The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 6

Would You Like to Do Something Fun with the Professor?

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After the magic circle class.

Violet, the professor in charge of Magic Circle Application and Interpretation I and the homeroom teacher of Ian’s class ‘Mezai’, was waiting for a student in her office.

She was waiting for a student in her office.

She called as soon as class was over, so she wouldn’t have to wait too long.

Since she had called immediately after the class ended, there was no need to wait long. However, even that short time felt difficult to wait for, and Elena was tapping her long, white fingers on an elegant wooden table.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Her lavishly violet hair, which used to be flawlessly neat, now seemed a bit disheveled, suggesting some inner turmoil.

However, her expression remained profoundly calm.

‘I won’t know unless I ask myself.’

At that moment, as her fingers moved a bit faster…

— Knock, knock!

The sound of knocking on the door echoed.

Violet jumped to her feet reflexively.

‘Ah, the student.’

At that thought, she sat back down awkwardly.

Perhaps she was too excited.

Violet, taking a deep breath, spoke with a cold tone.

“Come on in.”


The dark wooden door cautiously opened. A boy with deep, dark blue hair entered. He appeared somewhat pale and seemed to be in pain as he glanced around. His black eyes seemed as deep as ever.

Ian Blackangers.

He nodded his head.

“Did you call, Professor?”

“Yes. Please have a seat over here.”

Violet pointed to the guest chair in front of her desk and observed Ian closely.

Confidently, yet politely, Ian crossed the room and carefully took a seat. From a modern Korean student’s perspective, his behavior was quite ordinary, but Violet, unaware of this, could only make assumptions.

‘… Look at that.’

Bowing when greeting someone and sitting down without making a sound—the little things.


Certainly, this boy had changed.

What was the big deal about that?

In the ‘Mezai’ class, students with talent in magic and spirits were rare. They were mostly nobility.

Basically, it meant that polite ones were rare.

And it was also a characteristic of mages.

‘You have to be able to bend your noble head to succeed.’

Of course, Violet didn’t teach such things.

It wasn’t something that could be taught through words.

It was a lesson one had to learn through harsh experience.

Ian was no different from the ordinary ‘Mezai’ students. In fact, he was worse.

His only interest seemed to be in a few girls, and Violet, as his homeroom teacher, was well aware of this fact.

‘That boy has changed.’

The socially awkward boy had transformed.

He didn’t fidget or appear anxious.

He didn’t exert too much force or act unnaturally.

Those hard-to-observe traits had disappeared.

‘I feel a sense of calm.’

When Violet called Ian, she originally intended to ask how he had improved his magic circle composition and drawing skills so quickly.

However, that concern had long since disappeared from Violet’s mind. From the moment she was tapping the table in her office, her sole focus had been on ‘Ian’s transformation’.

‘I guess I should test him once.’

Violet adopted a more professorial, professor-like, tone.

“Magicians inherently form hypotheses and verify them when events occur.”

Ian nodded quietly.

“I made a few assumptions.”

“About what?”

“Why Ian has appeared to change so much.”

Ian didn’t show any particular reaction, which made Violet even more attentive.

“First, there’s a malevolent spirit inhabiting your body.”

Ian flinched.

His shoulders trembled lightly.

That was a sharp curveball.

From Ian’s perspective, it was inevitable for him to think,

‘How does she know?’

Was Professor Violet different from the other instructors at Lichten Academy? He was surprised in that sense. He quickly composed his expression, but it felt like he was a bit late.


Expectedly, Violet hadn’t missed Ian’s transformation.

She nodded as if she had expected it.

“Yes. I can understand Ian laughing at that. It’s quite an outlandish assumption.”

It was a misunderstanding.

Ian had some time to regain his composure.

“…I didn’t doubt it.”

“Yes, I noticed how you tried to hold back your laughter. You have very good manners. Thankfully.”

Violet grinned.

A mischievous yet mature smile on her face.

She leaned closer to Ian suddenly.

Ian didn’t avoid her.

He met her gaze.

Deep, curious eyes that seemed endless.

He noticed a late but distinct scent of various herbs, potions, and books mixed together.

So, this is what a magician smells like, Ian thought, his adaptation to the fantasy world increasing.

Violet playfully raised the corner of her lips.

“This is another change. You used to be quite immature in your emotional expressions. If I did this back then, you might have blushed. Whether I’m your homeroom teacher or not.”

“I apologize.”

“No need to apologize. You’ve changed, haven’t you? You’ve become more proficient…”

Violet opened the hem of her own shirt, which had been left undone on purpose.

“…and more mature.”

With those words, Violet fell silent.

Ian’s desire couldn’t be contained any longer.

His instincts that had been suppressed when dealing with students were bubbling up.

It wasn’t Professor Violet but Magician Violet who was trying to break out.

He couldn’t stop it.


The process and the result.

Magicians are often criticized as being trash who only care about the result.

But that’s a story told by those who know nothing.

In the eyes of magicians, the process is also crucial.

You need to remember the process that led to a good result so that you can repeat that result whenever you want.

That’s how it is with magic circles.

Magic circles are all about the process.

To achieve a good magic result.

In that sense, Violet found Ian’s transformation interesting.

What exactly had happened to him during the week he didn’t come to school?

 How did a boy who was so pathetic turn into an exciting young magician?

She was curious.

She wanted to know that “process”.

If stalking girls, suffering from unrequited love, and jumping off the rooftop were part of the process, could boys like Ian emerge as baby magicians?

If that were the case, Violet could push the students off the school roof without hesitation.

Ian’s “result” was that enticing.

In short, the “process” was important to magicians as well.

If there was a process that could produce beautiful results, magicians could create that beauty as many times as they wanted.

They just didn’t consider the ethics of the process.

Violet, who had been contemplating whether to push a few students she didn’t like off the roof or a cliff, suddenly remembered the face of the headmaster and snapped out of it.

‘… If you mess with the students one more time, I won’t let it go.’


Violet quenched her appetite.

And with the thought of “headmaster”, she remembered something to tell Ian.

It was something professors should never tell their students…

Once again, let’s emphasize: magicians are willing to tolerate any unethical process to achieve a ‘beautiful result’.

“Student Ian.”


“Let me tell you something.”

“…What is it?”

“Soon, a disciplinary committee will be convened to decide on your expulsion or suspension. They found some troubling things where you jumped from.”

“…Is it okay to tell me this? Convening a disciplinary committee is always a secret matter. By telling the student, you might put yourself in danger as well…”


Violet laughed and playfully slapped Ian’s back.

It didn’t hurt much.
On the contrary, it felt more like a caress.

“It’s so interesting, isn’t it? You right now. I’d even consider making you my research subject.”

“…I’m honored.”

“To be honest, I’m quite excited. I shouldn’t be doing this to a student.”

“Thank you.”

“So, will you not forgive me if you get expelled? I’ll actively help you, so I expect some compensation.”

Ian nodded silently.

Then he asked,

“What kind of compensation would you like?”


Violet hesitated for a moment.

“A Master’s degree?”

Violet softly raised the corner of her lips.

But her cat-like eyes remained expressionless.

It was truly intimidating.

“Whew… I almost got into big trouble.”

Ian, who had just rushed out of Violet’s room, entered the bathroom.

— Swoosh!

He immediately washed his face and also cleaned his ears.

“A Master’s degree.”

It was truly an unexpected statement.

As soon as he heard it, shivers ran down his spine.

At the same time, his brain went into overdrive.

He needed to do whatever it took to survive.

To escape from the skilled magician’s grasp.

Fortunately, a reasonable response came to mind.

— Ahaha! A meal? Yes! I’ll treat you to a meal!

He then ran out without looking back.


He had underestimated the professors of this fantasy world during his adaptation.

No matter how different this world was from the modern one, there were things they had in common.

For example,

Death. It was painful whether it happened in reality or in a fantasy world.

Violence. It hurt when you were hit, no matter where you were.

Dishes. You had to do the dishes, and they would stack up if you didn’t.

Master’s degree. It was something you shouldn’t pursue.

“I really felt like I was caught in a spider’s web.”

… Professor Violet.

He needed to be careful from now on.

“But I’m really grateful that she warned me about the disciplinary committee.”

Disciplinary Committee.

A committee responsible for deciding on the expulsion or suspension of students at the Lichten Academy.

Gathering evidence to prove his innocence was crucial.


As is customary with disciplinary committees, there is a certain amount of emotional fighting involved. Shouting evidence alone wouldn’t be enough.

Ian and a professor needed to jointly argue his innocence.

“… I need to find someone who will stand on my side.”

He needed someone on his side.

In other words, he needed to make allies, friends.

A new goal had been added.

‘It won’t be easy, but I’ll give it a try.’

With this determination in mind, Ian used cold water to clear his head and returned to the classroom.

However, he came to a sudden stop.

“…Why is nobody here?”

Clearly, it was still class time, yet the classroom was completely empty.


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