The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 12

When you were doing so well, it became troublesome…

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“No… Why is it coming?”

It could be a detection spell, just a possible mistake in identifying passing things.

Professor Rowen wiped his forehead with his sleeve.

It was clear that he had seen something wrong.


But it looked certain.

The rabbit was moving in this direction.

No matter how many times he blinked, it was the same.

He even began to see the two people who were dragging the rabbit from the front.

‘This shouldn’t be happening.’

In fact, the core of this practical training was undoubtedly the giant magic-resistant rabbit. The problem was not only the Magic Department students but also the idea of using it for the subsequent Reconnaissance and Knight Department students’ training.

In Professor Rowen’s opinion, since it was a “magic-resistant” rabbit, he thought he could make the most of it, even for the Magic Department students and the Knight Department’s practical training.

However, two of the students killed it and were dragging its body back.


Professor Rowen remained silent.

‘I thought Sharon from the Knight Department would be enough to defeat it.’

Even in the eyes of Professor Rowen, the student’s swordsmanship was of a considerable level. Her next semester’s Aether promotion was confirmed, and he thought it wouldn’t be a problem even ifs he joined the active duty immediately.

‘But it’s not Sharon; it’s these kids?’

Does that mean these kids have the ability of Sharon level?

No. Why would such students be in individual department classes? In the Academy, the best students in each field were gathered and separately managed in the “Aether” class.

‘No, that’s not important. How did these Mezai students… catch it?’

As Professor Rowen was flustered like that.

The rabbit’s position had approached the students gathered in the open space.

Some students who spotted the rabbit panicked.

“What is that?”

“… It’s that crazy rabbit!”

“Ahhh, it’s coming this way!”

“Run away!”

The Mezai students, who had been resting in the shadows, suddenly got up and prepared to flee.

Professor Rowen sighed as he watched their actions.

‘In the same class, some are able to catch monsters, while others are terrified just by looking at the corpse.’

Of course, when you’re a student, you learn to adapt mentally. With repeated experiences, you become more accustomed to it.

But the difference between those who show promise from the beginning and those who don’t was quite significant.

Professor Rowen carefully observed the two approaching figures.

Finally, even the onlookers who had been hesitant until now noticed the two newcomers.

“What’s going on? Is that Danya?”

“Isn’t that Ian next to her?”

“What on earth happened?”

“Do you think they caught the rabbit?”


“No way.”

A murmur followed.


— Kwoong!

Ian and Danya placed the rabbit in the clearing.

There was one peculiar thing.

The giant rabbit had shrunk slightly compared to before.

The rabbit that had easily been over 4 meters tall was now half that size. It was still quite large.

‘I didn’t know that Dishwashing would have this much effect.’

Wiping his sweat, Ian marveled.

The blue mushroom that had been on the rabbit’s head.

When they removed it, the magical aura that the rabbit had emitted disappeared completely. According to Danya, there seemed to be no toxicity, but they had brought it just in case.

If they consulted a Reconnaissance professor, they could accurately assess the rabbit’s condition.

‘At least I won’t have to worry about protein for a while.’

Rabbit meat tasted similar to chicken, with a stable and reliable flavor, suitable for both abilities and sustenance, and perhaps even for his comrades.

He had gained a lot from this practical training in various ways.

“Phew, it was tough.”

“With this much, we’ll have plenty of meat! Yum.”

“I’ll go talk to the professor about it.”

Swiftly, Ian, scanning his surroundings, stood in front of Professor Rowen.

“Professor, there is something I would like to get permission for.”

“… Permission?”

Professor Rowen was initially contemplating how Ian managed to hunt it down, but he was taken aback by Ian’s sudden question.

“Yes, if we’ve caught an animal during the practical training, can we eat it?”

Professor Rowen was deeply moved by Ian’s question.

‘Field procurement…!’

Reconnaissance units typically operated with minimal equipment and supplies. Therefore, reconnaissance skills, particularly the importance of “procurement”, became more crucial as one delved deeper into the subject.

A great reconnaissance agent could secure provisions and fulfill their mission even in the most challenging environments.

In the process, there were times when you had to eat whatever was available or refrain from eating altogether, making “procurement” one of the most mentally challenging and difficult aspects of the job.

However, these students were eager to learn this skill, even though they were magic students, a field quite distant from reconnaissance studies.

What an admirable mindset!

“It’s something you caught. Of course, it’s okay to eat it.”

“Then, Professor, do you think it would be okay to eat this?”

“You want to check if it’s poisonous and what its condition is.”

“That’s right.”

“This one!”

Honestly, Rowen wanted to pat Ian on the head and praise him right then and there.

But he restrained himself, as his image as a serious professor took precedence.


Where did this magician come from?

Perhaps the birth of the academy’s first reconnaissance magician was on the horizon!


“C-cough! Let’s go.”

While stepping forward at Ian’s urging, Rowen continued his thoughts.

It wasn’t just being a great magician; this was different.

Among reconnaissance students, no one had such vitality as Ian. Rowen’s eyes began to gleam with greed as he looked at Ian.



“Right now, I’m offering a discount on Academy tuition fees for those who join my research lab. It’s a rare opportunity.”


“Of course, it includes dormitory expenses.”

Ian’s eyes trembled slightly.

‘Why does everyone react like this when they see me?’

Maybe there was something particularly appealing about becoming a research assistant. After all, Pongpong’s gullibility might be radiating from him.

“Heh. And, of course, for students like you, I’ll make sure to provide all the textbooks. How about it? Do you have any interest in joining the research lab?”

Ian’s face became blurred.


Lina was walking along the edge of the forest alone.

Her mind was already full of Ian.

‘I failed to get close.’

Thanks to that, she was left all alone.

But she was an Elemental Mage. She was quite familiar with the forest.

She was reasonably familiar with the forest.

— Rustle!

Without having to venture deep into the woods, she could use spirits to locate mana beads scattered on the outskirts.


Of course, she had something specific in mind.

The various ingredients scattered throughout the forest.

She might not be on the same level as Danya, but Lina was also familiar with the forest. Her family was in charge of a part of the Grand Forest, after all.

“Hehe, it tastes good…”

It was convenient to be alone without any team members, as she could eat freely without worrying about being caught. Lina was eating everything that seemed edible without any hesitation, just as she always did.

In truth, Lina didn’t expect to end up like this.

“If I hadn’t just refused Ian’s lunchbox strongly, there wouldn’t have been any need for all this… Wait, what am I thinking?”

While shaking her head, Lina’s eyes fell on some high-quality ingredients.

“Blue mushrooms!”

They were beautiful blue mushrooms.

“Hehe, they’ll be delicious when grilled.”

Even if they were poisonous, grilling should make them safe to eat, right?

Although she was somewhat familiar with the forest, Lina was still a noble. Her family had control over a part of the Grand Forest until it started declining, so she never had the chance to procure ingredients from the forest properly.

Moreover, Professor Rowen had already warned them about the blue mushrooms, but at that time, she was so shocked that Ian was intercepted by Danya that she didn’t get anything.


Lina summoned the basic Fire Elemental.

“Could you please grill this for me?”

Ifrit hesitated.

What’s wrong with it?

“I’m hungry. Help me a little.”


Mushrooms turned to ashes.

“Ifrit! Why are you so grumpy? You weren’t before. You’ve gotten a little weird, too.”


Lina sighed at the sight of the vanishing Basic Fire Elemental and looked around.

With mushrooms, if there was one, there were usually more around.


A slightly larger blue mushroom this time.


Lina’s mouth was watering again, and this time she summoned another spirit.

A higher-ranked one, and one that listened.



The mushrooms roasted golden brown over a moderate flame.

The unique black scent of fresh mushrooms tickled the tip of her nose.

Without hesitation, Lina brought the mushroom to her mouth.

“Mmm! It’s so juicy and has a meaty texture. It’s delicious!”

Yum Yum.

Lina savored every bite, closing her eyes to fully appreciate the flavor.

‘Now that I think about it, how long has it been since I’ve eaten meat?’

Clearly, Ian’s lunchbox… No.

Now, let’s focus only on the flavor of these mushrooms.

– Pong!

Small mushroom spores sprouted above her head.

It was difficult to distinguish with human eyes.

Of course, Lina finished her meal without noticing.

“Hmm. Let’s try to find a few more magic beads now!”

Lina’s voice brightened.

In fact, this ‘Foundations of Reconnaissance and Exploration’ class was a class that Lina had to excel in, her credit vending machine.

Lina, who had found a few more magic beads, smiled satisfactorily.

“This should be enough.”

After the official practice schedule ended.

“Alright, let’s announce the results of the practice.”

Lina, who had returned late, secretly hoped for the best, not knowing what had happened before.

‘You must definitely get first place here.’

A crucial subject for her credit.

To maintain her residency in the dormitory where Lina currently lived, she needed to score well in subjects where she could efficiently utilize elemental magic.

And so, as the scores were revealed one by one.

Lina’s face, which had been anxious, gradually brightened.

“Next is Lina. Five magic beads. Excellent.”

“Thank you!”

Professor Rowen frowned slightly at Lina’s cheerfulness.

“It’s a good performance for the Mezai class. I expected it because of your talent in elemental magic, but it’s a bit disappointing. It’ll be difficult to promote to Aether this way. Work harder in the future.”

“Ah… Yes!”

Lina responded with a bright smile at first.

But beneath the surface, she was endlessly flustered.


Isn’t this the best performance in Mezai class?

“Danya, 8. Ian, 8. And you even exceeded expectations with an unexpected harvest. Hunting magic-resistant rabbits. You both scored full marks in the practice.”

“Full marks?”

Lina muttered to herself without realizing it, then hastily stopped.

Danya, and Ian, got full marks in the practice?

She couldn’t believe it.

‘That Ian?’

Certainly, she felt like he had grown in some way she couldn’t pinpoint. But she couldn’t agree. She thought there must be something else going on.

‘What is going on…’

Lina, who considered this class the most important, had performed so well.

Anxious, Lina bit her lip.

Wouldn’t it have been better if she had found mana beads without eating fruits or mushrooms…?

‘What am I even doing…?’

A sense of self-doubt washed over Lina’s face.


Lichten Academy’s female dormitory.

Lina, who had thrown herself onto the bed, buried her face in the pillow.

“It’s a crisis here too.”

It wasn’t a high-rated dorm, but it was the only place where she could live for free as a scholarship student.

… She could figure out how to manage her meals somehow, but finding a good place to stay was difficult.

“Ugh, really!”

At first, she couldn’t believe it.

The fact that Ian had changed so much.

But now…

“…I can’t deny it.”

Ian had changed.

Whether it was because of the fall from the rooftop or something that happened during the week he didn’t come to the academy.


Lina, who had buried her face so deep that it was hard to breathe, lifted her head absentmindedly.

In her eyes, she saw an unopened envelope.

“… Disciplinary Committee Pre-Hearing Request.”

After briefly postponing checking the contents, Lina tore open the envelope as if she were spellbound.

— Regarding the recent incident involving a s*icide threat by student Ian Blackangers, the Disciplinary Committee is scheduled to convene. We request a pre-hearing from Student Lina, who is a victim of this incident, prior to the convening of the Disciplinary Committee.


Now that she thought about it, there was still a disciplinary committee to be held.

Lina was the victim, and Ian was the perpetrator.

That’s how it was written in the document.

— Please prepare a statement regarding Ian’s usual behavior, his leaving a threatening letter, and the process leading up to his s*icide attempt.

“The statement content will remain confidential, and anonymity will be guaranteed…”

— This Disciplinary Committee will only be convened with those involved to protect the safety of the affected students. Please be discreet and not let it be known. That’s all.

The document ended there.

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