The Story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female Classmate Going Into Dere Mode as Soon as She’s Announced as My Fiancee Chapter 72


Toru was bewildered by the unexpected encounter.

Although Nagoya is a densely populated metropolis, it is also a compact and convenient city.

The bustling areas are mainly concentrated around Nagoya Station or Sakae, and it’s not uncommon to run into acquaintances while riding the subway.

So, the fact that he met Asuka tomorrow was a possible situation given the circumstances.

Asuka seemed a bit flustered, murmuring, “It might be the first time I’ve been seen in casual clothes, Renjo…”

The situation was not favorable at all.

After spending time singing karaoke with Aino and Chika, Toru had just come out.

For Asuka, Chika was a rival, and Aino was a romantic rival. Moreover, Asuka seemed to have feelings for Toru.

However, neither Aino nor Chika showed any signs of being disturbed.

The only one in a fluster was Asuka.

“What’s the meaning of this? Playing around with two girls, you’re in a good position, aren’t you?”

Asuka spoke quickly, comparing Aino and Chika.

As the second best in everything, Asuka aimed to surpass Chika.

Toru had been cheering for that. However…

Chika had a perfect smile on her face, the same as when she was pretending to be a perfect beauty at school.

“Oh, Sakurai-san. Do you need something?”

“Why are you with Renjo?”

“We’re childhood friends, so we were hanging out together. Besides, we live together.”

Saying that, Chika deliberately leaned towards Toru. She might be trying to provoke Asuka.

“What’s the matter with living together? With Renjo and Luthi-san, the three of you?”

“Yes, that’s right. Is there something strange?”

“That’s absolutely strange!? And why are you getting along with Renjo all of a sudden!? Even though you’ve been cold to Renjo despite being childhood friends!”

As Asuka pressed her, the smile disappeared from Chika’s face.

Chika, with a serious expression, looked quite intimidating.

“You’re the one who doesn’t know anything about the situation.”

“If there are circumstances, is it okay to be cold to your childhood friend? That’s not right.”

Asuka’s words struck a chord with Chika.

Of course, Asuka was unaware of the kidnapping incident involving Chika or the unique circumstances of the Konoe family.

Therefore, from Asuka’s perspective, it seemed like Chika, who was high up in the school caste, was unreasonably cold to the inconspicuous Toru.

However, the reality was different.

“Well then, Sakurai-san. Let’s leave it at that…”

When Toru tried to intervene, Asuka probably glared at him.

“So Renjo will also protect Chika Konoe?”

“It’s not Chika’s fault.”

“Calling her by her first name…”

Oops. He accidentally called Chika by her name.

There were tears in Asuka’s eyes.

“Even though I was the one closest to Renjo. I’ve been in love with Renjo for a long time!”

“I didn’t know that you felt that way about me, Sakurai-san. You’re popular, good at studying, sports, and incredibly beautiful… I never thought someone like you would like me.”

“You should have noticed. Renjo’s insensitivity…”

“If you had told me that you liked me, Sakurai-san, I would have been very happy. I admired you as a friend. But…”

Toru couldn’t accept Asuka’s feelings at this moment.

Because Toru had Aino. He thought he should make that clear. It was the only honest way to face Asuka’s feelings.

But Asuka shook her head and interrupted Toru’s words.

“No, don’t continue.”

“I feel like I have to say it.”

“I don’t want to hear such words. Why can’t I be the first all the time? No one thinks of me as the best. Everything important is taken away by others. I thought it would be different with Renjo.”

Saying that, Asuka seemed on the verge of tears.

Toru didn’t know what words to say to comfort her.

Aino interjected.

“Hey, Sakurai-san. If you’re okay with it, I have a proposal.”

“A proposal…?”

Asuka, Toru, and even Chika turned their attention to Aino. Aino, feeling the attention, seemed flustered and started speaking hesitantly.

It was the same dating proposal she made to Chika.

“Sakurai-san, would you join too? In other words, compete for Toru-kun fairly.”

“W-Why do I have to participate in such a competition?”

“Both we and Sakurai-san like Toru-kun. So, I understand your feelings very well. However, no one wants an ending that they can’t accept, right?”

Aino whispered.

For a moment, Asuka seemed to hesitate about the proposal.

However, she quickly shook her head.

“I won’t accept such a proposal. Besides, my parents would never approve of me living in your house.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Besides, it puts me at a disadvantage. I don’t intend to get along with you guys.”

Asuka confronted Aino and Chika with a competitive spirit. Aino also seemed troubled.

Originally, Asuka hated losing, and that’s why she aimed to surpass Chika.

It seemed unlikely for her to back down.

“Watch! I’ll definitely make Renjo turn to me!”

There were no tears in Asuka’s eyes anymore. There was only the light of strong determination.

Toru liked this strong side of Asuka. As a friend, of course.

Asuka softened her expression and bowed her head to Toru.

“Sorry for disturbing you while you were having fun.”

“There’s no need to apologize. If anything, I should be the one apologizing.”

“Then, next time, treat me to dinner. Just the two of us, of course.”

Asuka said with a mischievous smile. Toru was captivated by that playful expression.

“See you at school, Renjo.”

With that, Asuka waved her hand and tried to leave.

Toru called out to her back.



“Casual clothes suit you, Sakurai-san. It looks good on you.”

“You’re complimenting me, right?”

“Of course. I thought you looked cute.”

Saying that, Asuka playfully adjusted the tips of her hair. She muttered, “Thank you,” happily and finally left.