About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 50

Three at School

As expected, we were the center of attention when we arrived at school.

I guess you could say there was a bit of a commotion.


Well, it was only natural since I was being grabbed by both arms by Kaho and Rei-san.


As I approached the entrance to the classroom, I happened to see my friend Ooki and Hashimoto-san, a member of the class committee, standing around talking.

They turned to look at me.


Ooki looked at me with a look of shock.


He mumbled something about being jealous and envious.

I’ll explain later, as I’m afraid of many things.


On the other hand, Hashimoto-san, a member of the class committee, looked at the three of us with an amused expression on her face.

Hashimoto-san said teasingly.


“Huh? Akihara immediately cheating on Kaho.”


Both Rei-san and Kaho were unanimous in saying that it was not the case, but for different reasons.

Rei-san said with a flush on her cheeks, “Haruto-kun isn’t cheating with me, he’s my boyfriend.”

Kaho chuckled and said, “It’s not cheating, it’s me that Haruto-kun really likes.”


Then Rei and Kaho glared at each other, and I held my head in my hands.


“Well, it’s just another battlefield, isn’t it?”


Hashimoto-san said carefree, but I was not in the mood.

Rei-san is famous as the goddess of the school, and Kaho is also very popular among the boys.


I was afraid that the boys would be jealous of me if those two were attached to me.

In fact, besides Ooki, there were several other students staring at me.

Kaho pulled me close and whispered in my ear.


“Two pretty girls have told you that they like you, you know. You have to put up with at least a little fuss.”


Her sweet breath tickled my ear.

A few people watching the scene let out a collective groan.


I hope I don’t … stand out.

But Kaho continued and came around in front of me and quickly brought her face close to mine.

It was like she was trying to kiss me and I panicked.


As expected, I was a little embarrassed in front of everyone.


The next moment, Rei-san yanked me. Suddenly, I almost lost my posture, and Rei-san held me up.

As a result, Kaho was stopped.


“I’m your girlfriend, Haruto-kun!”


Rei-san said firmly.


Everyone was taken aback, and only Hashimoto-san chuckled, “Mikoto-san is really bold.”

Kaho, on the other hand, was a little frustrated, “Too bad. I was going to show it off to everyone.”


Hashimoto-san compared Rei-san and Kaho.


“But Akihara is dating Mikoto-san, right? If so, does that mean Kaho intends to steal Akihara away from Mikoto-san?”


It’s true that if things continue as they are, both Kaho’s and my position could become a delicate one.

I would be the cheater, and Kaho would be the bad girl who instigated the cheating.


However, things have changed.


It was Yuki, Kaho’s best friend, who was there.

Yuki was looking at us in a stunned state of shock.


“Kaho… what’s wrong? You said you couldn’t see Aki as a boy.”


“I’m sorry, Yuki. That was a lie. The truth is, I like Haruto too.”


“… I’m glad to hear that. I’m … happy for you.”


The biggest obstacle to this was the fact that Kaho had no intention of getting together with me.

But now it’s different.


“Then there’s no need for Aki-kun and Mikoto-san to pretend to be together anymore, is there?”


Yuki said with a beautiful smile.



Yuki knew that my relationship with Mikoto-san was a fake.


Hashimoto-san, Ooki, and the rest of the students were all like, “What?” and “Huh?”, and puzzled looks appeared on their faces.


Rei also mumbled, “Oh.” and looked rather sad.

Kaho, on the other hand, opened her eyes wide and then smiled happily.


“I don’t understand, but it was a lie that Haruto and Mikoto are dating? Is it also a lie that Mikoto-san likes Haruto?”


“Uh-huh. I like … Haruto-kun, so I asked him to pretend to be my lover.”


Rei-san, perhaps deciding that she could no longer hide her fakery, readily admitted that she and I were faking being boyfriend and girlfriend.

But she also made it clear that she was not lying about liking me, which made me happy.


“I see. Then, I don’t have to be shy about anything, do I? I and Mikoto-san are on equal footing.”




“Neither of us is Haruto’s girlfriend, but we are equal rivals fighting to become his real girlfriend.”


“In other words, love rivals?”


“Yes. But I’m one step ahead of you, right? I’m Haruto’s childhood friend, and I got his first kiss.”


“But I had Haruto-kun kiss me six times.”


“Si-six times … But I got hugged by Haruto in my underwear!”


“I took a bath with Haruto-kun, though.”


Rei-san’s words made Kaho look aghast.

Rei-san seemed to have been disheartened by the revelation of my fake lover relationship with her.

But now, perhaps because she’s happy that she’s gained an advantage over Kaho, her blue eyes are sparkling.


Anyway, the two of them were conscious of each other so much that they didn’t seem to be paying any attention to what others were seeing.

But if things continue like this, my position will be in jeopardy.


This is not the place to talk about the many kisses, cuddles, and baths we took together.

The students around us were either amused or coldly watching us.

Gradually, students from other classes began to gather around and say, “What is going on?”


I grabbed the hands of the two girls.

Both Rei-san and Kaho looked surprised, “Eh?”, and their cheeks turned red at the same time.


I was embarrassed to see them react that way, so I asked them to stop.


“Both of you, let’s go to the Biology Preparation Room for a quick talk.”


Both Rei-san and Kaho nodded.

Hashimoto-san mumbled, “Now the three of them are going to make out.”