Sukibare / The love comedy where you’ll die if they find out who’s your crush Chapter 2 Part 4

“No, no, no. I don’t mean it like that, Grade Chief.”


She seemed to be a grade chief.

But she was still sitting there, puffing on a cigarette even as she spoke.


“Lies! I saw a male student in this class go to the bathroom!”

“Since it was a physiological phenomenon, I decided it was unavoidable and let him go.”

“Do you know what they are doing in the bathroom?”

“It’s probably an act of excretion. What else is there?”


“Certainly, I use videos in my classes, but the content is perfectly wholesome. …Aoyama. Show her your screen.”


As instructed, I showed the screen of my phone.

Naturally, in the video, Mishimoto-sensei in a suit was seriously explaining the mathematical equations. She knew that I was watching this video over here, so she nominated me…

The grade chief, her position increasingly in jeopardy, protested as she stomped her feet.


“Oh, gosh! You’re supposed to be standing in class!”

“I have no need to stay standing.”

“Don’t you have any common sense to smoke in front of the students?”

“Well, no. I’m a middle school graduate. I graduated from junior high school.”

“What? Then do you have a teaching license!?”

“I don’t have one.”

“I don’t understand why you’re here!”

“I don’t either.”

“I’ll be sure to bring this matter to the attention of the school board president!”

“You’re free to do as you please.”

“Don’t think you will be able to stay at this school from tomorrow!”

“Thank you very much. I wanted a long vacation.”

“〜〜〜〜! We will hold an emergency board meeting immediately to determine your punishment!”

“Good luck.”


The grade chief left with a thud of her footsteps, waving her hand in a dismissive manner and giving a pale smile.


“Was that … okay?”


I was a little worried and called out to Mishimoto-sensei.

As if she was not concerned about anything, he replied, “…Hm?” A question mark appeared on her face.


“No, it’s okay. I’ll keep teaching if I don’t get fired, and if I do, I’ll go to Hawaii. It’s a vacation.”

“… Cool.”

“Maybe everyone thinks so?”


Grinning, Mishimoto-sensei pointed behind me with the tip of her e-cigarette.

When I turned around, I saw that all the students in the classroom were looking at her with envy.

…I see. Even the criticism and trouble from superiors is used to teach the class.

It’s just what she claims to be. This teacher is really excellent.


“By the way, Aoyama. You are not watching the other version?”

“No, I will not! I want to study seriously!”

“Hmmm… I see. Too bad. Yours is a nurse’s uniform, you know?”


I know…


“By the way, those are my own underwear. They happen to be the same as the ones I’m wearing today. I like the color of lavender.”


After saying that, Mishimoto-sensei pulled on her innerwear at the neck. The shoulder straps, which would only be visible from my position, were indeed lavender in color.

I really … thought she was a very fascinating teacher.



The whole class proceeded in such a way.

Since the class is practically over in 15 minutes, it is very easy to do.

After watching the video once, students are free to take breaks, eat, and drink. The extra time allowed me to concentrate on the second and subsequent classes, which further accelerated my learning efficiency.

The era of slothful long hours will soon be over. This is the era of ideas. And in order to come up with ideas, it is essential to secure time and mental leeway.

This is what Mishimoto-sensei said.

It is likely that many students will nominate her as their teacher when they move up to the second grade.



Our class is fortunate to have excellent teachers. We can leave general classes to Mishimoto-sensei without any problems. Then, there was only one thing to think about.

Yes, “Love Studies”.


At the beginning of the third period, a new assignment was added to our student ID card.


<Have lunch alone with a person of the opposite gender.>


At the same time as the assignment was added, many students who checked their student ID cards looked reluctant.

No wonder. This is almost a date. It’s a lunch date.

For those of us who are beginners in love, it’s too hard.

No, there may be some people who have already experienced dating in their middle school days, like Watanabe, who lunged at me…

And it’s easy to forget that in this class, you are expelled if someone finds out who you like.

If you honestly ask someone you like out to lunch, it’s game over.

However, the girls will want to refuse to have lunch with a boy they are not interested in, and the boys cannot casually ask a girl out because of the possibility of being rejected.

However, if you are slow, there is a possibility that your “favorite person” will have a lunch date with another person… This was quite a dilemma for me.




The hands of the clock above the blackboard ticked lazily.

The fourth period of classes will soon be over and it will be lunchtime.

Aside from the lunch date, there was something else I really needed to do today.


That was to nominate Haruka as my live-in partner.

The room assignments have not even been announced yet, and it is likely that the housemates will be determined and rotated according to the order in which they arrive at the dormitory or by attendance number… Temporary special students are the only ones who have the right to nominate their own live-in partners…

I, of course, want to use this to pick Haruka.

I have a strong desire to live with Haruka myself, but I also don’t want her to live with another man.

Therefore, it is decided that I will nominate Haruka as my live-in partner, but there is one problem…

Yes, Haruka herself is also a “temporary special student”, so she can nominate a live-in partner.

This is my guess, but even if I nominate Haruka, if she nominates another boy as a live-in partner, Haruka’s wish will be granted.

If the rights and positions of “temporary special students” are equal, it would be rather natural for this to happen.

However, just as in the case of nominating a live-in partner, it would be dangerous to honestly nominate someone she likes. So, Haruka, who has a ‘favorite person’ other than me, should also not nominate that person outright, and consider other boys…

Please, please be that way!

Otherwise, I’m out of the game!

Haruka will decide to live with another guy…!!


(No … it’s okay. Haruka has chosen to work on this morning’s assignment with me. If that’s the case, then I’m sure she’ll consider me, a “temporary special student”, as her live-in partner…!)


The only chance I had was to win.

The fact that we are both temporary special students.

So here’s my plan. First, I would ask Haruka out on a lunch date to complete the task of having lunch alone with the opposite gender. If Haruka accepts my invitation, I can assume that she doesn’t mind spending time with me in order to get a score in “Love Studies” …

There is too much of a gap if the couple moves in together after just touching each other’s hands.

Therefore, the strategy was to have a lunch date in between so that both parties would be convinced that it was OK to spend time together in addition to just touching hands.

In addition, if we could eat lunch together, I could present how living together would be useful for earning points in the “love studies” section.

If my fondness for her is revealed, there would be no way for us to get back together, so I would ask her to nominate each other in a logical and calculating way. And I will win a ‘yes’ from Haruka.

…This is it. This is the only way.

Even though I am a high school student, I feel like a salesman heading to an important business meeting.


The product to be sold is, of course, me.

If I can’t sell this product to her, I won’t be able to get a promotion (living together).

As a somewhat fidgety atmosphere filled the classroom, the bell finally rang to announce the end of the fourth class. As soon as the day duty teacher’s announcement ended and lunch break began, a loud voice came from somewhere.


“Fuyusaka-san! Please have lunch with me!!”


It was like a confession.

A boy, one of the less conspicuous ones in the class, closed his eyes, bowed his head, and held out his right hand.

…Oh, hey. Is everything alright?

If the person you like is Fuyusaka, doesn’t everyone know that you ‘like’ her now?

The whole classroom is quiet, and all eyes are on him and Fuyusaka.

Fuyusaka, as usual, thought about something with a broad smile, and then said.


“… I’m going to refuse.”


She made a single, decisive decision.


“Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean that I don’t like you. I just wanted to… something a little bit more gentlemanly. I am looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow and thereafter.”


Fuyusaka smiled at the man who looked up at her.

Seeing her face, he instantly blushed and replied quickly, “Oh, I’ll ask you out again tomorrow!”


“Yes, please. I would like to have lunch with a nice gentleman today, even though it is… I would be happy if one of you could invite me in a gentlemanly manner…”


There, Fuyusaka’s streaming eyes turned to me. I had a … feeling.

No, you’re mistaken!

As a self-proclaimed sharp protagonist, I’m easily misinterpreted as thinking that the girls around me like me! I’m pretty sure it must have been a boy sitting nearby… simply looking out the window! That’s right!!!

I’m the one trying so hard to look away.

… I knew right away that she was really asking for me, but I did my best to play the role of the insensitive protagonist.

I don’t know what she’s up to, but my sixth sense is doing its best to warn me that it’s best to stay away from her.

Besides, I already know who I’m going to have lunch with today.

I got up from my seat to invite Haruka to lunch.

This is where the game is to be played.


Conversely, if I could only clear this point, the rest would be just as I had planned.

Haruka seems to have a competitive spirit, and the fact that she is “acting like she likes me” suggests that she understands the usefulness of taking advantage of the “temporary special student” status.

Therefore, if I dare to provoke her by stroking her pride and personality, or simply by making a presentation that clearly states the benefits to the other side, there is a good chance that my wish will be granted.


(…But. If by any chance I get turned down …?)


I got up from my seat and my body froze.

I hadn’t considered that future.

Sure, Haruka had done the morning’s assignment with me.

But it was a “handshake” and it was almost instantaneous in time. Can’t be considered that because it was a moment, she chose me, a ” temporary special student” with a high efficiency in scoring points…?


(………No, no, no, no, no. Calm down, me. Don’t be negative.)


According to what I heard, “eating lunch” is a very important event for girls. It was written in some magazine.

Girls saying “I like to eat ♡”, is comparable to boys saying “I like echhi things!”

In other words, being invited to a meal for a girl is synonymous with being invited to a hotel for a boy. If I were asked to a hotel by a boy like me, would I say yes? …No, I wouldn’t. Because I’m a guy.

(TLN: Flawless logic right here.)


My thoughts ran wild and negative emotions swirled around me.

I even fell into a state of back and forth motion even though I was standing up.

It would be impossible to ask the girl I like out on a lunch date in this state.

Then there was only one thing to do.


“Hey, Mizuki. Can I talk to you for a minute?”


The best thing is to have a friend!