Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 20

What Can I Lend You?

Farza and his party returned from Count Sugoella’s estate a few days later.

What was unexpected was that Farza was accompanied by Baron Elanza.

Both Ryu and Jiro looked at each other at this sight.

Although he had just returned from a humiliating visit here the other day, he was still surprised at the brazenness of the Baron Elanza.

When he noticed Ryu and Jiro while talking to Farza with a big smile on his face, he made a pretense of snickering and entered the residence.

When they stopped their brother Tauro, he and Jiro asked him about the situation.

Tauro told them that he had praised the Landmark family’s recent success on his way home.

Tauro, too, was not fond of Baron Elanza, and this seemed to have alarmed him.

Baron Elanza and Farza chatted for a time, and then he asked Farza if he could lend him some money because he was in trouble due to this year’s poor harvest.

At first, Farza refused, but then Baron Elanza started to offer him sympathy, which made it harder for Farza to say no. So he agreed to lend a little money.

Dad, that’s why I said you’re too nice …

As the person in charge of the Landmark family’s finances, he had to be there to lend and borrow money.

Ryu rushed to the office.

Ryu immediately jumped into the office.

“Father, please wait!”

He stopped him as he was about to lend him some money.

“I can’t believe you’re interrupting an important conversation with an adult right now! Mister Farza, your son has not been properly disciplined.”

Baron Elanza scolded Ryu for interrupting.

“What is it, Ryu?”

Farza asked, ignoring Baron Elanza’s comment.

“It’s polite to be friendly. If you are going to lend money, please make sure you have an agreement in writing.”

“An agreement!?”

Baron Elanza was agitated.

“I understand that Baron Elanza-dono has often borrowed from my father. No matter how close you are to him, it must be hard for both of you to accept the fact that you are borrowing money from him again and again. If you don’t make a proper IOU and document that you accept the loan and that you both intend to repay and accept the loan, I don’t think it will be good for the relationship between the neighboring territories.”

“That’s true… Ryu, please make a document.”

“Yes, I’ll do that.”

Ryu immediately took out a piece of paper and began to write.

“…Wait, Farza-dono! You allow a child to do such a thing!?”

“Don’t worry, Ryu keeps the accounting books for us to improve our finances.”

“Ah, no, that’s not what I meant…”

While the adults were exchanging these kinds of comments, Ryu finished drawing up the IOU.

“Then I need both of you to sign it.”

Farza signed right away, and when handed the pen, Baron Elanza was reluctant but had no choice but to sign it.

“Now it is recorded that you owe the money. When the due date arrives, we will collect it, so please don’t be alarmed.”

Ryu looked up at Baron Elanza.

There was a man’s face contorted in frustration.

After receiving the money, Baron Elanza quickly left.

This must have been his goal from the beginning.

His return was quick and easy.

Sebastian, the butler, saw him off,

“Thanks to little Ryu, it looks like you didn’t have to lend for free this time.”

He mumbled.

Tauro and the others must have been relieved when they surrounded Ryu.

“As expected of our younger brother. Ryu’s quick thinking allowed us to see the look of frustration on Baron Elanza’s face.”

They all exchanged high fives.

“Thank you, Ryu. Thanks to your suggestion, we were able to make an agreement on the loan. I must get my act together.”

Farza, who must have been in trouble with the neighboring territory’s lord, was full of reflection.

From now on, Baron Elanza associate would not casually think of borrowing money from them.

Yes, he would have to ask the maid to spread the salt again…

A maid with a jar of salt appeared and immediately sprinkled salt on the doorstep.

“…Our maids are excellent.”

Ryu gave a thumbs-up to the maid’s back.

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