The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 63

Disciplinary Committee (3)

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Ian was bewildered.

With a dignified appearance, as if pulled from golden silk, she had long and shiny blond hair and a somewhat aggressive figure.

Winking with one bright blue eye slightly closed, the passing figure was named Asteria. She was the third princess of the Britannian Empire.

‘Why would the princess be interested in me…?’

The influence of the emperor was absolute in the central part of the continent where Lichten was located.

Asteria was the direct descendant and child of that emperor.

Noble, dignified…

Describing the presence of the emperor’s bloodline here was so heavy that it was difficult with just a few words.

The atmosphere in the disciplinary committee, frozen in an instant, was proof of that.

Even the distinguished professors were silent in the space.

Of course, if you scrutinize it, there might be a few individuals within the academy whose power and reputation match that of the princess.

However, they must have possessed overwhelming talent, put in relentless effort, and had good luck to reach their positions.

The princess, on the other hand, possesses nobility equal to their lifetime achievements solely through her bloodline.

Such a person suddenly appeared in the disciplinary committee.

It was natural that no one would be unsurprised.

Ian’s reason for being shocked, however, was different from others.

‘It’s about time for Princess Asteria to enroll.’

She was the central character in Act 2 of the main scenario, “Frozen River.” The scenario began with Asteria entering the Academy and searching for trustworthy students.

‘The foolish princess’, ‘The princess entranced by luxury’…

Contrary to her public image, Asteria would embark on genuine successor activities starting from the Academy.

Therefore, her presence here was not surprising.

Ian was just curious about why she took an interest in him.

‘Well, the situation isn’t bad for now.’

Whether it was because she was a drama enthusiast as she claimed or for some unknown reason, Ian was helped.

It was fortunate that the content of her interest was positive since there were things to extract from the princess in the future.

—”Ahem. Let’s proceed with the disciplinary committee.”

After an unintended break, the disciplinary committee resumed.

Professor Violet skillfully took the lead.

—”Student Ian, what evidence have you prepared?”

—”Professor Violet, right now, rather than that trivial evidence…”

In response to Professor Todd Cam’s objection, Professor Violet glared at him.

—”Are you calling the essential content for determining disciplinary measures ‘trivial evidence’? Moreover, I mentioned it because Princess Asteria kindly made a good suggestion. Professor Todd Cam, are you expressing the princess’s proposal as ‘trivial’?”

—”N-no, that’s not what I meant! Absolutely not!”

—”Then just listen. Student Ian, we request the evidence you mentioned earlier.”

Todd Cam grumbled.

Professor Violet effectively controlled the atmosphere.

Ian’s mouth opened.

“I was able to obtain a part of the controversial will, ‘allegedly written by me’, during the Median House incident.”

—”If it’s the Median House, it must be the threatening will that Student Lina Rosewell had.”

—”Yes. I requested an analysis of that will. I propose Silvia Laurent and the handwriting expert she hired as witnesses for the results.”

—”Those in favor of accepting witnesses and evidence submission, please raise your hands. Yes, majority rules. Come in.”


From here on, it was a speed battle.

Silvia, who entered and made eye contact with Ian, lightly smiled and stood in the witness stand with a serious expression.

Beside her was a man in his late forties, giving off the impression of a skilled artisan.

 After a brief introduction, Silvia took out a document.

It was the s*icide threat will that Lina Rosewell had kept.

She spoke.

“I had the handwriting analyzed. It matched Ian Blackangers’ handwriting by 90%.”

People who thought that the content would be favorable to Ian were in the majority.

The hall buzzed.

Todd Cam, who was dumbfounded, shouted.

—”See? It’s confirmed that Ian did it! What kind of evidence is this, full of hearsay…!”

However, his words were immediately drowned out.

Silvia asked the expert standing next to her.

“It was only a 90% match. Isn’t this a figure that can easily be achieved with a trained forgery specialist?”

“Yes, that’s correct. Even if you’re not an expert, if you have enough data, you can produce a similar result by following along.”

“There is also the possibility that this will itself is a false accusation manipulated by someone, isn’t there?”

“If we only consider the handwriting, the possibility remains.”

Silvia, nodding, now looked at Ian.

“I became curious around this point. Ian, have you exchanged notes or letters with anyone?”

A script pre-prepared.

Ian responded naturally.

“A few notes with Student Lina Rosewell. Many exchanges with Student Aria Lumines Bell.”

“For notes, collecting the entire handwriting might be challenging. So, what’s your relationship with Aria?”

“We are childhood friends.”

“Did you also exchange letters?”


The conversation flow naturally raised suspicions about the victims.

—”This is an absurd and forced logic!”

Observant Todd Cam muttered.

However, his resentment was immediately ignored.

“More importantly, there is one more crucial piece of evidence. The ink used in this will. I requested a composition analysis, and the result showed the inclusion of holy water…”

However, Silvia did not conclude and blurred her words.


Up to this point, it was a planned script.

The evidence Silvia proposed was all pointing to Aria Luminous Bell.

A candidate for saint.

No more strong arguments could be made.


Blaming a saint is in itself blasphemy.

Even if she was still a candidate, it was no different from challenging the authority of the church.

So, here, ‘he’ had to step in.

This was Ian and Silvia’s plan.

And sure enough.

— Drrrr

The sound of one audience seat being pulled echoed.

Bishop Freiha of the Lichten branch.

He stood up from the audience seat.

“Are you now suspecting Saint Candidate Aria?”

To that question, Silvia nonchalantly replied.

“The ink in question is distributed only to a specific individual by the church…”

Always showing a compassionate smile, the bishop’s expression stiffened.

“Lady Silvia Laurent, be careful with your next words.”

Simultaneously, an immense pressure enveloped the chamber.

Bishop Freiha.

Not only the bishop of the Lichten branch but also one of the 72 Cardinals of the Holy Kingdom of Constantine.

A person with abilities equal to his authority.


Most people in the room felt an unbearable force emanating from him.

A saint is a symbol of the church.

An existence that must be pure and chaste.

A candidate for sainthood, someone who could become such a saint, was suspected.

No one could challenge the bishop’s attitude.

But even up to this point, it was within the range expected by Ian and Silvia.

Silvia Laurent finished her words with a casual smile.

“… Furthermore, according to external experts, there is a possibility that the ink used is a relic, but in this matter, it would be necessary for the church to conduct an investigation.”

She left room for possibility.

She respected the church and implied stepping back a bit.

She also handed over the investigation to the church.

This was a kind of deal.

The bishop would probably understand the meaning.

“… In that case, the investigation should be handled by the church.”

The bishop, regaining his composure, promptly accepted Silvia’s proposal.

“Also, dear members of the disciplinary committee. Although I participated as an observer, I would like to suggest one thing. All incidents related to relics will be judged internally within the church as witch trials.”

Witch trials.

The mention of that word chilled the atmosphere in the room.

“I would like to investigate this incident on the church’s side as well. Therefore, I, Bishop Freiha, request the postponement of the disciplinary committee until the church’s investigation is concluded, indefinitely.”

—”… But!”

Professor Todd Cam objected.

However, the bishop’s eyes glowed fiercely.

“Witch trials are presided over by the Pope.”

No one here didn’t understand the meaning of those words.

Todd Cam also immediately closed his mouth.

—”The decision on the indefinite postponement of the disciplinary committee should be unanimous. To summarize, it seems that sufficient evidence from both sides has not been collected yet for this case. The results of the church’s investigation could also be crucial evidence. Therefore, I propose the indefinite postponement of the disciplinary committee. If you agree, please express your opinion.”



—”Same opinion.”

And finally, Todd Cam.

—”…Yes. I agree.”


And so, the indefinite postponement of the disciplinary committee was decided.


“Thanks for your help.”

“Why all this fuss? I’ll go in first. I want to talk openly with the princess over there.”

Silvia rushed off for networking.

Watching her retreating figure, Ian let out a small sigh.

‘…It’s done.’

With this, the disciplinary committee had safely passed.

Indefinite postponement?

No need to worry about it.

The church would most likely try to cover up this incident.

Indeed, the ink used for the will was confirmed to be a holy relic.

Symbolic relics received once becoming a candidate for sainthood.

Whether Aria wrote it herself with the ink or simply lost it mismanaging the relic.

It was Aria’s fault.

A saint must be pure in every aspect.

No sins, no records of being investigated for anything.

You wouldn’t want even a small blemish.

The church would probably never announce the results of their investigation.

That’s precisely why they involved the church in the resolution of this issue.

And it turned out to be the right solution.

“We achieved the goal.”

In the history of the Academy, no disciplinary committee had ever ended without some form of punishment.

Therefore, as long as it didn’t go to the end of the disciplinary committee, it was fine.

Indefinite postponement. The best outcome was obtained.

…But there’s still a lingering discomfort.

It felt like his skin was sticky, like the sweaty heat of midsummer.

Real messes also had this kind of chaos.

In the end, it was all because of political struggles.

When you thought about it, evidence or facts weren’t important in this committee.

They were just used as ammunition for endless political squabbles.

In terms of roles, professors and students.

In terms of affiliations, the Lichten Principality, the Britannia Empire, and the Holy Kingdom of Constantine.

In terms of classes, the royal family, high nobility, clergy, and knights.

At least half of the political squabbles in this worldview were a taste of what he experienced.

‘Come to think of it, it really was just a taste.’

With Princess Asteria’s appearance, the plot was about to intensify.

Act 2, ‘Frozen River’, revolved around the conflict between Princess Asteria, the third princess, and the Pierce family attached to another imperial successor.

‘Now, let’s prepare for the Act 2 scenario…’

With such thoughts, Ian left the location of the disciplinary committee.


In his eyes, a half-fazed Sharon Pierce appeared.

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