The Story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female Classmate Going Into Dere Mode as Soon as She’s Announced as My Fiancee Chapter 73

Just the Two of Us!

Feeling a gaze from behind, Toru turned around in a hurry, only to find Aino and Chika staring at him intently.




Aino and Chika exchanged glances.


“I thought it’s envy-worthy that Toru-kun is complimenting another girl’s appearance.”


“Is Toru always trying to charm girls like that?”


As everyone spoke up, Toru shrugged.


“I’m not trying to charm anyone. The only one who still likes me is probably Sakurai-san.”


“That’s not true, Toru-kun.”


Surprised by Aino’s words, Toru looked at her. Aino’s blue eyes sparkled.


“Because we both like you too, Toru-kun. Right?”


Seeking agreement, Chika blushed and nodded.


“And, speaking of that girl, she’s hardworking and impressive, isn’t she? Because she likes Toru, she’s probably trying to compete with me.”


“It’s not like that; I think it’s just pure rivalry.”


“Maybe it was at first, but it became obvious that it’s for Toru’s sake. Every time we met, she brought up the topic of you, Toru.”


“I-Is that so?”


“Yeah, she always talks about you. Popular guys have a good life.”


Chika said with a jealous look, and Aino chuckled.


“But, if I had left Chika alone, she might have lost to Sakurai-san, right?”


“W-Well, I did feel a bit rushed. She’s cute, after all…”


“Chika-san being able to be honest is thanks to me, right?”


“It sounds a bit presumptuous. But it’s a fact, so I’m grateful.”


Chika smiled.

Although there was resistance from Asuka initially, there was now a delicate balance among Toru, Aino, and Chika.


Toru and Aino were engaged, Toru and Chika were childhood friends and former fiancés, and Aino and Chika were friends and romantic rivals.

And they had accepted dating and living together as three.


“Now, let’s refocus. Where should we go next?”


Chika seemed to be in a good mood.


“I’m glad Chika-san is enjoying herself too.”


“Because Toru is here.”


“Eh, what about me?”


“Aino-san too…it’s fun to be with you though.”


Chika’s face turned bright red. Perhaps because she always wore a mask of a refined lady at school, expressing her feelings directly seemed to be a challenge for Chika.


“I also find it fun to play with Toru-kun and Chika-san. I didn’t have many friends before.”


Aino chuckled. Toru, too, hadn’t had many friends.

So, if being with Toru made Aino’s time a bit more enjoyable, he was happy.


“Hey, Toru-kun, Chika-san. It might be time for lunch soon.”


“Oh, then I know a delicious ankake noodles restaurant!”


“Chika-san, you eat ankake noodles? That’s a bit surprising…”


“Is it bad? It’s a specialty of Nagoya, you know. It’s fine.”


“I actually like it too.”


“Oh, come on! Don’t make fun of me.”


Chika playfully hit Aino’s forehead with her fist again. Although Aino made an exaggerated sound, her face was smiling, and it seemed like a playful interaction.


They had become so close that Toru felt like an outsider.

At that moment, Aino whispered to Toru, “It’s thanks to Toru that Chika-san and I get along so well.”

Toru smiled as Chika also laughed softly.


“Now, let’s play to our hearts’ content!”


Chika raised her fist energetically. Aino responded with an “Oh,” and they both seemed to be in high spirits.


Originally frail and expected to behave modestly as the daughter of the Konoe family, Chika had concealed her true self. She revealed a different side when she decided to stay overnight and became friends, again with Toru, and Aino.


Chika seemed to enjoy this newfound freedom.


“I’ll eventually reclaim Toru for myself, but for now, I think this moment with the three of us is enjoyable.”


“If Chika is having fun, I’m relieved.”


Toru had once hurt Chika. Regardless of the reasons, it was a fact.

But if Chika, in her current state, found joy in being with Toru, he felt a bit redeemed.


Even if it was just a fleeting comfort.


At that moment, Chika’s phone rang with its usual anime song ringtone.

Embarrassed, Chika looked at Toru.


“T-this isn’t my hobby or anything…!”


“‘Iris Aria,’ it’s interesting, isn’t it?”


Toru mentioned a popular yuri anime title, and Chika looked a bit pleased, saying, “You watched it too?”

Then, she quickly answered the phone.


Suddenly, Chika’s expression darkened.


“Yes, I understand. But…!”


The conversation was unclear, but it seemed to be a call from someone related to the Konoe family. In fact, Chika informed them, “I’ve been called back to the mansion.”


Aino looked worried.


“Are you okay?”


Chika smiled.


“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll be back soon, so don’t worry. But I have to go back to the mansion right now.”


“Too bad…”


“Well, as long as we’re living together, we can visit each other anytime. More importantly… Toru and Aino-san, don’t do anything too outrageous while I’m not around, okay?”


“Leave it to me!”


Aino confidently puffed out her chest. But Chika, with a complete lack of trust, muttered, “Don’t let them go on a date alone… What if they try to take advantage of the situation?”


Anyway, Chika said, “See you later,” and headed towards the subway station, seeming reluctant to leave.

As soon as Chika disappeared from view after descending the stairs, Aino hugged Toru tightly.


Toru got flustered as her large b*****s pressed against him.


“Ah, Aino-san!?”


“I wanted to have some alone time with Toru-kun, just the two of us.”


“Didn’t you say not to do anything outrageous?”


“Since you’re my fiancée, it doesn’t count as going overboard!”


Aino laughed with a mischievous smile and emphasized her b*****s against Toru.