The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 7

Sorry, I’m Not in the Same Group as the Heroine

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Magic, Knight, Priest, and Reconnaissance Departments.

Lichten Academy was divided into four major disciplines.

This reflected the academy’s emphasis on practicality and the basic party composition.

In other words, the divisions within the academy mirrored the divisions in the real world.

For example, there was tension between Reconnaissance and Magic.

From the magicians’ perspective, scouts were somewhat uneducated (according to magicians), and they weren’t well-regarded compared to knights or priests.

From the scouts’ perspective, they did similar jobs, but magicians comfortably cast spells from behind while they worked hard.

This atmosphere was also reflected in Lichten Academy.

< Foundations of Reconnaissance and Exploration >

Professor Rowen of the Reconnaissance Department’s class was summoned to the western forest for that reason.

‘We needed to properly educate these novice magicians who only care about their own abilities.’

The shadowy forest where monsters and powerful creatures roamed.

While they weren’t deadly, they were powerful enough to break the spirit of magic students.

That’s why the < Foundations of Reconnaissance and Exploration > class was suddenly summoned to the western end of the Lichten Academy grounds just before the class began.

As for Ian…

“Where is everyone?”

Of course, he didn’t know that.

An empty classroom.

If it were Pongpong, he would have been in despair, sulking in a corner of the classroom, claiming to be ostracized.

But Ian was different now.

He quickly asked nearby students and professors for information.

As a result, he could reach the western outskirts of Lichten Academy.

“There he is!”

The moment when students and professors could be seen in the distance.

Someone shouted.

It seemed like a professor.

‘Wow, they had good eyes. I can’t even see facial features from here.’

As he got closer, the professor’s appearance became clearer.

Pale skin and short blond hair.

Overall, a slim but agile-looking body stood out.

But what impressed him the most was the pointed ears.


No wonder they were having classes near the forest; it seemed to match the professor’s background.

“I’m sorry.”

Ian approached the professor and bowed his head respectfully.

By the way, was this person, or rather, elf, a man?

From up close, there was a strong sense of androgyny, even in their voice.

“Student Ian. Why are you late? Everyone had to wait under the scorching sun because of you.”

The professor asked in a cold tone, seemingly quite angry.

Now that he thought about it, the atmosphere here wasn’t particularly pleasant.

‘It’s eerie.’

Did the professor’s words serve as some kind of signal?

Following that, the students directed disdainful glances at Ian.

– We had to stand in the scorching sun because of you.

– Pongpong is like that.

It was the look in their eyes.

‘… These b*stards?’

Naturally, Ian felt unjust.

If a classmate had been summoned by the homeroom teacher, it was something he could at least offer some understanding for. Or at the very least, he could have given the professor a reason for his lateness.

In his frustrated state of mind, he could have simply laid out the truth before the professor.

However, Ian shook his head.

Pongpong’s reputation within the class was beyond terrible. Anything could happen at any moment because of it.

That’s why Ian chose a different approach.

“I’m sorry. Because Professor Violet was urgently looking for me, I couldn’t say anything to my colleagues and had to rush there.”

Of course, it was somewhat unfair, that was a fact.

But there was no reason to turn the classmates into enemies.

Instead, handling it this way was like leaving a debt to the kids.

And sure enough,

The sharp gazes of those sharp-witted ones softened in an instant.

Some even lowered their gazes to the floor.

They must have felt a slight sense of guilt.

‘After all, school is like a small society.’

Ian, who had already experienced social life before the possession, thought.

He had plenty of room to handle such incidents lightly.

Or maybe he didn’t know.

‘If I improve my image in the class little by little like this…’

There might be ones who would help when he got attacked by the non-v*rgin heroine later.


“Hmm. Protecting your colleagues, huh? You’re the first kid I’ve seen among the magicians like you. Alright, I’ll let it slide this time. I hope there won’t be such incidents from now on.’

“I will be careful. Thank you.”

Fortunately, it seemed to sit well with this elf professor.

The professor’s sharp demeanor softened slightly.

‘He’s really good-looking. No, is he pretty?’

Ian went over to the group of students who had gathered.


He felt some eyes on him.

Looking around, he saw Lina standing a little ahead of him.

She glanced at him and then quickly turned away when their eyes met.

‘…Why is she acting like that?’

He ignored it casually.

The professor continued immediately.

“Now, since everyone has arrived, let’s start the class! I believe you all have a good understanding of the <Foundations of Reconnaissance and Exploration>  through the theory lessons.”

Unfortunately, Ian had never learned such a thing.

In “Fanta X Aca”, Reconnaissance and Exploration were concepts that could be completed with a single click.

‘I hope I won’t die here, will I?’

Such expectations were quickly shattered.

“Today, as you all know, the Shadow Forest we will explore can be dangerous to your lives. Uncontrolled monsters may appear. In such cases, send a rescue request quickly.”

Ah, so this is the “Shadow Forest”.

It was the forest that served as the backdrop for all sorts of gloomy atmospheres in the game.

It was conveniently located right next to the school, making it a suitable setting.

‘There were cases of disappearance, death by monsters… and even murder.’

Ian’s pupils shook slightly as he recalled the sinister setting associated with the location.

“Time is until 5 o’clock when the sun begins to set. During that time, you need to find a magical object hidden in the forest or locate a specific magical marker. Any questions?”

Lina asked cheerfully.

“Um… what about lunch?”


“As expected of Lina!”

“There’s plenty to eat in the forest. Just try to avoid mushrooms if you can. This time of year, there are a lot of poisonous ones.”

With that, the professor concluded the answer.

“Now, everyone, form teams of two!”


Did they just suddenly say to form teams of two?

Ian, who was about to walk into the forest, flinched.

‘I think I’d be better off alone.’

Suddenly, he remembered a physical education class from his childhood.

What if I’m the only one left alone? That desperate tension.

‘It’s always like this when the class size is odd…’

It was as expected.

When the teacher said, “One group, make it three,” that was the only hope. Or something like, “I’ll assign groups in numerical order”.

But Ian shook his head.

He was too old to have such futile hopes.

After all, it’s just a momentary annoyance, isn’t it?

Just a moment of trauma from childhood.

‘Pongpong probably had this kind of experience, hating it to the core.’

Kids of this age are all like that, originally.

The result is already predetermined.

‘Let’s accept it proudly.’

After all, he’s alone.

It was not because he did something wrong.

It was because of the accumulated karma from before.

While Ian was trying to boost his confidence in this way,


Lina was giving Ian a quick glance.


A quick glance.

As soon as the words “form teams of two” were mentioned, Lina observed Ian.

Ian was always flustered and even broke into a cold sweat whenever team formation lessons came up.

Still, he would try various tricks to end up in the same team as Lina.

Rolling his eyes or subtly approaching her.

But there were always friends who rushed to be around her, so it rarely worked out.

‘Why aren’t you doing that today?’

It was a reflexive question.

It seemed that the current Lina, the sole focus of Ian’s attention, couldn’t help but be concerned about it.

Unconsciously, Lina bit her lip.

“Lina, are you feeling unwell?”

“Huh? Oh? No, it’s nothing. Hehe.”

Lina quickly regained her smile.

‘… I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore.’

She was surprised.

When Ian reappeared.

And when she made a resolution.

To just think of him as non-existent.

‘But that doesn’t work.’

He had changed too much.

Sometimes, he used to be someone she worried about and would glance at even if she turned around. Now, even though she was staring at him like this, he wouldn’t meet her eyes at all.

Rather, if it doesn’t work out, just do it alone. I feel like I have some leeway.

‘… This can’t go on.’

Once again, the sudden change in a person was quite unsettling.

Lina swallowed her saliva.

‘Everything is perfect.’

Scouting practice.

And the location was the Shadow Forest.

Furthermore, the team composition was in pairs.

There couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity to be alone together.

‘If we go deep into the forest, no one will notice.’

Lina lightly nodded her head.

It seemed like it would work.

“Lina, want to team up with me?”

“Ahaha… Sorry!”

She rejected her friend’s offer with a laugh.

Then she turned to face Ian.

There was no smile on her face.

One step.

Two steps.

Lina approached Ian.

Her clenched fist turned red as if she had made a decision.

Just like that, it wasn’t long before she was by Ian’s side.

— Swoosh!


Someone brushed past Lina.

And then, they stuck to Ian in front of her.

“Ian! Let’s team up!”

Lina stopped in her tracks.


Did someone just ask Ian to be on their team?

She couldn’t believe it.

‘Especially when I came all the way here…?’

Blink. Blink.

Lina stared blankly at the scene before her.

This didn’t ever happen before.

What should she do?

Her mind went blank.

At that moment, the professor shouted,

“You there, the red-haired student who’s alone.”

Who was the red-haired student who was alone?

‘…Ah. It’s me.’

Lina’s head turned back toward the professor.

“Lina, couldn’t find a team member?”

The professor asked.

Lina looked around.

Everyone had a partner.

…What’s this?

Am I the only one without a team?

Her eyes gradually filled with embarrassment.

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