Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 17

Candy Rigo, what is it?

The work to clear the forest for the expansion of the coffee fields was completed in a few days, many times faster than planned.

Thanks to Ryu’s strong workmanship, expenses and labor costs were reduced.

This year’s crop was also very good, so the harvest festival held in the Landmark territory every year at this time was sure to be a lot of fun.

Ryu wanted to make the festival as lively as possible, but he found it difficult to obtain sugar to make “candy apples”, a staple of the food stalls he came up with.

Sugar was precious in this world, so the price was high.

But Ryu did not give up.

Because he knew that the raw material for starch syrup is malt sugar.

In his previous life as a gangster, his senior gangster in charge told him this every time he got drunk.

“Listen, Ryuusei. Sprout barley to make barley sprouts, then dry and powder them. Add the dried barley sprouts into the porridge made with glutinous rice, and boil down the strained liquid to complete the syrup. Easy, right? Well, you don’t have to go through all that trouble, you can just buy it from a supplier. Gahahaha!”

Thank you, Senpai.

He used to be a pushy guy who tried to get people to pay for his sake, but now he was grateful to him.

Fortunately, sticky rice was part of the livestock feed, so it was readily available.

Barley was also easily available since it was produced along with wheat.

In other words, with this, he could make candy apples from his previous life, or even “Candy Rigos” from his present life.

Candy Rigo was easy to make; just boil down the syrup, twist it around the Rigo fruit, and let it cool.

When he showed them a sample in the kitchen of the house.

“This looks good.”

The chef, his brothers, and Sima were convinced and decided to cooperate to make a large quantity.

The large quantity of Candy Rigos lined up in the kitchen was a sight to behold.

“Strangely enough, I don’t feel like snacking.”

Jiro said, and everyone around him burst into laughter.

Once Ryu put the many Candy Rigos into his magic storage, the preparations were OK.

All that was left was to welcome the day of the harvest festival.

The day of the festival.

There was a stall that drew a crowd.

It was a stall set up by the sons of the lord’s family, everyone was curious to take a peek.

There, Sima, the young boy from the Nidai village.

“Come by and have a look! It’s a sugar candy made from Rigo fruit, wrapped in a sugar syrup. Its called Candy Rigo! It’s sweet and delicious! We have a limited number, so first come, first served!”

He encouraged the onlookers.

“Sugar candy!?”

The onlookers were astonished.

“I don’t mean to question the boys from the lord’s house, but sugar is expensive, how can you afford that price?”

An onlooker questioned.

“We prepared something special for this occasion!”

Ryu’s words were very convincing.

Ryu was a very active young man these days.

Then Tauro, the eldest son, arrived.

“It’s okay to have doubts, but the sooner the better! Better to worry about it after you’ve eaten!”

And then those who had been watching around them surged forward.

Curiosity was encouraged by Tauro’s words.

“Give me one!”

“I’ll have one too!”

“I’ve never eaten sugar candy before in my life, so give me four, including one for my family!”

Candy Rigos quickly became very popular.

Customers who bought the candies were eager to eat them on skewers.

“T-This is sweet! The sour taste of the Rigo fruit is delicious with the sweetness of the sugar.”

“So this is sugar candy… I didn’t know something so sweet could exist!”


The response was tremendous, and since most of the residents of the Landmark Territory had never eaten sugar before, they were impressed by their first sugar candy, creating a wave of emotion.

The Candy Rigos were sold out.

The 200 prepared for the event were gone in no time at all.

The great harvest and the wheelbarrow bubble gave everyone a little bit of luxury.

“It was a lot of work, but everyone loved it!”

Jiro said with excitement.

“Yeah! Everyone said it was delicious.””

Even the usually calm Tauro was excited to see the joy on everyone’s faces.

“Then, for everyone!”

Ryu took out the last four Candy Rigos from his magic storage.

“Oh, we didn’t eat any.”

When Tauro laughed, everyone laughed together and bit into their Candy Rigo.

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