Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Interlude Short Story 3

It’s a bit early to talk about a certain future daily life (romantic comedy) Part 3

–What do I have to become in order to live a happy everyday life with Kotaro-kun?

Shiho pondered.

Her brain was about to melt from emotions sweeter than sugar candy, but she decided to take the opportunity to think about her future.

” It was not “p*mp” … If I became a housewife, would I be able to be with Kotaro-kun all the time?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I’d have to work Shiho’s share, so we might not have as much time to spend together.”

” But you are going to be a writer for a travel magazine, aren’t you? Can’t you work from home?”

She had heard about Kotaro’s goals for the future.

He confided in Shiho when he graduated from high school that he wanted to become a travel writer.

“I would like to do so when I reach a level where I can take on work as an independent contractor, but I plan to get a proper job first. … I’m planning to work for a company first, gain some credibility, and then go out on my own.”

“I see, I see.”

Shiho was almost enraptured by Kotaro, who was thinking about the future more properly than she had expected. She restrained herself and focused her attention on the future for now.

“So that means you’ll be going abroad a lot after you graduate from college,… which means you won’t be able to stay at home much!”

And Shiho was astonished at the truth she finally realized.

“If that’s the case, it doesn’t make sense for me to be a p*mp. If I don’t have Kotaro-kun, I’d rather work.”

For her, the most important thing was “Kotaro”.

In other words, she does not “not want” to work.

“Okay, good! In that case, I’ll work with Kotaro-kun, too! If we both do the same job, we can be together forever. … Wow, maybe I’m a genius?”

“Calm down. We could work together, but we can’t both write articles about the same place, so … maybe there will be a lot of crossing paths?”

“…That’s for sure!”

In what way could she spend a long time with Kotaro?

For this reason, Shiho worked hard to exercise her brain.

“Mmmm …! Kotaro-kun flies on airplanes, so maybe I could be a cabin attendant? No, but it’s not always possible to go to the same place, and I wouldn’t be able to be a flight attendant in the first place. …Maybe I could be a baggage handler for Kotaro-kun? I’m not sure I’d be able to do that. In other words, what I should be is – Kotaro-kun’s maid!?”

Kotaro’s cheeks remained loose throughout the conversation, reflecting the genius-like outlandish idea.

He seemed to enjoy even this exchange very much.

“If the maid’s salary comes out of my wallet, wouldn’t it be okay if you were a housewife instead of a maid?”


Shiho, who had honestly accepted even the second argument, put her hand on her chin in distress again.

As Kotaro looked at her, he muttered something, as if offering a helping hand.

“I think pictures are very important for travel articles, don’t you?”

” Yes, that’s right… Oh, I get it! That means I should be a photographer!?”

” Though, it’s a magazine article, so unless it’s for a … brochure or some other proper documentation, I’m sure the writer will basically take the pictures.”

It costs money to go overseas.

The number of people going would be kept to a minimum to avoid unnecessary personnel costs.

“But as for the people who will be photographed, it doesn’t matter who they are. The subject should be a beautiful person.”

In fact, Kotaro was thinking about Shiho’s future.

Her will would not be bound. But that didn’t mean he was going to ignore Shiho’s future.

What she really wanted to do was “to be by Kotaro’s side”.

She did not know what she wanted to do for that purpose – Kotaro had anticipated such a situation.

Just as Shiho knew everything about Kotaro.

Kotaro knew everything about Shiho.

“Shiho, how about becoming a model for a magazine?”

Saying so, Kotaro took out a magazine from his bag.

It was a major travel magazine that everyone had heard of, and it was also a company that Kotaro’s mother had introduced him to…

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