Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 19

Sprinkling salt, but what?

Father Farza went out to pay his year-end respects to Count Sugoella, who was a close family friend.

Ryu also wanted to go, but this time he took his eldest son, Tauro, with him, so he and Jiro stayed at home.

Perhaps by chance, or perhaps by design, Baron Elanza of the neighboring territory, who also shared the same relationship with Count Sugoella, paid a visit to the Landmark Territory.

The messenger announcing the visit arrived a few hours before the visit.

This would be harassment at the very least.

This alone gave Ryu a bad impression.

His grandfather, Kamiza, agreed to come on short notice to represent Farza.

Jiro and Ryu were also with him.

When the carriage arrived, a middle-aged gentleman with fancy clothes, a mustache, a regent haircut, as in his previous life, and black hair got out.

He seemed to be 36 years old.

According to his grandfather, Kamiza, his father was 29 years old, so he was taking advantage of his position and age to act like a superior person toward his father.

“Kamiza!? Why is this, Kamiza, the former head of the family, supposed to be retired? Where is the head of the family?”

The quasi-Baron Elanza was upset, perhaps surprised to find grandfather Kamiza there.

“My son Farza has gone to pay tribute to Count Sugoella. I suppose that Baron Elanza intended to torment my son with such a thing, but he was mistaken.”

Kamiza laughed loudly with intense sarcasm.

Apparently, his grandfather was this man’s natural enemy, and he was not reserved.

“Ah, you are as rude as ever! If it weren’t me, I’d have taken issue with your rudeness.”

He was trying to say that he was being generous by putting aside what Kamiza had done.

This exchange made Ryu completely dislike the man.

“I don’t mind if you make an issue out of it, okay? That’s not the point. What are you doing here today? My son has already went over to him, and here you are, criticizing a man who has retired to a place of leisure. I’m afraid it will reflect badly on your lord, Count Sugoella.”

“Yo, there’s still time before the scheduled date, so it should be fine! … I didn’t expect him to go so early… That is not the way to go about planning …”

Baron Elanza was mumbling the latter part of the sentence and he couldn’t hear it, but it sounded like he was planning to do something to harass Ryu’s father.

“I don’t know what you’re up to, but I don’t want to talk about it outside, so come on in.”

Kamiza invited him into the mansion.

A man like him deserves to be outside!

Ryu thought, but Jiro took the lead and led him in as a guest.

He hurried to follow, but Ryu thought his family was too good natured.

Reluctantly, Ryu asked the maid to serve him.

It was their signature “coffee”, with syrup dissolved in it.

“This black tea …, that’s what they are talking about…”

Baron Elanza murmured and took a sip.

“…! I can’t believe how good this drink smells and tastes. It can’t be helped if Farza-dono isn’t here. I could ask the children there how this tea is produced instead.”

What was this guy talking to himself about? There was no way he was going to teach him.

Ryu was surprised at the audacity of this Baron Elanza.

“There is no way we’re going to tell you.”

Kamiza refused flatly.

“Isn’t it the children there who are taking care of the house right now? Why don’t the people who are retired stay back?”

He was so rude.

As Ryu was about to retort, Jiro opened his mouth.

“As my grandfather said before, the head of the family is away. Even though we are all vassals of Count Sugoella, and even though we are neighbors who help each other in times of need, it is unreasonable to expect us to tell you outright.”

Jiro politely refused.

He was usually so carefree, but he was still the older brother.

“Don’t you think it is important for us to share useful information with each other as fellow subjects of Count-sama?”

“No, I don’t think so. It is for Count Sugoella to make that judgment. I don’t think it is right for one of his subjects to make such a judgment. Or does the Baron Elanza have the power to disrespect our lord?”

This time, Ryu cut him off.

“Sure, that’s what it sounds like. I am a retired man, but I cannot overlook what was said. I will report it to the Countr, Baron Elanza, if I may.”

Grandfather Kamiza was originally a favorite of Count Sugoella.

If he were to report it, it would just be a matter of time.

Of course, my grandfather would not report it, he was not that kind of person.

“Oh, no, that can’t be! How could that be possible? Of course, I was joking. Oops, I seem to have overstayed my welcome, I must hurry up and go visit Count Sugoella. Sorry for the intrusion.”

Baron Elanza hurriedly got into his carriage and left the Landmark household.

“Someone sprinkle salt on the front door!”

Ryu said to the maids.

“Salt, young master?”

“Yes, the sprinkling of salt is meant to purify the place.”

The maid was convinced and immediately sprinkled salt on the ground.

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