Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 16

Pioneering, but what?

Harvest time had arrived.

It appeared to be the best harvest in the last ten years.

The farmers’ faces were cheerful.

“Now you can rest assured that this year’s protection fee will be covered.

“What’s a protection fee, boy?”

Sima asked him what he meant by the usual Ryu Gokudo terminology.

“Oh, I made a mistake. Tax revenue.”

“I see. Do they harvest the coffee beans yet?”

“I think it will be about two months from now. I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

The processing plant (hut) for the coffee beans was also built with the profits from the wheelbarrows.

“In addition, after the harvest is over, we will be clearing the forests to expand the coffee fields. We are planning to cut down large areas in Daichi and Nidai Villages.”

“That’s a lot of work. I’ll do my best too!”

He nodded in agreement with Sima’s enthusiasm and felt that he had to do his best, as well.

The day of the forest clearing.

“You don’t have to cut the trees down one by one. I will take care of that. I’ll take care of the tree removal, trimming, storing, and clearing the land after the trees are cut down.”

“Huh? Don’t we have to cut down the trees and dig out the stumps?”

He said they didn’t have to do the hardest part of the job.

A seven-year-old boy in front of them would do it.

“Then, I’ll start.”

While the villagers watched,


Ryu held his hand toward the base of a tree and chanted earth magic.


With a sound, the soil at the base of the tree rose up, and the tree was pushed up from the ground, exposing its roots.

The tree was about to fall over, but at that moment,


Then the tree disappeared,s sucked into Ryu’s palm.

Magic storage. The tree could not be stored in its original state, but by turning it into a physical object with earth magic, it could be collected.

Then, he immediately turned around and put the stored tree in front of the waiting villagers.

And when he turned around again,


And then he would chant the earth magic.

The process was repeated.

At first, the farmers were taken aback by the piles of trees piled up in front of them, but then they rushed to work.

There was no way they were going to let Ryu do it alone.

Ryu was quietly going about his work.

Sima was waiting by his side, holding a bottle.


“Yes, young master!”

Sima handed Ryu a bottle.

It was a magic recovery potion.

He was only seven years old, and his magic power was limited.

He needed to replenish it before he ran out of magic power and collapsed, so he asked Sima to stand by with it.

One would think that this magic recovery potion would cost a fortune, but it was free.

Ryu made it himself.

He often obtained medicinal herbs while going into the forest every day, but selling them directly to the Apothecary Guild was cheap, because it was usually the work of adventurers.

So, after some trial and error to see if he could make it himself, he finally came up with this product.

It tasted very bad, but it was proven to be effective.


He drank it down with a bitter expression on his face, and then continued chanting earth magic and storage.

In no time at all, the forest was cleared.

The farmers were surprised and delighted as they worked.

At the same time, Ryu’s stomach was growling with potions…

“[The limit of [Magic Storage] has been reached. The current limit of [Magic Storage] will be exceeded by the ability [Limit Break] of [Gokudo]. The capacity of [Magic Storage] has been expanded.”

He heard the “Voice of the World” in his head.

“Okay! Now there’s more I can do!”

Ryu clenched his fist with joy as his belly shook.

Ryu tried to put a few bottles into the [Magic storage], which only allowed him to put in one bottle at a time.

He did not feel the limit yet.

Maybe this was quite an expansion!

Ryu wanted to check the limit, but he was working now.

It would be a nuisance to take too many out of storage at once, so he took them out a few at a time and continued working.

Due to the limits of Ryu’s stomach, they had to take a few breaks, but the work of clearing the forest was well underway.

Now it was time for the farmers to do their work.

Ryu rubbed his stomach as he watched the farmers working on clearing the land, feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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