The Story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female Classmate Going Into Dere Mode as Soon as She’s Announced as My Fiancee Chapter 71

Toru was quite tired after singing a duet song with Chika.

It was the first time at karaoke, and they had to sing two songs in a row. The second song was a duet by two idols (of course, both girls).

Chika seemed to be enjoying herself and was very skilled.

Nevertheless, Toru was surprised because he had expected Chika to compete with Aino by including an intense love song for both male and female in the performance.

“I thought Toru would like this kind of song.”

“You really understand me well…”

The song they were singing was by the popular members of the idol group “Etoile Sandrillon”, Mina Ichinomiya and Azusa Myooin.

Toru was actually a fan too.

“We’ve been childhood friends, so I know everything about Toru.”

Chika said proudly.

In that sense, Chika knew Toru’s preferences inside out.

Even after three years, some things had changed, but many remained the same.

When the scores came in, they got an 88.

“I thought we would get a higher score.”

Chika said regretfully.

Since Chika had declared that she was good, it must be Toru’s fault.

When Toru said that, Chika chuckled.

“Thank you. Next time, I’ll teach Toru so we can get an even better score as a pair.”

Saying that, Chika gently took Toru’s hand. Toru, surprised, looked at Chika, but Chika didn’t let go of Toru’s hand.

“Do you both remember our bet, Toru and Luthi-san?”

Chika asked for confirmation. Toru nodded, and Aino stared at Chika.

The agreement was that the winner of the karaoke contest could command anything from Toru.

And in this battle, Chika was the winner.

While touching Toru’s hand, Chika wore a triumphant smile.

“Hehehe, I wonder what I should make you do…”

“I’m a little scared.”

Surprisingly, Aino remained calm. Without exposing any jealousy, she simply asked Chika one thing.

“Do you want Toru to do something n*ughty, Konoe-san?”

“Eh? That’s not true!?”

“Really? Aren’t you thinking about wanting him to touch your b*****s or something?”

“I’m not thinking about it. I don’t want Toru to touch my b*****s… that’s not the case. If Toru insists, fine, but…”

Chika blushed and cast her eyes down, stealing glances at Toru.

Suddenly, Toru felt uneasy as the conversation took an unexpected turn.

“N-no, it’s not like that… I mean, Chika, this is about you giving me an order, right?”

“Y-yes, but… I-I won’t give orders that are… you know, inappropriate.”

Seeing Chika in a state of confusion, Aino emphasized, “It’s for something wholesome.”

In the end, Chika was persuaded. With the authority to give orders, Aino felt relieved that Chika wouldn’t use it for anything strange.

Of course, if Chika were to say something odd—like asking Toru to touch her b*****s as she did before—Toru intended to put a stop to it.

However, depending on the circumstances, Toru’s rationality might be tested.

Toru couldn’t help but glance at Chika’s b*****s. Even though it was through her blouse, the texture was distinctly visible.

Only there they were totally different from three years ago, and so big that it was hard to believe that she was a 15-year-old girl.

Chika looked panicked and covered her chest with her hands.

“W-what are you looking at!?”

“S-Sorry! But, you two were saying things that made it hard not to be conscious…”

“I-It’s not like I mind if Toru wants to look…”

Chika said, looking embarrassed.

However, Aino was a bit bolder.

Suddenly, she unbuttoned the first button of her blouse, revealing the cleavage of her large chest and a glimpse of a pink bra.

Then, she leaned in closely to Toru.


“Don’t just keep looking at Konoe-san. After all, Toru-kun’s fiancée is me alone.”

“I thought we weren’t supposed to do… you know, intimate things in this room?”

“I did intend that, but I couldn’t resist because Toru-kun was looking at Konoe-san with those eyes. I lost, and it’s quite frustrating.”

“Aino-san, you’re unexpectedly competitive.”

“Yeah, that’s true. Especially when it comes to someone important.”

Saying that, Aino pressed her b*****s against Toru’s body, and they changed shape slightly.

“For a different competition, I won’t lose…”

Aino whispered in a low voice. Toru was left feeling excited, and on the other hand, Chika, perhaps ignited by a sense of rivalry with Aino, muttered, “I-Indecent things are not allowed!”

Just as it seemed Chika might intervene between Toru and Aino, Chika took Toru’s left hand and pressed it against her own b*****s.


“W-Well, I can summon this much courage.”

Seeing Chika like that, Aino chuckled.

“That’s right. I want Konoe-san to be more honest with herself like that.”

“Yeah, otherwise, it seems I can’t win against you.”

Aino and Chika’s gazes crossed.

In this unusual situation where Toru was being pressed against the b*****s of a blonde beauty with blue eyes and touching the b*****s of a black-haired, elegant beauty, Toru was perplexed and, at the same time, excited.

His heart raced like a fast bell.

In the end, Toru spent the remaining hour or so in close contact with Aino and Chika, though they refrained from touching each other’s b*****s or assuming positions where their chests would touch.

However, every chance they got, Aino and Chika approached Toru with comments like, “I’m cuter, right?” or “Toru’s preference is me, right?” and Toru was exhausted.

After enjoying karaoke together, Toru, Aino, and Chika left the building.

“That was fun! Toru-kun, Konoe-san!”


Chika nodded in agreement with Toru’s response.

Aino chuckled.

“Konoe-san, you’re really good at singing too!”

“I-I wonder if that’s true…?”

“Yeah! I’m happy we’re getting along well, Konoe-san!”

“Uh, um…um, is it okay if I call you Aino-san?”


“I-If you don’t like it, it’s fine…”

“No, I’m really happy! I’ll call you Chika-san too.”

Aino’s face brightened as she said that, and the two of them laughed together.

Toru thought it was picturesque to see the two beautiful girls getting along, but upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a matter unrelated to him.

Even if these two became friends, they were still rivals in love.

And the one who pointed out this fact was Asuka Sakurai.

“…! Renjo, what are you doing?”

Turning around, there stood Asuka in a T-shirt and jeans.