Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Interlude Short Story 4

It’s a bit early to talk about a certain future daily life (romantic comedy) Part 4

–Why in the world would he seek a job in the same industry as his mother, whom he had never been good with?

Why did he ask his mother, whom he did not respect in the slightest, to introduce him to a company that published a magazine?

It was all for the sake of their future.

If they lived their lives normally, they would inevitably not be able to grasp a future where the two of them “stay together forever”.

That was why Kotaro turned to his mother.

He wanted to become a travel writer because it would be easy for him to move around the world using his mother’s connections. His mother, who ran a travel agency, had a lot to gain if Kotaro became a top writer.

Perhaps because of their unusually mutual interests, his mother was also supportive of Kotaro.

She even introduced Kotaro to employment opportunities and modeling agencies if he so desired. Moreover, it was his mother who advised him to learn several foreign languages in addition to English in order to become a travel writer. For this purpose, she recommended a university with a strong foreign language program, which Kotaro was currently attending.

For his part, he was surprised because he didn’t expect her to help him so much, … but he decided to take advantage of everything available to him for a happy future with Shiho.

So now he proposed to Shiho to “become a magazine model”.

“Model, huh…”

Looking at the glamorous models on the cover of the magazine, Shiho closed her eyes thoughtfully.

To be honest, Shiho was not attracted to the “modeling” profession.

To begin with, she hated standing out. When she was in high school, she was the kind of girl who would not be able to dress up freely just because she felt other people’s eyes on her.

Although her shyness had eased since meeting Kotaro, … she still didn’t want to go out in public by herself.


“I’d like to write articles about foreign countries with Shiho as my model. Then we can go abroad together,… and even if we become independent and it’s just the two of us, I don’t think there will be any interruption in work.”

Shiho felt her vision was expanding as she looked at the blueprint of her life that Kotaro had laid out for her.

“If I become a model, will I be able to help you, Kotaro?”

“That, of course. Rather, Shiho’s power is too strong.”

If it was for Kotaro’s sake.

Even things she wasn’t good at, she might be willing to take on the challenge – that’s what she thought.

“Well, erm…Honestly, I just want to go abroad with Shiho, not that I really want you to do this.”

But this was not a mandate.

This was one answer that Kotaro arrived at after thinking about the future in his own way.

Shiho’s interpersonal skills were not good enough for a regular job, and she would probably suffer a lot. It would be safer for her to stay at home, but then they would not be able to see each other while Kotaro was working. He came up with this proposal to solve that problem.

Just as Shiho wanted to be with Kotaro all the time,… he had the same wish, which was why he said selfishly, “I want you to be my model”.

“I just don’t feel comfortable taking advantage of … Shiho’s ‘cuteness,’ and I’d appreciate it if you’d say no if you don’t want to.”

“– I’ll do it.”

Shiho understood Kotaro’s thoughts and feelings.

“If I can be with Kotaro-kun, I will do my best.”

When she imagined themselves in the future, she didn’t feel any emotion of ‘no’ at all.


“Kotaro-kun said that I was cute. How could I not be motivated!”

When someone she loved praised her, she would accept any kind of request.

“Alright! So, now that we’ve decided on our future, … shall we go home?”

“No, no, no. We’re going to class now, you know? For the sake of our future, we have to moderate our skipping.”

“…Ugh. I really don’t like studying.”

“The reason you had such a hard time with the entrance exams is because you usually slack off.”

“Don’t be so mom-like!”

The two of them left their seats, exchanging the usual smiles…

The daily romantic comedy of a certain future, which was a little too early to speak of, was so peaceful that it still needed no mentioning.

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