Sukibare / The love comedy where you’ll die if they find out who’s your crush Chapter 2 Part 3

“Gugu…! Hachiya …! I’m going to take this opportunity to make it clear that I don’t think of you as anything at all! To be honest, I just think of you as a male friend with b***s! So there is no future for me to be in a relationship with you!”


“No~, even if I say that, the <Forced Relationship> is absolute, and you’re willing to give me 22, aren’t you? ♡”


This girl …!? How dare she say that in front of Haruka!?

“Screw it…! I’m telling you, when I did the assignment with Haruka, she got 35 points! That’s the extent of their attraction toward me…”


As I was saying that, I felt a tug on the hem of my uniform.

When I turned around, I saw that Haruka was grasping it with an unexpectedly strong grip, and her body was shaking slightly.

Moreover, her eyes peeking through the gap in her bangs were smeared with tears, and she murmured in a whisper, “22 points means …” Um, what’s wrong?


“Oh my. Do you get 20 or 30 points for being Aoyama-san’s partner? I envy that very much.”


An interesting voice echoed.

It’s no wonder that she is in the middle of a commotion.

Every time she takes a step closer, the crowd breaks apart as if overwhelmed by her glamorous aura. It was like a real-life version of Moses.

And then, with very leisurely steps, she approached us.


“Please take care of me too, Aoyama-san.”


The voice came from Fuyusaka, of course.

Today, as always, her beautiful strawberry blonde hair fluttered as she elegantly held out her right hand. As if testing the loyalty of a knight, Fuyusaka is the one who presented the back of her hand… I have no intention of kissing it.

Behind her, however, no less a number of boys than Hachiya’s fans are turning their murderous gazes on me. I kicked the desk with a loud bang and I wanted to leave the classroom.

…I think I’m going to be killed.


“Oh, uh… I’m sweating because of all the things I’ve done. I’m going to the bathroom…”

“No need to go anywhere. It’s also a part of being a beautiful woman that you get stained by the gentlemen.”


The dialogue, which was delivered in a barbed tone, was also passed off with grace.

The boys around me started holding up mechanical pencils and compasses at me… Calm down, boys. I don’t want to touch her hands if I can help it.

I am a provisional special student, and girls who complete assignments with me get double points.

In other words, I prefer not to do assignments with girls who might be my rivals.


Haruka is a provisional special student like me, and Hachiya is extremely popular with the b**b-obsessed boys. If I were to offer points to Fuyusaka, who is in the provisional first place in the class hierarchy, my future as a “special student” would be very far from certain.


And yet, Fuyusaka continues to hold out her hand with an air of “there is no way in the world I will be rejected,” and Haruka just turns away and says, “I won’t lend you… wet wipes.” By the way, Hachiya had an ecstatic look on her face when she saw that I was in trouble… Does she even blink…?

Anyway, I start to make some painful excuses.


“…Oh, I’ve already accomplished my task, and I don’t need to bother Fuyusaka-san…”

“I’m asking you to do this because I’m not done yet.”

“But Fuyusaka is very popular, and I’m sure there are many boys who would like to do assignments with you.”

“I’d like to do the assignment with you, Aoyama-san.”
“Oh, there are lots of guys who are better looking than me…”

“Isn’t Aoyama-san the only provisional special student?”

“…! Haruka there is also a provisional special student.”

“She’s a girl.”


“…You don’t want to hold my hand, by any chance?”


The moment Fuyusaka looked down sadly, the mechanical pencil grazed my cheek… Oh s**t! You guys were against me holding Fuyusaka’s hand!!

However, I don’t think I’m going to get away with this.

Frankly, I don’t think I would be much thrilled to hold Fuyusaka’s hand, and if anything, I would be much more thrilled now that my life was in danger. It would be better to end this event as soon as possible.

I asked Haruka to lend me some wet wipes, and after carefully cleaning my hands, I touched the fingertips of Fuyusaka’s right hand just a little.

Really, it was just a slight touch of the tips of each other’s middle fingers.

It was the kind of touch where I could not even feel her body temperature or even the touch of her fingers.


But even so, the judges seemed to have deemed it acceptable, and Fuyusaka’s “student ID card” made a “beep” sound.

At the same time as the sound, I quickly raised my hand and moved away from Fuyusaka.


“That’s it! Thank you, Fuyusaka!”

“… Heh. That was a very shy way to touch me.”

“Ah, ah! I’ve hardly ever touched a girl’s hand, and the thought that it was Fuyusaka on the other end made me so nervous! I’m sure you must have scored a lot of points!”
“That’s very kind of you.”


The other day, the girl was talking as if she had not been nervous at all and was operating her own “student ID card”. Surely, she must be checking the score she received for the current assignment.

However, after tapping the screen several times, Fuyusaka who had never once lost her ample smirk, tightened her expression slightly.


“What’s wrong…? Did you get more points than you thought?”

“Yeah, yeah. Amazing. I can’t believe I got 20 points for that…”


After saying this and bowing, she returned to her seat with leisurely steps.

But for some reason, she put her hand over her mouth and looked as if she was thinking about something…



The student’s main job is to study.

It was the same at the Haou Academy, which offered such a joke of a class as “love studies”.

Most of our day is spent in class.

The “love studies” class basically progressed by completing assignments, and it was explained that these assignments should be completed during breaks, after school, and on holidays.

This was probably the reason why the entire school was involved in the forced cohabitation lifestyle.


The format of the general classes, which is the most important part of the program, was … all left up to the homeroom teacher.

Timetables, breaks, which subjects and units are taught first, and everything else is at the discretion of the homeroom teacher. Because of this, some teachers often lecture on subjects far beyond the high school level, resulting in students with master’s or doctoral level knowledge.


In the first year, homeroom teachers are in charge of many classes and focus on teaching basic knowledge, but from the second year, students can choose their own teachers.

A competent teacher. A teacher whom they want to be taught by. Or simply someone they want to be with.


This is the reason why it is rumored that “there is no career path you can’t choose after graduation” at this school.

From that point on, students think about their future, choose the most suitable teachers, and push forward to the place they are aiming for. That is why they are able to achieve the future they desire.

However, first-year homeroom teachers are completely random.

This is a matter of luck, and it can be very hit-or-miss.


“Now, I want you to look at the formula on this thigh next. Yes, right here.”


She was wearing a nurse’s costume and her skirt was flipped up!

… No, to be precise, that is not Mishimoto-sensei herself.


It is a recorded video that she herself once shot.

Yesterday was just the entrance ceremony and a light orientation, there were no classes. The students were dismissed from school before noon, as they would be preparing for their cohabitation, which would start the next day. Therefore, today was the first class with Mishimoto-sensei.

After arriving at school, we were in the morning classroom working on our “love studies” assignment when the chime sounded and we took our seats. At the same time, Mishimoto-sensei entered the room, stood on the podium, checked attendance, and immediately began the first period of class.


The first period is mathematics.

It was our first class at the famous Haou Academy.

We new students were filled with anticipation and excited to see what the class would be about, when Mishimoto-sensei, the teacher at the podium, said, ” Take out your smart phones.”


We were all wary that our phones would be confiscated, but when the teacher operated the tablet in her hand, a message was sent to all the students in the class. The text was a URL, and when I clicked on it, I arrived at a page that displayed only the options of “normal” and “e****c” versions.


I tapped on the “normal” version.


Of course, I was interested in the “e****c version,” but there was no way I could choose that option with the girl I liked standing next to me.

The screen changed and the video began to play. In the video, Mishimoto-sensei, dressed in a black suit, was explaining a lesson on the blackboard.


I see… By playing the video that was filmed in advance, she could save the students the trouble of writing on the board, and they could stop and listen again to the parts they found interesting…

As I thought about this, I looked up and saw a strange atmosphere in the classroom.

Everyone was staring at their phones and not looking up at all.


(Let me see. Could this be that everyone is watching the “e****c version” …?)


Dense secret murmurs and sighs could be heard from the boys in the vicinity.

“This is bad…” “This is terrible…” “I can’t stand it…!” Many students were bending over in front of me.

I was indeed curious, so I closed the video page once, and accessed it again from the screen and tapped “Erotic Version”… I am not interested in e****ca by any means. It’s just for my future studies.


The result was this.

In the video that began to play, Mishimoto-sensei, dressed in a nurse uniform, explains the formulas written on her skin as she flips up her skirt and unbuttoned her chest.

… Let me confess. I was very excited.

Because she is right in front of me. The beautiful teacher in front of me is replaying on my phone. Moreover, I can see her underwear and bra. I’m completely out.

I stop the video as a way to cool down.

I understand why the boys are so into it.

But why are the girls fascinated …?

I felt bad, but I sneaked a peek at Haruka’s screen.

On the screen, a handsome, good-looking Mishimoto-sensei dressed as a man said, “Thank you for coming today, my princess …,” stretching out her arms on the bed.

The sleeves of her white shirt are rolled up, and she has a math formula written on her arm.

Apparently, the girls’ version has a date-like effect.

Her body shape looks strangely thin and macho, but I am sure it is a synthetic image created by editing.

However, I thought that no girl would be pleased with such a playful situation …, but Haruka was staring at the video with her face bright red… Seriously?

Perhaps noticing my condition, Mishimoto-sensei, who was sitting in her teaching chair and smoking an e-cigarette, grinned at me.

She confidently responded, “We are distributing videos tailored to each student’s s****l preferences.”

I looked behind the classroom and saw my friend, Ren Mizuki, who is devoted to being popular with the ladies, declaring, “Gals, JKs, female teachers, female office workers, and married women are all trying to get me.” … This is a dark place.

Perhaps thinking it was a good time, Mishimoto-sensei, the teacher at the podium, stood up and clapped her hands to attract attention.

“All the videos are set to play for fifteen minutes! Fifty minutes of class time! Any extra time is for self-study! Anyone with questions can come to me at any time! Once you have finished watching the videos, you are free to take breaks, eat and drink! You may go to the bathroom.”

She emphasized, pronouncing it as strongly as she could.

“I encourage everyone, men and women alike, to ‘use’ my videos in a s****l way. Use them to your heart’s content. It will stick in your memory. As a result, your grades will improve.”

After saying that was all, Mishimoto-sensei sat down, and some of the male students, bending forward, sneaked out of the classroom.

You guys… no way…

… No, it’s just a bathroom break. Let’s think so.

“………… (Jeez)”

I suddenly felt a gaze and looked at Haruka, and for some reason she was looking at me.

From what Mishimoto-sensei said earlier and the behavior of the boys who left the classroom, she must have suspected that I was looking at the “e****c version” as well.

This is not good …!!!

(… No, wait, calm down. Calm down, Aoyama Natsumi. From Haruka’s current position, she shouldn’t be able to see my phone screen. In other words, my phone screen is in a “Schrodinger’s Cat” state. Whether the video there is the ‘e****c version’ or the ‘normal version’ is a possibility, both should coexist …!)

I wiped the cold sweat off my face, while dropping a thought that I didn’t understand myself.

I tapped the screen in a natural behavior and closed the “e****c version” video. Then, I accessed it again from the screen and opened the “normal version”.

… Now I was safe. My dignity was preserved.

It’s a pity that I can’t see Mishimoto-sensei in her nurse uniform, but this can’t be helped.

However, … Sensei herself recommended the “e****c version,” but the “normal version” rather highlighted her ability as a teacher.

It is only a fifteen-minute video, but the content of the lesson that should be given in fifty minutes is condensed at a level that can be called optimal. It is ten times easier to understand than any teacher I have ever encountered in my life.

In addition, the 15-minute length was exquisite.

According to one theory, the maximum amount of time an individual can maintain his or her top level of concentration is around 15 minutes. No matter what kind of genius you are, it is said that after 15 minutes, you lose your concentration to a greater or lesser degree.

In this sense, I felt that it was excellent of Mishimoto-sensei to shorten the class time to 15 minutes for us high school students who were in high spirits.


The door at the front of the classroom opens with a hysterical cry.

A middle-aged woman wearing plain glasses and a wrinkle-free suit is standing there, looking very formal. She is probably another teacher at the school.

“Enough! Are you going to teach again this year with your disgusting videos!?”