The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 62

Disciplinary Committee (2)

“…That’s how it happened.”

Sharon Pierce finished her testimony.

In summary, all four female students rejected Ian’s confession, and they all read the threatening letter left by Ian.


As if waiting for her testimony to end, Professor Todd Cam slammed the table and exclaimed.

“Is this acceptable in an Academy of sacred learning? S*icide threats just because they didn’t accept a confession! This is why young people these days… Let’s expel him immediately!”

Every time Professor Todd Cam shouted, spit flew, but Sharon calmly held her position at the witness stand.

Her composed attitude added credibility to her words.

Moreover, the weight of the testimony from a Pierce family member differed from that of ordinary students.

After she stepped down, opinions were naturally expressed.

“It seems trustworthy.”

“Professor Todd Cam has a point. He is indeed someone with clear reasoning.”

Some professors nodded, and there were even those who took the opportunity to flatter.

It was well-known that he held influence in the Raymond family.

Violet frowned at the scene.

“Everyone, calm down. Except for the letter, isn’t everything else circumstantial evidence?”

Professor Todd Cam raised his temperature on his toad-like face.

“Professor Violet! All four cadets gave the same testimony in the preliminary hearing! Why do they say different things after hearing it together?”

“There’s no physical evidence.”

“There’s consistency in the testimony! And, more importantly, it’s about the victim’s feelings, isn’t it? Feelings! Emilia Raymond, Sharon Pierce, Saint Candidate Aria, Lina Rosewell—all of them are promising students, aren’t they? Those kids are suffering like that, and you speak so coldly!”

Was he appealing to emotions rather than logic?

“Professor Todd’s opinion is correct. If we show leniency, it won’t end well when the reporters start asking questions.”

“We need to decisively cut ties.”

“From the beginning, Ian’s reputation wasn’t that great.”

“It wasn’t just not great. It was the worst. The absolute worst.”

A back-and-forth exchange among Professor Todd Cam’s group.

Violet sighed lightly as she watched them.

Then she intervened.

“Wait a moment. Professor Suzy Dismal has something to say. Professor? Please speak up.”

“Uh… me.”

“Feel free to speak.”

“…During the last Median House attack, Student Ian’s help was significant. He provided information about the blue mushroom spores in advance, allowing us to prepare the antidote to some extent.”

“What’s the conclusion?”

“In my opinion, Student Ian Blackangers is not entirely in the wrong? Saying it like that might be unreasonable.”

Clinical Magical Pharmacology Professor Suzy Dismal.

As soon as her story ended, Violet grinned.

“Now, isn’t it a bit too tense based on circumstances alone? It might be better to consider evidence-based on the disciplinary committee regulations even at this point.”

Some professors, leaning towards neutrality, nodded at Violet’s words.

“Hmm… Come to think of it, didn’t he also not receive a commendation during the last ceremony?”

“Reflection might be possible, but maybe his inherent nature is correct.”

Todd Cam’s face contorted in an instant.

‘…Those b*tches!’

Why were they making such a fuss over something insignificant?

But there was no need to worry too much.

Information had already come from the Raymond family.

‘It was mentioned that there was a discussion with Lina Rosewell in advance.’

Originally, only Sharon Pierce was planned to testify, but just in case, Lina Rosewell’s testimony was also prepared.

In the end, whether this way or that way, the Disciplinary Committee followed the flow and momentum.

Todd Cam, having made his calculations, once again slammed the table.


His fat neck shook with the impact.

“Well then, let’s call Student Lina Rosewell as well. Since she was able to attend as a witness today.”

“Unless there’s evidence, it’s meaningless…”

“Are you going to ignore the voice of the victim? The Disciplinary Committee is for the victims. Student Lina Rosewell. Please come in.”

Seeing Lina Rosewell enter as the door opened, Professor Todd Cam chuckled inwardly.

‘Money is rolling in on its own.’

If he handled this matter properly, the amount of gold coins he would receive from the Raymond family would be substantial.

But that was not all. With Raymond’s support alone, reaching higher positions in Lichten would also be possible.

“I am Lina Rosewell.”

He glanced at Lina Rosewell.

‘Her b*****s may not be large; it seems she’s been losing weight here and there.’

Professor Todd Cam quenched his appetite.

With a sly smile, he opened his mouth with an oily voice.

“S*icide threats, it must have been a difficult memory to overcome to come forward with testimony. It might be a painful memory for the students, but could you please describe your feelings at that time in detail?”

Lina Rosewell’s testimony.

She, known for her endless friendliness, could completely dominate the atmosphere of this disciplinary committee if she shed tears.

‘Evidence? How amusing.’

Just like this. Confirm Ian’s disciplinary action, receive the money.

As Todd Cam’s lips curled up, Lina spoke.

“I don’t believe Student Ian did such a thing.”

“Really. It must have been difficult if you experienced such an event… No, what?”

“I believe Student Ian is being falsely accused.”

“What are you talking about! Clearly, even during the pre-hearing…”

“There was a misunderstanding at that time. I apologize for the incorrect testimony, but it was a case that was difficult to judge rationally. The contents of the will were shocking. Moreover, at that time, there was pressure from other victims… Well, now I’m not sure if they’re victims, but there was pressure on us.”

… What was she talking about?

Wait a moment.

He had planned to use Lina Rosewell’s detailed testimony to drive the point home emotionally.

But what was she saying?

She didn’t think Ian would do such a thing?

She feels he might have been falsely accused?

The story was different.

Todd Cam began to break into a cold sweat.

“Um… Wait…”

But Violet Professor didn’t miss the opportunity and interrupted.

“A false accusation… There seems to be a need to clarify this part a bit. Isn’t this a completely new testimony?”

The atmosphere of the committee rapidly changed.

Even though Todd Cam tried to speak.

“Well… Just a moment.”

“What do you have to say?”

“No, it’s not that…”

He couldn’t come up with a suitable remark.

Taking advantage of his hesitation, Violet spoke up.

“Now it seems like it’s time to hear Ian’s testimony. Please call Ian.”

A shady area in the Disciplinary Committee’s observation room.


Emilia Raymond was grinding her teeth.

‘That useless human.’

Seeing the pathetic figure of Professor Todd Cam, Emilia Raymond shook her head.

She hadn’t expected Lina Rosewell’s betrayal… But there was nothing difficult to handle in that situation.

‘If you’re going to stumble over receiving a recent disciplinary action, then just do it.’

Why couldn’t she do such an easy thing?

Emilia felt a sense of nausea at Todd Cam’s toad-like face.

This is why you should spend money wisely when you spend it.

If only she could acquire a more useful professor.

She simply kept a low profile during this committee session because there were many eyes watching from the outside.

When even the bishop of the church came out, she was a bit surprised.

“Well, as long as Pierce’s side is sincere, it should be fine.”

She glanced at the journalist walking out of the observation room.

Ian entered abruptly.


And right behind him, the door to the meeting room was slammed open.

A sudden rudeness.

It was natural for everyone’s attention to turn to the door.

“What in the world… Who are you!”

While some professors were getting angry…

“The Crimson Flame Knights?”

On the contrary, professors who prioritized substance recognized the uninvited guest.

Although Lichten Academy may have seemed like an independent institution at a glance, it was ultimately an Academy within the Empire’s sphere of influence. The Crimson Flame Order, one of the two major knight orders serving the Emperor. Among them, knights with significant responsibilities were beings that differed significantly from ordinary professors at the Academy.

A few professors quickly assessed the situation.

“Amidst your busy schedule, you’ve come all the way here. May I ask what brings you here?”

Some professors seemed to be busy getting angry, but others didn’t show it.

No good could come of challenging Imperial authority.

“I am here to serve as Miss Sharon Pierce’s guardian.”

A brief pause as the knight, Aran, caught her breath.

A loud sound erupted from her lips.

“Threatening s*icide to the Pierce family? And you intend to let it slide? Are you all insane?”

Aran Alteach, with eyes filled with madness and contempt, looked around at the professors.

Each professor who met her gaze flinched.

However, a courageous professor cautiously spoke up among them.

“Just looking at it, there are conflicting testimonies, and there’s no clear evidence.”

“What? Evidence? Hey, Professor there.”

“No. Just calm down for a moment.”

“Still, I thought I’d watch over this prestigious academy, but this isn’t right. Does the name ‘Pierce’ mean nothing to you so easily?”

“Of course, that’s true, but this is an academy with a clear extraterritorial jurisdiction…”

She pulled something out from her bosom.

A badge indicating the authority for immediate judgment.

Silence fell in the meeting room.

“If this incident is properly handled, it could be nothing.”

She stepped into the center of the room.

“But if not.”

Then, looking at each professor, she spoke each word carefully.

“You should be prepared for what you’re doing.”

Silence enveloped the space.

In the midst of it, Ian was rolling his head.

Though he came in with Aran, he seemed overshadowed, present but unremarkable.

Aran overwhelmed the meeting room with her momentum.

However, there was a clear dissatisfaction with her presence, even though she hadn’t stepped forward.

‘It might be good to break the atmosphere a bit and go in.’

Should I do it myself?

Just as Ian was about to speak.


Once again, the door opened.

“Is this the level of the Disciplinary Committee of Lichten Academy?”

Creak, creak.

With a lively sound of footsteps, someone walked in.

“Who dares to…”

Aran Alteach was about to retort with arrogance, but she stopped on the spot.

“What a mess. Is this almost like a street brawl? Don’t nobles behave like this? It’s fun. It’s like a cheap play.”

“…P-Princess Asteria? How did you end up here?”

She bowed, showing respect.

A slight disturbance erupted in the meeting room.


Princess Asteria chuckled lightly.

“Oh, right. I came to enroll in Lichten Academy. I came down for registration and decided to check things out. I love courtroom plays.”

One of the professors spoke up.

“Princess, we’re currently in the midst of the Disciplinary Committee, so it might be a bit awkward unless you’re involved. If you want to watch, there’s a separate way…”

Turning her head towards the professor, Princess Asteria gave a playful smile.

“Oh, I didn’t know how to do that. Aren’t I famous? The Third Princess Asteria, known for being foolish. Oh, right. Didn’t you just point that out, Professor?”

“N-No, it’s not like that! I didn’t mean to insult the royal family. I-I apologize!”

“No, whether it’s true or not, and since it’s bothersome, an apology is enough. Anyway, it looked like it would be fun, so I came to see.”

Swish. Princess Asteria extended her hand.

“More than that, is it proper to judge the situation by the volume of the voice? It’s noisy and has no substance. Isn’t the primary focus in court supposed to be the battle of truth?”

Silence among the committee members.

The princess then turned to Ian.

“And I think you’re a suspect, but don’t you have any evidence? In plays, when someone says, ‘Objection!’ it’s cool and all. Do you have evidence?”

Standing there silently, Ian finally spoke.

“I’ve prepared the evidence to submit.”

“What is it?”

“A portion of the will that the victim claims I wrote, and SIlvia Laurent as a witness and a handwriting expert vouched for by her.”


Smirking, Princess Asteria laughed.

“Now it feels a bit more like a trial. I’ll watch from above then.”

Swiftly turning around, the Princess glanced at Ian.

In that moment when their eyes met, one of her eyelids blinked and then opened wide.

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