Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 18

What is the source of the ‘black powder’?

Two months have passed since the great success of the candy apple stall at the Harvest Festival.

Harvesting had begun in the coffee fields.

Most of the fields were still in the growing stage and could not yet be harvested, but some trees could still be harvested, and the harvest was larger than expected.

A trader immediately came to confirm the amount of goods to be shipped.

“I see… I suppose full-scale shipments will still be available from next year onwards? The nobles have been urging me to do so.”

“It will happen. Be patient for now. We are clearing forests and expanding the fields in anticipation of sales. I think we can start to produce a certain amount in a couple of years.”

Farza replied.

Ryu was also present, but he was listening to the conversation in silence.

“I think it will sell for a high price again. There are a lot of aristocrats who know the taste and are willing to pay for it.”

“Aren’t the prices going up too high?”

Farza voiced his concern.

“The supply is not keeping up with the demand, so it can’t be helped that the price is going up. I think it’s important to get them to grow a lot and build up the ground for now. Also…”

It seems that the Landmark family name was now becoming well known among the neighbouring aristocracy.

The Landmark family was known as the source of the black powder that became the trade name “coffee”, and as the family that conceived and introduced the revolutionary wheelbarrow.

It was a happy miscalculation, but at the same time it was a matter of concern for Count Sugoella, a close relation.

Since they were going there for end-of-year celebrations, it would be better to visit them with souvenirs.

When Faza’s worries increased, the conversation moved on to the trading price of this season’s ‘coffee’, and the merchant offered an unbeatable price.

“Considering the current market price, I thought it would be about this much.”

Farza involuntarily looked at Ryu, who was sitting beside him, at the amount he was quoted.

Ryu was also surprised, honestly.

It was ten times the price of the previous deal.

“Given the reputation of the last shipment and the volume of this one, I think this is about right. Of course, once the volume of shipments stabilises, the price will come down.”

Neither Farza nor Ryu had any complaints, and the contract was signed immediately.

After a good contract was concluded, Ryu decided to take the merchant’s return carriage to visit the Commerce Guild.

During the carriage ride, the merchant, Vasco, probed the child.

“What do you want from the guild?”

“Patent application.”

“! … What’s it … about?”

He couldn’t help but be curious. The Landmark family was on a roll recently, and all he could smell was money.

If it was a good one, he would want to sign another contract with the Commerce Guild.

“I’ll tell you when the application is done.”

The cloth-wrapped object taken from the magic storage seemed to be it.

Vasco was curious as to whether it was one or the other.

Vasco waited in front of the guild for Ryu to finish his application.

He thought it was a good opportunity.

The application took a long time and several hours had passed.

“Oh, you waited?”

Ryu was surprised, he thought he would be coming to his home at a later date.

“I will take you home and we can talk in the carriage.”

Vasco listened in the carriage and was told that the contents were ‘strach syrup’ and ‘shovel’.

After the explanation, he realised that the syrup was the Candy Rigos that were sold during the Harvest Festival.

If this was true, it would be a new way of producing sugar.

But it seemed difficult to manage.

This was a product that could be managed because this boy had magic storage.

However, if he went to the Royal Capital, there were bags, backpacks and pochettes with magic storage, although they were expensive, he could order them and use them to transport this ‘syrup’…

The rest depended on the amount of production, if he could handle large quantities, he could get his money back, but he would need to consult the headquarters of the Commerce Guild.

The ‘shovel’ was explained and found to be sold as a set with a wheelbarrow.

Certainly, this configuration had never existed before.

It was an excellent product that specialised in digging soil.

Vasco had a hunch that the wheelbarrow contract was the right product for him to handle, so he dropped Ryu off at the residence and followed him to meet Farza to negotiate again.

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