The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 13

The Professors are Obsessed

Late in the evening.

There were people walking through the academy building with the lights turning off one by one.

At first glance, it seemed like a confident gait, but if you looked closely, there were many suspicious things about it.

Opening the classroom doors one after another in a natural manner, looking for something inside, or walked away nonchalantly.

It was clear that it was an expert in this field, as not a single sound of footsteps could be heard during the process.

Fortunately, there was someone watching.

A woman with sharp eyes and scattered violet hair opened her mouth towards the suspicious figure.

“Rowen? Why are you walking around here? This should be a Mezai-affiliated building.”


Professor Rowen, who had been quietly searching the area, closed his eyes tightly.

Of all people, it had to be her.

The emerging sacred figure of the Magic Tower, Professor Violet.

She was also a magician and had a close relationship with Rowen.

‘I have to find a way to come up with an excuse and get out of this.’

Professor Rowen’s brow furrowed in thought. But Violet was one step ahead.

“Don’t bother trying to explain. I’ve seen you sneaking around the classrooms.”

“Just as sinister as expected of a magician.”

“I don’t think this is something you would when hiding in someone else’s department building.”

“… Ugh.”

After some hesitation, Professor Rowen, with a bitter expression, finally spoke.

“I was looking for a student I liked.”

“It’s hard to believe a professor has a crush on a student. You’re a professor. No matter how undignified the Reconnaissance Department is, there are lines you shouldn’t cross.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? I wanted to bring a student into my lab. It’s not about having a crush; it’s about never having had a proper relationship because I’m always stuck in my lab!”

“Hmm. As long as a magician is good at magic, what does love matter? I can’t believe the p*rverted habits of elves who only think about sowing their wild oats.”


Insulting one’s own race in front of an elf!

Professor Rowen, who was about to retort, sighed.

In any case, he was caught lurking in someone else’s department building.

Fighting would only lead to losses.

Moreover, despite the elf’s insult, Violet’s words were partly true.

Over the centuries, elves had diverse tastes.

Rowen decided to focus on his goal.

“I was doing a background check on Ian, one of the students. I wanted to recruit him for my lab.”

“…Ian? Ian Blackangers?”


“Hmm. That kid doesn’t have a good reputation. His grades are terrible. He’s probably not the kind of student you should be interested in.”

At Violet’s words, Rowen narrowed his eyes.



“When you lie, you have a habit of biting your lower lip slightly.”


“As soon as the name Ian came up, you were ready to lie. Is he really something special?”


“Hmph. Trying to deceive a Reconnaissance professor who lives by observing with his eyes. It’s a hundred years to early, magician.”

With that, Rowen turned and walked away.

He intended to leave with dignity.

But there was no way Violet would just leave it alone.

“Wait a minute.”

“Why, again?”

“I’m going to take Ian into my research lab first! I spotted him first!”

“Where’s your evidence? He hasn’t even entered any research lab yet!”

“Anyway, he’s mine! He’s from Mezai!”

“Hmph! I can raise Ian better. I can make him the first-class magic scout.”

The professors engaged in a somewhat childish argument.

Violet’s expression became increasingly serious.

“Let’s settle it this way. When did you discover Ian’s talent?”


“When did you realize Ian had talent?”

“… A week ago, during a practical lesson.”


Violet made an indignant noise.

At the same time, her face lit up with determination.

“I discovered it in the previous class, so I spotted him first!”

“Benefit! He’s not some dish! Where’s your evidence?”

Rowen was about to argue further, but he sighed.

For the sake of the honor of the Lichten Academy, it was fortunate that all the students had gone home.

“Hey, I remember something.”

“What is it?”

“I heard that Ian will be summoned to the Disciplinary Committee soon.”

“The Disciplinary Committee? What’s that all about?”

Violet explained the situation.

S*icide letters were found, supposedly thrown by Ian from the rooftop, targeting several female students.

Upon hearing this, Rowen furrowed his brow.

“It’s hard to believe. He didn’t seem like that kind of person.”

“Even if that’s true, I’d still take Ian in. Rowen, it seems like you’re not the one.”

Professor Rowen, who was about to argue and refute, sighed.

“It should be best if nothing significant happens at the Disciplinary Committee.”

“… That’s right.”

For the first time, they found common ground in their opinions.

Preparing for the Disciplinary Committee

Heroines will definitely gather.

And that’s also in preparation.

“It’s chilly here.”

A sudden chill.

Ian, who was sitting in the dorm, shivered.

“Why did it suddenly get so cold?”

It was a situation where the two professors were fighting over who would dominate, but Ian, the quiet one, was not involved.

Shivering, Ian picked up a pen.

[Today’s Achievement] 90%

[Tomorrow’s Plan] ???

[Future Goals] Preparation for the disciplinary committee. Scenario preparation.

He finished writing the daily journal.

In the morning, he woke up early, packed a simple lunchbox, and trained.

In the evening, he organized the day’s work and made plans for the future.

This had been Ian’s recent daily routine. The goal was, of course, ‘continuous growth’.

Of course, before the possession, he wasn’t such a disciplined man.


“I need to invest time in myself so that others will take notice.”

The guy who used to only focus on others suddenly found himself making an effort for his own sake, thanks to Pongpong acting as a mentor.

“Now, should I start getting into shape a bit?”

The timing was perfect as there was enough protein available.

He had completed making jerky from a giant rabbit.

It took quite a bit of time, but it was worth the investment.

– Look for alternative fitness equipment.

Having filled in the empty plans, he stretched happily.

“At this level, we can say things have changed.”

Pongpong had been pouring all his energy into others, and now that he had changed the direction of that energy, he could feel himself growing day by day.

“I’ve even made some friends.”

Danya was still a bit shy and had a strong tsun side. Anyway, if you tell her to do something, she will follow along.

Moreover, we succeeded in attracting the attention of some professors, although it might have been a bit excessive.

“Let’s never get stuck in a research lab.”

In the end, these connections were important too.

Connections that were not forcibly made but developed naturally.

In any case, Lichten Academy was one of the world’s leading institutions. Whether you became a professor or a student, the value of each and every one of them was usually exceptional.

“Plus, there’s also the disciplinary committee.”

To prepare for that, connections were necessary. No matter how much you claimed your innocence, it would be meaningless without people supporting you.

‘It would be good to make allies among the heroines if possible.’

This was a significant dilemma.

In the disciplinary committee, it was clear that Ian himself would be the perpetrator, and the other heroines would be treated as victims of intimidation.

If at least one of the heroines claimed his innocence, it would be a significant help.

However, it wouldn’t be easy to convince them, as they all believed that Ian was responsible for what had happened.

‘Plus, the culprit won’t just sit still.’

The worst-case scenario was if he approached one of the heroines, and she turned out to be the culprit. That would be… hard to imagine.

Moreover, considering the pattern of the culprit who had already turned all four heroines into victims, there was a high probability that they would continue to try to gather heroines in the future.

“It’s difficult, really difficult.”

It was an Academy where smart and talented people gathered.

Finding the culprit was not going to be easy.

Even if he didn’t actively pursue the culprit to avoid provoking them, he didn’t expect that the evidence would be so hard to find.

It might be easier to find the non-v*rgin among the heroines.

‘I wonder if there’s an artifact that can discern v*rgins.’

Ian shook his head.

Approaching that topic too carelessly could turn him into a real criminal.

“Let’s approach it slowly.”

The unexpected Lina.

The physical Sharon.

The anxious Aria.

The authoritative Emilia.

For now, let’s start by slowly strategizing against the closest, Lina.

“The more I observe, the more different she seems from the Lina I used to see through the screen.”

Unless the opponent comes back strongly again, there’s time for growth.

‘Time is on my side.’

This was Ian’s judgment because he believed he could grow quickly.

Before he knew it, it was nine in the evening.

“The time for the growth buff from Pongpong.”

During that time, Pongpong would give growth buffs to the heroines.

Even though he had already dismantled the black magic altar and spells he used during that time, his body still itched uncontrollably during this hour.

‘How on earth was Pongpong being so sincere about this?’

So these days, he just meditated in the place where the altar used to be.

Focused on himself instead of on others.

Ian’s growth never stopped, even for a day.

Meanwhile, at the Knight Department training ground.


The cold chill split a log.

It was an aura containing an elemental attribute rarely seen in an academy-level knight.


The half-cut log couldn’t be cleanly severed.


A hint of anger flashed in Sharon’s blue eyes.

It was anger towards herself for repeating the same steps for the past few days.


Sharon sighed and looked up at the sky.

Then, as if she suddenly realized something, she rushed into the training ground.

She then assumed a seated position and started circulating her inner energy.

“… I’ll get it today.”

For days, she had been waiting for that mysterious energy that hadn’t come, the one that had been so mystical and helpful.

Ten minutes had passed.

“… Why?”

Sharon gathered her inner energy.

Once again, that energy hadn’t come today.

A week had passed by now.

Somehow, it coincided with the time when her growth had slowed down.

“… That can’t be possible.”

Sharon shook her head.

It had to be a coincidence.

If it wasn’t, it meant that all of her growth was due to that mysterious energy.

She couldn’t accept that.


Sharon got up from her spot.

It was time to wash up and go to sleep, but she considered wielding her sword a few more times.

Normally, Sharon would have a set time and follow it precisely. However, today felt different for some reason. The less she grew, the more impatient she became.



Something fell into the training ground.

Sharon picked it up.

“… A key?”

Sharon opened the small note attached to the key.

—We are convening an anonymous meeting for the Ian incident victims. Please use this key to connect to the magic network.

Sharon’s lips twitched slightly.

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