The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 70

Aino Makes Toru Sing a Love Song

First, it was the combination of Aino and Toru. Next, it was the combination of Chika and Toru.

It seems they would measure their compatibility based on who scored higher in the duet…

“The winner can ask Toru for anything.”

Chika said this, and Aino nodded.

Though Toru was somehow dragged into this bet.

The significance of a karaoke showdown was questionable. Toru glanced at Aino, who quietly said, “Isn’t it better to judge based on physical compatibility?” in a shy voice.

Chika lightly tapped Aino’s head, and Chika’s face turned bright red.

“No dirty jokes!”

“Konoe-san, you’re really serious. And, well…”

“Yes, I’m still a v*rgin! Is that a problem!?”

(Despite saying no dirty jokes, introducing a sensitive topic…)

Then, Chika glanced at Toru.

“I can’t imagine dating anyone other than Toru.”

Toru felt a jolt. Over the almost three years of estrangement, he had occasionally wondered if Chika had been dating someone.

Chika, the school’s top beauty, excelled in academics and sports, and was friendly to everyone.

It seemed impossible for her not to be popular, and she must have received multiple confessions.

However, Chika shook her head.

“I’ve been confessed to, but I turned them all down. Besides, I haven’t been confessed to that much, and I don’t think I’m that popular.”

Aino, looking puzzled, asked, “Why is that…?”

Toru somehow understood the reason.

“Chika might have seemed too perfect and unapproachable.”

“Yeah, that! In middle school, they said that! Not me, but they kept praising Mai…”

Mai was a girl who, in middle school, served as a student council officer with Chika. She was also popular, but she had a somewhat carefree and innocent charm.

Toru could understand why such girls were more popular.

“But if someone you really like asks you out, popularity doesn’t matter.”


Watching Toru and Chika, Aino puffed up her cheeks.

“Toru-kun is mine. How about singing this song?”

Aino unilaterally decided on the song. It was unusual for her, as she usually listened to Toru’s opinions.

But it seemed she was jealous of Chika.

“I’m quite popular too, you know?”

“I know that Aino-san is very popular. I’ve seen you get confessed to almost every day.”

“D-did Toru-kun start noticing me back then?”

“W-well, yeah.”

Even before they met at the bookstore, Toru and Aino were classmates. But Aino was a distant figure to Toru.

The cutest girl in the class, no, the school. A Nordic beauty with overwhelming presence.

Aino was distant. But not anymore.

Aino smiled happily.

“I’m glad. No matter how popular I am… Toru-kun is my fiancé.”

Aino took the microphone and stood up. Toru stood up too, influenced by her.

Chika said quietly, “You can sing while sitting, you know?” Toru and Aino looked at each other.

(I didn’t know…)

But the song had started, so Toru and Aino began singing.

Their first time singing karaoke was quite enjoyable. Toru could understand how this could be a stress reliever.

Being in front of Aino and Chika made him a bit nervous, but he soon got used to it.

Aino was very enthusiastic and a good singer.

Unlike Chika and Asuka, she wasn’t good at studying, but Aino was also a high-spec young lady.

However, Toru couldn’t help but be concerned about the overly romantic song Aino had chosen. It was a duet between a man and a woman, and the lyrics were embarrassingly explicit.

“You’re mine alone♪ I won’t give myself to anyone else♪”

Aino looked at Toru passionately while singing the lyrics beautifully. Toru hurriedly followed with the next lines.

“O-on nights without you, it’s like the end of the world. In other words, I love you and adore you.”

Such cheesy lines would never be said in reality.

Or would they someday, …if it was Aino?

Aino smiled mischievously, staring at Toru while singing.

(Well, as long as Aino-san is having fun, it’s fine…)

So, Toru and Aino’s duet ended, and it was time for the scores.

The result was 85 points.

“Not bad, right?”

Aino’s face lit up. Toru thought the same.

He didn’t know what a normal score was, but…

“I might have dragged you down quite a bit.”

“No, it’s thanks to Toru-kun.”

It made Toru a little happy when Aino said that.

Chika chuckled.

What happened? Toru and Aino turned to look at Chika.

“What a shame. Both of you. I’m really good at karaoke, you know.”

“I-Is that so!?”

When Toru questioned her, Chika proudly puffed out her chest.

“Be prepared. Toru will listen to what I say, after all.”


“And I’ll let you know, I don’t hold back, okay?”

Chika gave Toru a stern look and started the next song.