Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 88

The Event of the Year

And so, the daily routine part continues.

Even in Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy, Mary’s introduction seems to be over to some extent. If we think in terms of origins and endings, we are now about at the beginning of the “succeeding” clause, right?


It’s about time to start the preliminary preparations for the “turning” clause.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes. Well then, everyone, it’s time to start preparing for the festival~!”


Today, the entire afternoon class was LHR.

The first discussion for the festival to be held in mid-October is said to be taking place.


“You can do whatever you want as long as you keep moderation in mind, so think what you want, okay? Then, I think I’ll leave the rest of the proceedings to the class president~? Niou-san, I’ll leave the rest to you~.”


“……Yes, I understand.”


At Suzuki-sensei’s words, the class president, Futako Niou, stands at the lectern.


The class president, whose trademark is her glasses and pigtails, began without hesitation.


“Then, those who have any ideas, please raise your hands.”


“Yes, yes, yes!”


And the first to raise her hand was Mary.


“I think a maid cafe is a good idea! If we entertain our customers with several maids, I’m sure they will pay us well. In return, if we charge extra for drinks as part of the entertainment fee, we can make a lot of money!”


“No, I reject that idea. The most important thing to remember is that it’s not a maid cafe, but a bar. Please maintain moderation as a high school student.”


“OH……I understand!!”


“Please don’t use that language, either. Also, isn’t it a little strange for you, a woman, to mention that?”



Part of the exchange was unclear, but anyway, the maid cafe seemed to be rejected.


“Is there anything else?”


“Yes, yes, yes!”


“…. Are you the only one in this class? I appreciate all your suggestions, but …… you should learn to be a little more reserved.”


Mary is very energetic.

She is always cheerful at school, but she seems especially energetic now.


“It’s because I’m looking forward to the festival! You see, I love it~!”


….. Is that really true?

Knowing that she has a dark side, I could not honestly accept her words.


But Niou-san, the president, who has no idea what her other side is, seems to have believed her words.


“Hmm. …… I see. Well then, I stand corrected. Shall we work hard to make the festival a wonderful memory for Mary Parker?”


— With these words, the classmates who seemed to have been less than enthusiastic all at once looked at each other. The majority of them, who had thought it was none of their business, were probably inspired by Mary’s cheerfulness.


Ah, so that’s what she’s trying to do. …… She may be trying to make the festival an ‘event’ of the story.


So, because she inevitably needs the cooperation of her classmates to do so, she dared to choose words that would inspire.


She calls herself a creator, so she is quite a schemer.


“Then again, do you have any suggestions……?”


Niou’s question brought up a number of hands, not only Mary’s this time. The members of the class, their morale raised, were ready to work as one for the festival.


Then, a number of ideas were raised.

Restaurant, cinema, haunted house, maze, fortune-telling, etc……. The ideas were narrowed down by majority vote.


Finally, the final choice was…



“Well, then, it’s decided. The second class of the first year will be doing a “play” this time. I ask for everyone’s cooperation.”


With Niou-san’s words, the big event of the year was decided.


(Theater, or ……)


I don’t know. I have a bad feeling about this.

No, calm down. I’m just a mob character. …… If I think about it normally, I should be assigned to a behind-the-scenes job.


I’m not optimistic enough to think that I’ll be okay because I’m sure I’ll be pushed into a low-profile position.


(Mary’s going to try something, isn’t she?)


Though we have never spoken since our conversation in the limousine.

I’m sure she’ll bring me into the picture soon.


I am the villain and the antagonist in Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy.

Using this conflict structure, Mary is trying to create a romantic comedy of sorts.


How could she not take advantage of the big event that is the cultural festival…..