuzuki, Kirari, and the rest of the harem members encouraged him, he remained depressed.


But thanks to Mary, he is now completely back to normal.


(Perhaps Ryuzaki is comparing Shiho to Mary?)


Their personalities and appearances are completely different, though.

In terms of presence alone, they are in close proximity. Shiho is much more dominant in terms of magnitude, but Mary also has her own unique atmosphere.


I felt that Ryuzaki was overlapping Shiho’s aspects with Mary’s inhuman charm.


That is probably why Ryuzaki is happy to be acknowledged by her. In truth, Mary-san is doing what he wanted Shiho to say or do.


(…… Ewww…)


That said, I wonder what kind of face Ryuzaki will make when he finds out it was an act?

Maybe he will experience a sense of despair that he can’t bear.


…… Well, I don’t like that guy, so I don’t feel sorry for him.

If he were a normal protagonist, he would probably just break down and never get up again.


That’s why I’m interested.

Is Ryuzaki’s character as a protagonist really normal, …… or abnormal?


And can he break up Mary’s fantasy of a rogue romantic comedy?

I was a little concerned about that part — a little bit.