Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 94

Kirari Asakura

After holding hands with Shiho at the park.


Shiho unusually decided not to come to my house today because she was tired and wanted to sleep at home. Since the timing was so opportune, I decided to sign up for a smart phone contract and came to a nearby shopping mall where there was a specialized store.


However, I didn’t think I would be able to sign the contract since my parents were not there, but I thought I would talk to the clerk beforehand.


My and Azusa’s parents are very busy people. I think they would be present if I asked them to, but I can’t hold them up for a long time. Therefore, I wanted to prepare in advance so that the contract could be signed in as little time as possible.


“… I see. I don’t know.”


But I don’t know. No, I could understand the details of the contract, but I really didn’t know which model would be good for me.


In the end, I spent a meaningless time just listening to the explanation from the clerk.


Maybe I should not have come here alone.

Should I ask Shiho and Azusa to come over this time? Those two are often poking around on their phones and probably know a lot about them.


That’s why I was going to leave right away, but …… I suddenly remembered that I was going to play the main character ……, and I stopped in my tracks.


(Should I at least know the story?)


I saw the movie when I was a little kid, so I kind of know what it’s about. But come to think of it, I’ve never seen that story in written form.

Since I was supposed to play the main role, I should at least know the details of the story.


I thought better of it and headed for the bookstore as soon as possible.

At times like this, shopping malls with a variety of stores are convenient. You can get various things done at the same time. …… Oh, I also remembered that Azusa had said, ‘Get me something sweet to eat’. Maybe buy some doughnuts or something.


I searched for the book with a lot of thoughts in my head.

Beauty and the Beast is a famous story, but all I could find were picture books adapted for children.


I had no choice, but it was okay. It would be better to have a picture book than not to have a book at all. …… And Shiho might be able to understand the story better if she had a picture book.


And I was in the middle of it, picking up a picture book and heading for the cash register.




I bumped into a familiar face.

The encounter may have been convenient in a way.


She has been a little bit absent from the story because of my lack of involvement with her, but she has an important position in the story.


So, by digging deeper into her character here, I can make it easier to use her in future developments.


“That’s very unusual of you, isn’t it, Ko-kun?”


I was a little surprised when she spoke to me in a friendly manner.

She had been my friend in the past, and her attitude was friendly, as if we were still friends.


But I couldn’t talk to her like I used to.


“Oh, yeah……, it’s been a long time, Kirari.”


–How many months it has been since we have spoken to each other?

Perhaps it’s no wonder that I felt awkward talking to her for the first time since the entrance ceremony.


Kirari was laughing at me.


“Huh? We see each other every day at school. What are you talking about? Nyahaha!”


Kirari is a gal-like girl with dyed blond hair and blue colored contacts. Her school uniform is also loosely worn, and I noticed that it shows a little of her cleavage.


When I see her like that, I can’t help but remember the past.

Until junior high school, she had black hair. And she tied it in a bun on top of her head and wore glasses. She was a neat and tidy girl who wore her school uniform properly, but now …… there is no more trace of her.


I saw the girl in front of me, the girl I once thought was my best friend.

But for the life of me, I couldn’t believe that the girl of the past and the girl of the present were the same person…